OBA Announce Robert King As C10 Candidate

March 20, 2024 | 13 Comments

The OBA announced that Robert King will be their candidate for Constituency 10 Smith’s North.

Constituency 10 Smith’s North is currently held by Michael Dunkley, who recently announced that he would retire effective March 31st, which means a bye-election will be held.

A spokesperson said, “Robert King is the adopted candidate for constituency 10, Smith’s North. The desire to serve the community runs deep in Robert’s blood.

“His paternal grandmother, Dorothea Agnes Crawford King, was a founding member of the Committee of 25 and the Lady Cubitt Compassionate Association [LCCA] while his paternal great-grandfather was Robert Crawford, a staunch advocate for education, whom the former Robert Crawford School was named after.

“Robert attended Warwick Academy before furthering his education at Laurentian University in Canada where he obtained a BA in Law & Justice in 1992.

“He worked in youth corrections and behavioural homes in Canada for approximately four years before returning to Bermuda in 1996. Robert went on to become Correctional Officer for the Department of Corrections and then transitioned to case worker.

Robert King Constituency 10 Bermuda March 2024

“In 2001 he began working for the Department of Court Services as a Probation Officer and has been a Senior Probation Officer since 2003 on the Programmes team which is responsible for teaching persons whom have been adjudicated, to learn effective ways of getting their life needs met without hurting others.

“Robert was a shop steward and a former Chairperson for Division 12 of the BPSU and advocated for fair treatment and accountability for workers and the organization. He enjoyed a winning track record in this capacity.

“In 2003, Robert was a part of the team which facilitated the first testing of electronic monitoring devices in the island and assisted with the drafting of policies for the use of these devices in the community.

“A certified divorce coach, he is currently the Deputy Chair of the Committee of 25 and is also a trainer for SCARS. Robert is married to Miriam Shaya-King who was Bermuda’s first Court appointed family mediator and who currently works in private practise helping families and children cope with intrapersonal and interpersonal conflict.”

“I look forward to humbly serving the people of Bermuda and I recognise the responsibility that being an MP holds. I am committed to earning and maintaining your trust through honesty and integrity in the fulfilment of my duties,” Mr. King says.

Opposition Leader Jarion Richardson adds, “I am excited that Robert has joined our team! He brings a clear vision of a prosperous Bermuda. He has a depth of experience in helping people in their worst days and guiding them to better tomorrows. He’s a fantastic addition to our growing team, and is going to make the difference that Bermudians want to see.”

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  1. watching says:

    No thanks!

  2. Bingo! says:

    The same play move election after election. Let’s use more surrogates as pawns to make the party look diverse LMAO. This is a UBPOBA strong hold so enjoy getting your 55k every year for doing nothing.

    • Truth says:

      I guess you’d prefer an all white party, right?

      Diversity is a good thing.
      The plp isn’t diverse, and it shows.

      It’s sad that these basic facts have to be explained to you.

      • Vote says:

        It’s sad that the OBA UBP continue to use surrogates to appear diverse. How’s that working out for you every election cycle? It’s a white party fronting black faces and everyone knows this.

        • DSimmons says:

          The Plp are the same hypocrits “saying” putting Bermudians first.. but the reality is only helping the “2 Bermudas” to get bigger. Most black bermudian families are struggling while the rich mostly foreign white people are getting tax breaks and free concessions.

        • Truth says:

          You copy and paste this every time…it doesn’t even make sense in response.
          You’re a simplebot.

  3. Great background but in says:

    Climbing to the top of the political ladder what has he championed or fought for ? We don’t know because to many show up and say I want to help the country. You been hibernating or something? His relatives on the other hand stood up for controversial things and hot them done. The electorate will decide

  4. Kenny says:

    Good guy, solid guy and a shoe in with that voter base.

    OBA will give them a bloody nose, they won’t win the election but a heavy protest vote after the mess of PLP Government.

  5. Triangle Drifter says:

    Must be a good guy. Look at the bad mouthing of him instantly.

    One thing the PLP is afraid of is an educated black male.

  6. Truth says:

    One of the things the plp is afraid of, is education!

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