Audio: American Visitors Enjoy Good Friday Event

April 3, 2024 | 0 Comments

American visitors Rob and Ellen Lincoln and son Hugh have expressed their love for the annual Good Friday celebration at Naval Field, highlighting the welcoming atmosphere, good food, and sense of community.

Interview With Visitors Rob, Ellen And Hugh Lincoln, March 2024

Bostonian Rob said they initially stumbled across the event several years ago and have since attended on four occasions.

“We love the Good Friday celebration at Naval Field,” he told Bernews.

“People just said, go across the street. It’s going to be a blast. It has been every year. The music’s good. The people are friendly. The food’s great. It’s free, but it’s for a cause, so we’re happy to give.”

He also said his family could not have been made to feel more welcome at the annual event.

“How the community pulls together for everybody, and everybody knows everybody and everybody’s welcoming to complete strangers,” he added.

“And we brought our son because we told him how fun it was.”

Ellen said she looks forward to the event every year, mostly because of the family atmosphere and the fish cakes.

“I love them,” she said. “They’re so good. It’s just a great atmosphere. It’s a nice thing for the families.

“Some people probably haven’t seen each other since they were here the year before. It’s just great.”

Hugh added: “Everyone’s been super friendly. Good drinks, good food, and everyone’s having a good time.”

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