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February 9, 2024 | 0 Comments

The Nonprofit Alliance of Bermuda announced that Deidra-Lee Bean, D. Cyril Butterfield, Natalie Chaves, Juanae Crockwell, Martina Harris, Lacey Rance, Allison Settle, Lisa Simpson, Ja-Mae Smith, and Kevin Warner graduated from the 2023 Introduction to Nonprofit Management Certificate programme.

Nonprofit Alliance of Bermuda 2023 Introduction to Nonprofit Management Certificate program February 2024

A spokesperson said, “Sponsored by the Bermuda Foundation, the intensive nine-month training programme involved weekly online learning sessions and monthly live cohort sessions. Graduates earned an accredited nonprofit management certificate from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Throughout the year, graduates were supported by the Nonprofit Alliance’s Learning Lab coaches Dr. Glenn Faries and Dr. Nicola Paugh, as well as a range of subject-matter experts in the local nonprofit and philanthropy sectors. They also engaged in personal development modules led by EAP Bermuda Executive Director Latisha Lister-Burgess.”

Dr. Myra Virgil, speaking on behalf of the Bermuda Foundation, congratulated the graduates, expressing excitement about their contribution to the nonprofit sector. Dr. Virgil stated, “It is exciting to know that this latest cohort will join the larger group of alumni, increasing the scale and scope of nonprofit professionals who have the capacities to do the tough work of managing a nonprofit – while pursuing social mission.”

The spokesperson said, “The Introduction to Nonprofit Management Certificate programme is designed to expose learners to key current management issues faced by nonprofit organisations. The programme aims to strengthen nonprofit leadership by equipping individuals with the knowledge and skills to manage, sustain, and scale a successful nonprofit organisation. The cohort model enables participants to collaborate, discuss, and process course materials together, making the programme affordable and accessible to all. Enrollment for the 2024 Cohort is now open. The application is available online, and a recorded Information Session can be watched. The application deadline is February 16, 2024.”

Dr. Nicola Paugh, Executive Director of the Nonprofit Alliance, emphasized the importance of the programme in building a strong and sustainable nonprofit workforce pipeline in Bermuda. Dr. Paugh stated, “We are so proud of our 2023 graduates. We also encourage all nonprofit leaders to consider who from their teams can participate in this important leadership training to ensure we are constantly building the next generation of capable nonprofit leaders.”

For more information and to apply for the 2024 Cohort, please visit Nonprofit Alliance of Bermuda.

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