Middle And High School Tag Rugby Festival Held

March 6, 2024 | 0 Comments

The past two Fridays have seen a showing of young talent at Bermuda Rugby’s Middle School and High School Tag Rugby Festival, held in conjunction with the Bermuda School Sports Federation [BSSF] at the National Sports Centre [NSC].

A spokesperson said, “This event marked a significant milestone as the largest school rugby festival since the onset of the pandemic, bringing together 19 middle school teams across various age groups in both girls and boys divisions, as well as several secondary school teams.

“Hosted on February 23 and March 1, the events were filled with excitement, sportsmanship, and the buzz from schools coming together to compete on the field against their peers. Players from Bermuda’s middle and high schools showcased their skills, determination, and passion for the sport, contributing to an atmosphere of friendly competition and camaraderie.

“The events not only served as a platform for athletic excellence, but also as a testament to rugby’s core values of integrity, respect, dedication, morale, and unity. These values were on full display as students from both public and private schools played one another, cheering each other on and demonstrating the positive spirit that rugby promotes.

“These have been amazing days for rugby in Bermuda,” said David Lunn, Gym Teacher at Somersfield Academy, as well as Bermuda National Team Player and Former 7s Captain. “Seeing the enthusiasm in our students and witnessing teams from across the island come together in such a positive and supportive environment, has been incredibly rewarding. The kids have learned so much in a short space of time and there is some real talent out there on the field.”

Dzuri Gill, Beyond Rugby Coach, Bermuda National Team player and one of the referees for the tournaments echoed these sentiments, stating, “These events are about so much more than competition. It was a celebration of what sports can do for our youth — building character, fostering friendships, and creating memories. Our students have thoroughly enjoyed themselves – and we hope that this is just the beginning for them on their rugby journey.”

A spokeperson added, “Bermuda Rugby extends its heartfelt thanks to all the students, teachers, coaches, volunteers, and supporters who made this event a success. Youth rugby has a bright future – and all involved look forward to building on this momentum and continuing to promote rugby among Bermuda’s youth, ensuring the sport’s vibrant future on the island.”

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