Agricultural Exhibition Equestrian Day #2 Results

April 20, 2024 | 1 Comment

Equestrian events continued as the 2024 Agricultural Exhibition moved into the second day at the Botanical Gardens.

Melody Greenslade riding Random Renegade won the Pleasure Driving Horse Single Class, the driving horse in Hand Class was won by Glen Smith and J.S. Magic.

Bella Rodrigues riding Puff The Magic Dragon won the Riding Pony in Hand Juniors Class, and Simone Sainsbury riding Face Off won the EQJ05 Junior Equitation over Fences 0.80m Class.

Driving Horse in Hand

  1. Glen Smith & J.S. Magic
  2. Candyce Martins & Bermudiana
  3. Kirista Rabain & Mr. Manno
  4. Melody Greenslade & Random Raider
  5. Melinda DaCosta & Despacito

Riding Pony in Hand Juniors

  1. Bella Rodrigues & Puff The Magic Dragon
  2. Alejandra Tafur & Edelweiss
  3. Mya DaPonte & Tuck Everlasting
  4. Courtney Sims & Wintermint
  5. Blaire Crews & Orchard Hills Far South
  6. Charlotte Arthur & Storm Watch

EQJ05 Junior Equitation over Fences 0.80m

  1. Simone Sainsbury & Face Off
  2. Alejandra Tafur & Ladybug
  3. Michaiah Bremar & All In One
  4. Ryan Wright & Up, Up & Away
  5. Lily Butler & Farsi Forza
  6. Mia DaPonte & Tuck Everlasting

EQJ05 Junior Equitation over Fences 0.90m

  1. Courtney Sims & Carina
  2. Georgia Hughes & Cassichaco
  3. Amayah Smith-Burt & Carolina Gold
  4. Kamali Tucker & Natural Selection
  5. Tyler James & Cruise Control
  6. Ava Frias & Let’s Play

Pleasure Driving Horse Single

  1. Melody Greenslade & Random Renegade
  2. Daniel Greenslade & Random Raider
  3. Glen Smith & J.S. Magic
  4. Nick DaCosta & Despacito
  5. Krisita Rabain & Mr. Manno
  6. Manuel Lopes & Gentleman Jack

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  1. Pandemic says:

    A failing economy is another form of pandemic.

    Dept of Egg & Fish should consentrait all its efforts on encouraging the public growing more food for the table.

    Society can get back to riding the Gee Gee when Bermuda gets back on its feet.

    We have no industry in case you have not noticed !

    We should dig up several golf courses and plant eatables , cant eat grass.

    The other half of 9 tp 18 can go for grazing Cows Pigs , Sheep and a few Birds .

    Also put Bermuda car round~ about to better use.

    Use the circles to exibit seasonable eatables .

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