“Incredible Support” For West End Motorcade

March 21, 2023

The ‘West End Warriors’ motorcade held on March 18 received “incredible support, not only from the Somerset residents, but also from persons up and down the island,” according to one of the organisers.

Ellen-Kate Horton told Bernews, “We were very happy with the turnout. We received incredible support, not only from the Somerset residents, but also from persons up and down the island. People came out to see the motorcade with cameras and certainly voiced their support. Cars tooted back in support.

“We have received so many calls of support. I am hoping that the Government, which has not listened to this point, will be mature enough to do so and to engage in face to face conversation with us.

Start of the ‘West End Warriors’ motorcade:

“Interestingly, we have heard nothing from the Government other than to hear the Minister during interviews say that his decision is final. We expect to be listened to. We will continue until we are heard.

“West End School is one of the oldest primary schools in the entire Western Hemisphere that has continuously serviced Black children. This is most important.

“Ironically, the first contact occurred on Monday. The new Permanent Secretary of Education did send a note letting us know that we would be contacted after the budget debate is over. Mind you, we were promised in November that a meeting would be held.

“We are now four months on. We shall continue to fight for our community school, the school that is in the hub of the community, the school that is located where most people live, the school that has educated most people in Sandys, the West End School. We await a valid reason why this decision cannot be reversed; the decision regarding Elliot was reversed.

“We were also extremely happy and pleased with the support of the officers who led and managed the motorcade. There was Inspector Kenten Trott and his motorcycle officers who were professional and extremely helpful. We were really proud of these young officers.”

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  1. watching says:

    Was it really tremendous support? Mrs. Horton may be a bit biased?

    Every school has a history, no one wants their school to close. The numbers show that our school populations have decreased and these are the best alternatives. West End itself has apparently been in multiple locations in its history, so why can’t it move again? Why is this site so significant? Why have many Somerset residents in the last 20 – 30 years chosen to send their kids to Somerset Primary or Dalton E Tucker over West End? Where has that community support been? Or is this cause being used as yet another reason to undermine or go against the government?

  2. comfortably numb says:

    If West End is so wonderful why did its most vocal supporter, Ellen Kate Horton, send her daughter to another school?

    • Google? says:

      Don’t you have Google? She grew up in Canada and was my classmate at West End Primary when she was here. Help yourself.

    • T howard says:

      The minister of education didn’t go to public school wouldn’t kno bs for all I kno. Bermuda system is trash. Further more Govt will have to break grown over somerset primary to fix all the flooding issues. West end don’t encounter that. Young ones on great road with sports gonna be flopped. Hope parents stay on board it’s alot of potential at WestEnd.

      • watching says:

        The Minister doesn’t have to go to public school. He is not making any curriculum or design changes on his own. Neither is the premier. All these comments that people make attacking individuals are erroneous but i guess they make people feel good.
        I will say this though, both the Premier and the Minister have their kids in public school so I highly doubt they would make changes to the system if they didn’t believe in them.
        Secondly, I highly doubt children doing well at West End for sports will suddenly do bad if they close the school. Why would that happen? People need to stick to the facts and not calling on emotions.

      • watching says:

        BUT if we want to be accurate, the Minister DID attend public primary school so to say he didn’t go to public school is incorrect. Even though it is irrelevant.