Column: OBA’s Foley On Accountability & More

May 6, 2024 | 1 Comment

[Opinion column written by OBA Candidate Maurice Foley]

As the winds of change sweep across Bermuda, it’s evident that the island is at a critical juncture, requiring a concerted effort from all residents to navigate towards a brighter future. Central to this transformation is the urgent need for a government that embodies principles of accountability, transparency, and a steadfast commitment to doing what’s right for its people.

In recent years, Bermuda has faced numerous challenges, from economic stagnation to environmental degradation, highlighting the pressing need for change. Now more than ever, we require leaders who prioritize the well-being of our community over political expediency, and who are willing to make tough decisions guided by integrity and foresight.

First and foremost, we must address the urgent need for environmental stewardship. As an island nation, Bermuda is particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, including rising sea levels and extreme weather events. By implementing sustainable practices such as renewable energy initiatives, waste reduction programs, and coastal protection measures, we can mitigate these threats and safeguard our natural resources for future generations.

At the heart of this transformation lies the imperative to foster a sustainable environment and community, starting with initiatives in St. David’s. This historic and picturesque area of Bermuda presents a unique opportunity to pioneer innovative solutions that prioritize environmental conservation, economic development, and social equity.

Furthermore, investing in sustainable development projects in St. David’s can catalyze economic growth while preserving the island’s cultural heritage. From eco-tourism ventures that showcase Bermuda’s natural beauty to green infrastructure projects that create jobs and stimulate local economies, there are ample opportunities to foster prosperity in a manner that respects the delicate balance between humans and the environment.

However, achieving meaningful change in Bermuda requires more than just lip service—it demands a fundamental shift in the way we approach governance and community engagement. It requires a government that is accountable to its citizens, transparent in its decision-making processes, and unwavering in its commitment to upholding the public good.

As residents of Bermuda, we all have a role to play in shaping the future of our island home. Whether through active participation in civic affairs, advocating for policies that promote sustainability, or simply making conscious choices in our daily lives, each of us has the power to contribute to positive change.

The time for complacency is over. Bermuda stands at a crossroads, and the decisions we make today will shape the destiny of our island for years to come. By embracing principles of accountability, transparency, and sustainability, and by working together as a unified community, we can chart a new course towards a brighter, more resilient future for Bermuda and all who call it home.

- Maurice Foley, OBA Candidate

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  1. Pa says:

    Welcome Back to Bermuda Mr, foley we have missed you, I see that you have notices many changes here while you were away.
    I must say that you rlecture on Bermuda history is very inspiring.
    I am sorry to have to disapoint you .
    This island need a miracle to turn Bermuda around your comments relate to change may I ask from what to what ?

    Bermuda’s big problems, we are suffereing from a down turn in our economy as are many other countries.

    From reading you article reflects the fact it is easy to complain and criticize Bermuda.

    We will do well it is only when other nations do well.

    The Government will do well when the people here do well .

    We are all trying to make ends meet.

    We dont need a peptalk .

    We will survive as we look back Bermuda has seen hard times .
    The only way for Bermuda is Up !

    Big business also goes through turmoil that same as the stock market which i am sure you are aware of.

    Bermuda is big business it is not” la la land”.

    The people of this island have done their part, apparently it apears that is not enough .

    May I ask who is that miracle worker and who are going to step up to the plate and work magic, nothing happens over night there is no ” Morning Surprise “.

    The man who works from 9 to 5 has nothing
    the man you works from 9 to9 has every thing .

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