Denbrook: Future Is Bright For St George’s

February 8, 2024 | 2 Comments

[Written by Stephen Wright]

Kyle Denbrook, the new vice-president of St George’s Cricket Club, believes the future is bright for the East End club and said the hierarchy is committed to creating an environment for their sports teams to thrive.

Denbrook said he is excited to work alongside Mishael Paynter, the new president, voted in as Neil Paynter’s successor at the recent annual meeting.

Paynter was the top choice to succeed Neil Paynter, the longest-serving president of the post-war era, having taken the reins in 2002.

Denbrook is among several new faces on the executive and management committees, including Jelani Carlington as secretary and Nicole Smith as assistant secretary.

Meanwhile, new additions on the management side include Chaka DeSilva and Nzari Paynter.

Kyle Denbrook Bermuda Feb 8 2024

“It’s an entirely new executive, and with that will come some challenges, but we have a great team in place and confident of nothing but success,” Denbrook told Bernews.

“The great thing about the current and previous management team is that we’re all club people. It’s a changing of the guard. We’re excited and happy to build on the work already been done.”

Denbrook said he is looking forward to building a strong partnership with Paynter and believes generating revenue during a year when Cup Match will be held at Somerset Cricket Club is the immediate challenge facing the new regime.

“I’ve known Mish for a long time, and we have a great relationship,” he said. “We’re going to be a great team. I’m excited to be working with him in this capacity.

“It’s a non-Cup Match year for St George’s [as host], so we must find new ways to generate revenue for the club – that’s the biggest challenge we face right now.”

Denbrook, whose family is from St George’s, said the success of the cricket and football teams is integral to the club’s success.

“When our teams are doing well, the whole community rallies behind that and creates a buzz around St George’s,” said Denbrook, who has represented the club’s football team.

“You see many more people at the club because they all want to be part of the success.”

The 34-year-old said the new executive and management teams will be working hard behind the scenes to assist the cricket team in reclaiming the Cup Match trophy they surrendered to Somerset in 2012.

“You can’t always dominate, you can’t always be on top, but our focus is to improve the product as much as you can,” he said.

Denbrook, who has worked in banking and insurance, also praised Neil Paytner, Tiffany Hayward, Damon Walker, Carlos Greaves, and Brandi Bassett for their contributions to the club.

“They set the standard, and it’s up to us to uphold it,” he added.

“Neil Paynter has a great quote that he uses frequently: It’s not what your club can do for you; it’s what you can do for your club.

“That’s the mentality we need to have to drive the club forward and be successful.”


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