Ministry On Road Improvement Projects

April 2, 2024 | 10 Comments

“Our mission to enhance and improve Bermuda’s infrastructure is well underway. We are focused on maintaining our roadways and ensuring they meet the high standards our community deserves,” said Minister of Public Works Lt. Col. David Burch, in providing an update on the ongoing roadworks and infrastructure upgrades.

A Government spokesperson said, “Reflecting on the commitments announced in the 2023 Throne Speech and 2024/25 Budget presentation, the Minister said that he is pleased with the progress being made to address Bermuda’s infrastructure challenges.

Minister Burch said, “Infrastructure investment and improvement are hallmark pledges of the Government’s 2023 Throne Speech. The recent roadworks, including the ongoing paving projects near the Henry VIII restaurant, will extend to the entrance to Fairmont Southampton. And we are very satisfied with the completed paving of Watford Bridge.

“These two projects demonstrate our consistent efforts to fix our infrastructure. Additionally, the Ministry remains dedicated to ongoing pothole repairs by addressing areas in need promptly to ensure the safety and satisfaction of all road users.

“We expect weather to be more conducive as the weeks and months progress and with this, the community can expect to see an acceleration in our roadworks maintenance.”

A spokesperson added, “The Minister confirmed that the next area to be addressed will be South Road at Collectors Hill junction. The Ministry will provide further outlined plans to address more areas in the coming weeks and months.”

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  1. Steve says:

    Will see believe it if I see it. Don’t hold your breath folks

    • watching says:

      Well all you need to do is drive on it and you can see it happening.

      • What says:

        Why is the minister labeling this as Road “improvement” projects, when it is just MAINTENANCE to bring back to a standard that previously existed and one that WE HAVE ALREADY PAID THE MAINTENANCE OF WITH OUR ROAD RELATED FEES AND TAXES over many years.

      • Question says:

        Even the few bits that have been resurfaced are still bumpy. It’s a cheap pre-election bandaid. Next time it rains, there will be more potholes.

  2. Joe Bloggs says:

    “These two projects demonstrate our consistent efforts to fix our infrastructure.”

    Yes, but only after an admitted “lack of investment in years past”. See

    We failed to invest a penny’s worth of prevention. Now the cost of the cure will be astronomical.

  3. What! says:

    Addressing areas???? We were promised resurfacing in 2023 after all the trenching.

    Are you now saying you are only going to do bits of roads. We have paid taxes, road licence fees, TCD fees for years since you last surfaced a road. We demand a full road resurfacing program. Roads are an absolute nightmare. We have paid for this already. If you can’t do it, say you can’t fulfill your duties AND GIVE US OUR MONEY BACK.

  4. Triangle Drifter says:

    Hilarious!Burch strutting around like some show rooster. Praising himself and the hopeless PLP for finally starting to get work done that should have been done long ago.

    How is the work getting done. Is W&E doing a proper job or are they simply putting a layer over the old potholed and cracked layer below? Time will tell.

  5. I'm just saying says:

    South Road Collectors Hill. Well what a surprise! Taking care of you know who first.

  6. Hilarious! says:

    But will these repairs handle the extra weight of electric vehicles? I doubt it because the Government is ignoring every downside of EVs.

  7. Pa says:

    If the tires of your vehicle become under inflated caused by tire burping at the rim .

    Some vehicles could experiance and loss of control due to pot holes.

    You are in for several other problems, one of which you will get the “Bouncing Rubber Ball Effect” from driving over a pot hole , the suspension may bottoms out ,that together with high speed risking the possible damage at high speed to the steering linkage ,also you are not going to enjoy a pleasant drive.

    Several Rubis Gas Station set their maximum air pressuse compressors to deliver 36 psi COLD which is suitable for most vehicles summer or winter.

    NOTE ! hot summer roads automatically will in crease tire pressure by 4 PSI. compensation is required.

    I cannot over stress the importance of correct tire pressure for your vehicle as posted .

    Correct tire pressure is that shown on the drivers door frame .

    An addition of 2 PSI can be add to avoid side wall cracking and frequent visits to the pumps

    The life span of most tires due to TIRE ROT is 5 years regardless of milage .

    WARNING never pump tires to 50 PSI as which is the tires maximum instalation pressure which is then deflated to recomendations .

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