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April 13, 2024 | 4 Comments

Robert King Constituency 10 Bermuda March 2024 Thumb[Opinion column written by Robert King]

To some, it may have come as a surprise to see me entering the political ring as the candidate for constituency 10, Smith’s North. But for those who know me, you know that besides being a man who carries himself with the utmost integrity, I am passionate about advocating for the betterment of the people of Bermuda.

While I have not been involved in politics for a long time, throughout the years, I have kept my finger on the pulse and I am well aware of the topics which are at the fore of the heads and hearts of the people of Bermuda: the eye-watering cost of living, escalating health costs, the lack of availability of affordable housing and immigration reform.

But who is Robert King?

I possess over 30 years’ experience working with the offending population, many of whom have entered the criminal justice system due to unaddressed generational trauma. I am also a SCARS certified trainer, whose purpose is to protect children, and a certified divorce coach.

I also have earned a certification in restorative justice.

I recognize that Bermuda functions at its best when we respect each other in our small but close-knit community. Ethnic background, age, social status, faith, sexual orientation or affiliation should not matter. We all should be treated the same and afforded the same opportunities. While it would be utopic to desire equality, every resident in this island deserves equity at the very least.

The reason I have chosen to run in Smith’s North is simple. I grew up in the area. I possess fond memories from childhood and my family roots run deep there. I want to serve and give back to the community which cultivated me into the man I am today.

Why did I choose to run for the One Bermuda Alliance? The answer is simple.

The OBA best reflects my virtues and principles. Our team consists of a cross section of members from a plethora of backgrounds, who have come together for a common good—to make life in Bermuda better for everyone. Not a select few. The party represents the ideals and philosophy that I believe in: honesty, integrity and accountability.

I believe that the greatest strength lies in working as part of a team and the One Bermuda Alliance is the team that can get the job done. The party boasts a cross-section of professionals who are truly vested in returning our beautiful island home to the levels of prosperity it once enjoyed.

I believe that I can represent the residents of constituency 10 well. While canvassing, I have had the opportunity to reconnect with many of them and their sentiments have been encouraging. My intention is to be the next OBA MP for the area. I will continue to work hard as I canvass and most importantly I will continue to listen to what the residents are telling me. I want them to know that my intentions are pure. Communication from me will not dissipate once the by-election is over. My commitment to the residents of c-10 is for the long term.

- Robert King is the adopted candidate for constituency 10, Smith’s North and will be running in the May 22 bye-election.

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  1. Wrathchild says:

    Now this man right here is EXACTLY what Bermuda and Bermudians need. All the best Mr. King, you have my vote 100%!

  2. Independent MP Please - C10 Voter says:

    The urgent political realignment needed in Bermuda’s broken political system force the Constituents of C10 to make one choice.

    Sir John Swan.

    With all due respect to the OBA and PLP candidates, a vote for either political party dooms Bermuda to debt, tribalism and obscurity.

    Both OBA and PLP candidates have no tangible gravitas or achievements relevant for Bermuda’s current needs. None.

    I look forward to voting for Sir John and shaking his hand at the polling station

  3. Simple Choice - Sir John says:

    Simple Choice for C10 voters on 22 May 2024 – Sir John

    Nothing further to comment really.

  4. Claudia Stone says:

    The best choice is clear and simple- Robert King.

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