PLP Announce Lindsay Simmons As Candidate

March 28, 2024 | 6 Comments

The Progressive Labour Party [PLP] is holding a press conference this afternoon [March 28] to introduce their candidate for the upcoming C10 bye-election. We will have additional coverage later on and in the meantime the live video is below.

Update: The PLP has announced that Senator Lindsay Simmons will be their candidate.

Update March 29, 9.30am: A spokesperson said, “On Thursday 29th March, The Bermuda Progressive Labour Party announced that Senator Lindsay Simmons will be our Party’s candidate for the upcoming bye-election in Smith’s North to replace retiring Member of Parliament Michael Dunkley.

“The 42-year-old Senator was born and raised in Bermuda and has served in the Senate since 2020. She is currently the Junior Minister of Social Development and Seniors & Home Affairs.

Lindsay Simmons Bermuda March 29 2024

“Senator Simmons brings a dedication to our country that goes beyond words as she is a woman of action. She is community-focused and, if elected, will not only bring another outstanding woman to Parliament, it will bring a bold new voice and outstanding representation to Constituency 10,” Premier and PLP Leader David Burt remarked.

“Senator Simmons is the Director of Operations at Bermuda Restaurants Ltd., an entrepreneur and a former Substitute teacher for the Department of Education.

“She serves as Chairperson for the CedarBridge Academy Board of Governors, The Government Scholarship Committee, and The Canine Advisory Board; she is also a member of the HOME advisory panel.

“In 2005, Lindsay became the youngest person ever to sign on as a foster parent in Bermuda, has fostered over 20 children and has served as the President of the Foster Parents Association for nine years. In 2013, she established the Glenda Edwards Continuing Scholarship for foster children.

“Senator Simmons has been awarded the Pembroke Rotary’s Paul Harris Fellows Award, the Bermudian magazine “Unsung Hero Award”, the Queen’s Certificate and Badge of Honor and a Berkeley Institute Community Service Cup.

“Senator Simmons is a proud mother to Laundyn Simmons.”

PLP Press Conference Bermuda Mar 28 2024 DF-7

PLP Press Conference Bermuda Mar 28 2024 DF-14

PLP Press Conference Bermuda Mar 28 2024 DF-15

PLP Press Conference Bermuda Mar 28 2024 DF-16

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  1. says:

    They are using you

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Doesn’t matter. As long as she puts her hand up and and say ‘aye’ when told to all will be fine. The PLP could use some window dressing.Females are very few in their ranks.

  2. Ringmaster says:

    Well at least we know Burt is still around. His absence for so many months, apart from photo ops in Dubai, was very apparent. Clearly doesn’t want to be associated with the PLP failures.

  3. Vote for me says:

    Always amazing how a sitting government candidate promises to fix things that have not been fixed, despite 20 odd years to do so. The PLP don’t care and you can’t fix anything because the boss won’t let you. Total waste of time. Surprised she hasn’t added that dogs have been set on her when canvassing.

  4. Tina says:

    I think back to many years ago when I met Lindsay. I don’t know her personally but when I had an issue she helped me out. She has never spoken out of what she did for me and my family but her is a treasure in Bermuda. She did this long before she entered politics.

    If it wasn’t for her finding money to save my baby’s life she wouldn’t be here today. I turned to everyone but Lindsay was the only person that cared enough to help.

    We talk about people talking the talk well she did.

    A couple of years back I again watched her save a young man that went to Cedarbridge get stabbed in his neck. Lindsay pulled over and saved his life. I watched as other around cried and Lindsay grabbed something from her car and stop the blood from squirting out. I stand to be corrected but she saved that boy that day.

    Lastly, I remember when Dellwood needed a bus and she came up with a way to help the school to get a new bus. The children were able to be transported safely.

    We see things highlighted about her every so often but I know she also does things for people that she doesn’t speak about.

    She has a heart that bleeds for Bermuda. It’s deeper than her political allegiance. She is one of the most selfless persons I’ve met.

    Keep being you Lindsay. Again thank you for your support you gave my family so many years ago.

  5. Sammy says:

    Mrs. Simmons has a heart of gold. My coworker’s children father passed and I reached out to Mrs. Simmons. My coworker had just has surgery and two of us asked her if she can point us in the right direction for help. Mrs. Simmons went out of her way to say that she will help with groceries because those children needed food. She brought groceries for two months. She also helped to get the mother counseling she needed. When I say she has a bleeding heart, she has a bleeding heart. We need more people that go out of their way for people.

    Her juices, pies and hot cross buns are simply the best. I hope you win. You will be like My MP Renee Ming putting your constituents first.

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