Hospital Highlights For Black History Month

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In observance of Black History Month last month, the Bermuda Hospitals Board [BHB] has released a collection of graphics on social media.

Bermuda Hospitals Board said, “In recognition of Black History Month, we are looking back on the Black history of KEMH using information from the book ‘Care: 100 Years of Hospital Care in Bermuda’ by J Randolph Williams, published in 1994.

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“Yesterday we shared how restrictive KEMH was in accepting Black doctors in its early years as we recognise Black history month at BHB. Today we celebrate one who paved the way for others, despite ongoing challenges. Clarence James was the island’s first Black intern at KEMH and first Black surgeon.

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“In an interview from BHB’s August 2007 newsletter Communiqué, Dennis Bascombe shares his 40-year journey at KEMH. From segregated cafeterias to pivotal moments like Mr. Olive Binns becoming the first Black manager in engineering, Dennis witnessed it all.

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“As we celebrate Black History Month, we shine a spotlight on Norbert Seymour, the first black Bermudian man to register as a pharmacist on the island back in 1979. His 40-year legacy at BHB is a testament to his dedication to patient care and his legacy includes leading the BHB Pharmacy Department before his retirement in 2019. Let’s applaud Norbert’s incredible contributions.

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“Reflecting on history this #BlackHistoryMonth Join us in acknowledging the courage and resilience of black nurses in Bermuda. Despite facing discrimination, their determination paved the way for change. Hear firsthand accounts like Nurse Moira Cann’s, highlighting the struggles and triumphs. Let’s honour their legacy and continue the journey towards equality.”

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“Venetta Symonds started work in diagnostic imaging in 1980 and led the department before her promotion to senior leadership. As the CEO & President of Bermuda Hospitals Board from 2012 up to her retirement in 2020 she oversaw the building of the new Acute Care Wing and achieved the highest level of accreditation, which measures patient safety. Let’s celebrate her extraordinary journey and honour her legacy as a trailblazer in healthcare and leadership this Black History Month.”

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