West End Warriors Call For ‘Immediate Action’

February 26, 2024 | 9 Comments

[Updated] The West End Warriors are “calling for immediate action from the Ministry of Education,” highlighting what they called a “series of delays and unfulfilled commitments regarding the future of West End Primary School, a cornerstone of the Sandys Parish community with a legacy dating back to 1869.”

A spokesperson said, “In a July 11, 2023, packed town hall meeting of Sandys parishioners and a cross-section of residents from across Bermuda, the group stood in virtual solidarity to deliver a strong message of unwavering support for making West End Primary the parish primary school for Sandys Parish.

“At the same meeting, Premier David Burt and Minister of Education, Diallo Rabain made specific promises to the supporters of the “Save West End Primary From Closure” movement, including:

  • A review and re-scoring of the 19 Specific Study Factors identified in the December 2020 Proposal for the Introduction of Parish Primary Schools.
  • The addition of a History & Legacy category to the evaluation criteria.
  • The formation of a History & Legacy committee, consisting of impartial experts.

“These actions were to be completed within three months. However, as of February 20, 2024, the Ministry’s correspondence has only extended a belated invitation for a one-hour online engagement meeting, without clarity on the process or consideration for the substantial historical significance and community impact of West End Primary.

“This lack of progress and transparency, particularly in comparison to the proposed closure in favor of Somerset Primary School, a historically segregated institution, has sparked outrage among the West End Warriors and the broader community. The delay and vague communication from the Ministry not only disrespects the passionate pleas of Sandys Parish’s parents and leaders but also undermines the rich heritage and educational legacy of West End Primary. The West End Warriors assert that this stall tactic by the Government is unacceptable.”

“We urge all of Bermuda, especially the Sandys Parish community, to demand accountability and transparency from the Government,” says Ellen-Kate Horton, spokesperson for the West End Warriors. “It is crucial to honour the clear mandate from the July 11 town hall meeting to preserve West End Primary as the Parish Primary School for Sandys Parish. We refuse to stand by as the educational future of our children and the legacy of our community are disregarded. We call upon the Ministry of Education to act with the urgency and respect this matter deserves, fulfilling its promises without further delay.”

The spokesperson said, “The West End Warriors stand united in our fight for justice, equity, and respect for the history and future of our community.”

Update 4.20pm: In response, a Ministry spokesperson told Bernews, “The Ministry of Education is actively engaged with all stakeholders with the initial Parish Primary School site locations selection process. The process has been available to the public since June 2021.

“Following further collaboration with The West End Warriors, we initiated a rescoring process in June 2023 to include a History and Legacy component. This rescoring process is currently in progress. On February 20, an email updating Primary School representatives from St. George’s, Pembroke, Paget, Southampton, and Sandys parishes was sent to invite them to contact the Ministry to set up dates to be interviewed to finalise that process. That email also included the history and legacy study factors that will be used for the rescoring.

“Once this process is completed, we will finalise and announce the selected Parish Primary School sites for development in their respective parishes.”

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  1. Warrior says:

    As per usual both speak without knowing any of the history and Legacy of Bermuda. The true Bermuda. Stand Warriors.. every Community, household should be doing so as each school is a Pillar in it’s Community. Warrior to the end!!

  2. Joe Bloggs says:

    “The West End Warriors are “calling for immediate action from the Ministry of Education,” highlighting what they called a “series of delays and unfulfilled commitments …”

    Welcome to the group

  3. watching says:

    These lot need to get over it for real.
    Elliot Primary moved three times.
    The Berkeley Institute moved 3 times.
    I am sure other schools have moved.
    Shouldn’t they be more interested in the results coming out of the schools than the actual physical plant of West End vs Somerset?

    This is nothing but internal power play from within the PLP trying to hurt the Burt leadership. IYKYK.

    • what says:

      The PLP should be more interested in the results coming out of schools, but they are not. How many education ministers have there been in the PLP years.

      thank you for your inside information that the PLP have an internal battle. there must be serious disagreements on decisions for you to announce that.

      • watching says:

        Actually, there has been 1 PLP Minister since 2017 when this administration was installed.
        Perhaps you are mistakenly referring to the OBA who had 4 education ministers in their 5 years of “governance”.

  4. OBA all the way says:

    Don’t worry when the OBA gets in charge next election I hope they close half the schools and fire 50% of the civil service. Bermuda will be better for it.

    • what says:

      That is a silly comment exaggerated beyond the extreme. Why would anyone do that. Bermuda couldn’t afford the redundancy payments for something like that lol!

  5. comfortably numb says:

    What’s ironic is that the biggest cheerleader from the West End Warriors chose to send her daughter to a private school rather than West End Primary? Hypocrisy much?

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