Anniversary Of Start Of 1959 Theatre Boycott

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A group gathered to mark the anniversary of the start of the Theatre Boycott, which started back on June 15, 1959.

A spokesperson said, “On this anniversary of the start of Theatre Boycott – June 15, 1959 – it is noteworthy that this iconic action was one example – over numerous decades – of expressions of a core belief shared by the majority of Bermudians. This simple principle is summed up in the UN’s Declaration of Human Rights, drafted in 1948; but had been promoted by iconic global spiritual leaders over millennia.

Anniversary Of Start Of 59 Theatre Boycott June 2023

“This shared belief has been exemplified locally and globally, in various ways:

  • For centuries there were movements for the abolition of slavery, at home and abroad; including rebellions against slavery, plus on-going lobbying campaigns. Mary Prince played a part in same in London, in the 1830’s, which culminated in Emancipation on August 1, 1834, in British Territories.
  • Six months following Emancipation, a group of enslaved Americans accidently landed in Bermuda on USS Enterprise. Local residents – black and white – spontaneously collaborated, liberated 75 fellow human beings.
  • Around 1880, a group of men exemplified this principle. The Berkeley Institute founders refused the funds- for 18 years- offered for their project, until caveats were removed, to ensure that the new school barred no gender nor race.
  • As the result of the Suffragette Movement, on April 21, 1944 the Voting Rights of Women were established. In June 25, 1944 in that same spirit of agency, the Bermuda Workers Association [BWA] was formed.
  • The BWA led a Petition Campaign through the late 1940’s championing a variety of issues related to this principle; providing a platform for progress.

“Here is 2023, when global media report credibly that we all are faced with the most challenging of times, in the context of this principle. As current generations wish to ensure that those upcoming will thrive, we are called to draw lessons from our shared past, for negotiating existential implications.

“On Saturday, July 1st, marking the success of the Boycott- beginning the end of segregation, a Family Fun Fest from 4 – 7.30 pm will be staged at the grounds of City Hall [Freedom Square] in an entertaining engagement, promoting our common humanity in appreciating those on whose ‘shoulders we all stand’. With the theme of the ‘Fest’, “We’re All Family”, this is a diverse collaboration rally, which is a demonstration of ‘walking the talk’ of the principle.

“Stakeholders – Planning the ‘Fest’: Adult Education Centre, Bermuda National Library, BAMZ, Department of Education, Family Centre, Imagine Bermuda, Min. of National Security, MIRRORS, National Museum of Bermuda.

“Stakeholders Supporting Statement: AME Churches, Anglican Churches, Berkeley Family, BIU, BPSU, BUT, Cedarbridge, Human Rights Commission, Roman Catholic Church, Warwick Academy Family, Wesley Methodist Church, Women’s Resource Centre.”

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