Video: OBA Leader Delivers Budget Reply

February 23, 2024 | 12 Comments

One Bermuda Alliance [OBA] Leader Jarion Richardson delivered the Opposition’s Reply to the Budget in the House of Assembly today [Feb 23], responding to the 2024 Budget.

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    1. watching says:

      As per usual, a lot of criticisms, but no actual plans. What would the OBA actually do on the key issues?

      • hey says:

        Typical, you as a PLP minister failed to see the wood from the trees and trying to dismiss something all Bermudians should read. I hate that you are trying to manipulate people. It is wrong and you should be ashamed of yourself.

        I read the whole piece. It is a reality check and wow it sure proves that what the PLP are saying in their budget is pure snake oil.

        Even he PLP own are begining to fess up.

        Burch 22 March 2022 “They should expect another year of traffic lights and trenching, then another year or two of paving, but after that the majority of the work will be completed and the value gained will be substantial. It was always the goal of the project to do all this work at once, to inconvenience the public once and to hopefully not have to disturb these newly paved roads for the next 10 to 20 years.” So given the timeframe we should have 50% or more of the roads resurfaced today from that. but just the other day, Burch talked of only filling potholes, because PLP have failed to spend money on the infrastructure.

        I also read what the OBA are going to do, I don’t know how you missed it.

      • hey says:

        I don’t know why my original post was not released.

        All Bermudians should read the realization of the current state of governance by the PLP. As for Watching saying there are no plans, read to the end and you will see there are.

        Stop being hoodwinked…take a look a the roads we were told by the PLP in March 2022 that that trenching would take 12 more months and then resurfacing would take a total of 2 years. Now we are told no money, just pothole filling would be taking place an that for the last 20 years Government failed to reinvest in infrastructure!

        • iyiyi says:

          It’s super frustrating … i get it , there’s not a whole lot we can do at this time to convince the hoodwinked majority of voters . I am totally against both parties and after having helped to get the PLP in power in the first place i personally will vote OBA in the next election to at the very least send a message to this current government that they are not expendable and i pray others who are planning to not vote, vote purely for that reason. The best outcome would be at the very least (again) try to change the 30-6 .

        • tucker says:

          This is the PLP, they’re going to edit you to further their racist agenda.

          • White Wash says:

            The voters know the obaUBPeee is a racist party. Now run along and continue using surrogates as fronts.

            • Joe Bloggs says:

              What the voters know is that the PLP propaganda machine has perpetuated a lie for over a decade that the UBP continues to exist (it does not) and that every time a black Bermudian joins the OBA he is branded as a surrogate.

              Such tactics are obviously effective in the PLP obtaining and retaining power, but they are not good for Bermuda as a whole.

      • Hilarious! says:

        Interesting comment. An analogy would be, why would (pick your favorite sport) Team B tell Team A how to be better?

      • Truth says:

        LOL…always begging the OBA to fix the PLPs problems.

        Can’t you guys do anything yourself?

    2. Truth is killin' me... says:

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    3. Ringmaster says:

      When will someone raise the issue of Burt’s $750 million he says is expected from the CIT? Several large IB companies have reported results recently and set up deferred tax credits in the several billions of dollars. How does this impact the $750 million? If they know how it works surely Burt does and should tell the public, or is he lying?

    4. Squid says:

      The reply should have also asked when our PLP are going to do something about us Bermudians having to wait 5 to 10 Months for a simple Passport renewal ????

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