Mirrors Programme Launches Webinar Series

February 2, 2024 | 0 Comments

The Mirrors Programme will be holding a webinar series titled ‘Finding Funds for College’ each Tuesday in February via Zoom.

A Government spokesperson said, “The Mirrors Programme is excited to announce the upcoming ‘Finding Funds for College Webinar Series.’ This initiative is designed to empower parents and guardians of college-bound students aged 15 to 19 with valuable insights into securing financial support for their children’s education.

“The series will take place every Tuesday in February, from 6:00 pm to 7:15 pm, on the Zoom platform. Each session will focus on a specific aspect of funding options, providing attendees with essential information to navigate the challenges of financing higher education.”

Mirrors Programme Webinar Series February 2024

Minister of Youth, Social Development and Seniors Tinée Furbert said, “Investing in education is crucial for the future of our youth. The ‘Finding Funds for College’ webinar series is a valuable resource for parents and guardians seeking financial support for their children’s college journey. We believe that informed parents contribute significantly to the success of students, and this initiative aligns with our commitment to fostering educational opportunities.”

Webinar Schedule:

  1. February 6th: Centennial Bermuda Foundation
  2. February 13th: Lending institutions
  3. February 20th: College, Vocational, and Technical Scholarships
  4. February 27th: Government Scholarships

Key Topics Include:

  • Exploring various options for finding funds to pay for college
  • Understanding the criteria scholarship committees look for
  • Identifying funds available for trades and vocational education
  • Guidance on how parents can actively support the funding application process

The Government spokesperson said, “Participants will have the opportunity to get answers to pressing questions and will be eligible to win a surprise gift at each session.”

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