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March 15, 2024 | 0 Comments

[Opinion column written by MP Crystal Caesar]

Eight years ago this week, Bermudians of all races, beliefs, and political affiliations took a stand against the One Bermuda Alliance’s [OBA] Pathways to Status. Throughout our 400-year history immigration has been utilised as a means to oppress, overlook, and impede progress for Bermudians.

Eight years ago, Bermudians recognised that the OBA neither understood why so many Bermudians were afraid of being further marginalised in their own country, nor did they understand or acknowledge how immigration had been racially and politically weaponised against Bermudians.

As a people, we understood that the OBA had displayed a record of broken promises and disregard that made them simply untrustworthy when it came to a matter this important and so potentially devastating to Bermudians.

People’s power stopped the OBA’s Pathways to Status and despite it being rejected across the island and heavily rejected in the 2017 and 2020 elections, the OBA has not acknowledged or apologised to the people for this ‘powder keg’ policy and remains convinced that they are right and that Bermudians are wrong around this issue.

As your government, the PLP understands the legitimate fears of our people and the need to protect our fellow citizens from being displaced and marginalised in our own country.

The PLP recognizes that growing our population is vital for increasing our tax base, protecting our pensions, and growing the economy of Bermuda.

We understand that as we attract more people to our shores to live and work, our people need affordable, quality housing to call home, an economy that serves them and allows them to be successful, contributing members of the Bermuda community.

We understand that as we make Bermuda a place that is even more appealing to live and work, Bermudians must always come first in jobs and opportunities in our own country.

We must never forget how we as a people took a stand eight years ago, forced the OBA to back down, and prevented denigration of our birthright and dilution of our vote.

The PLP isn’t perfect and we haven’t gotten everything right, but we are willing to apologise, learn, and grow and we are willing to stand, fight, and work to protect our Bermudian people.

- MP Crystal Caesar, Constituency 31, Southampton West Central

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