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January 31, 2024 | 13 Comments

Senator Lindsay Simmons Bermuda Dec 2020 3[Opinion column written by Senator Lindsay Simmons]

The recent editorial by One Bermuda Alliance Senator Dwayne Robinson reinforces the key differences between the OBA and the Bermuda Progressive Labour Party.

Look at the comment sections of our local media and see what their supporters are saying. Read the hatred masked by pen names and see the not-so-hidden racism and the continuous anti-Bermudian narratives.

The calls for a slashing of jobs in what they repeatedly refer to as a “bloated” civil service.

The OBA’s renewed pledge for “ ..a clear route to Bermudian status,” means opening the immigration floodgates and further marginalizing Bermudians in our own country.

In the leadup to the 2012 election, the OBA promised to reform and not scrap term limits on work permits. That promise was broken in just a few months. They then attempted to give the children of guest workers the right to compete against our children for jobs and opportunities.

They tried to slash access to mammograms for our Bermudian women.

They preached “shared sacrifice” by cutting the wages of thousands of Government workers whilst giving millions, via the America’s Cup, to those who least needed it.

They have promised many things. However, Bermudians have heard these promises before. When given the opportunity, they broke those promises and acted in a manner that Bermudians overwhelmingly voted them out after only one term.

Regardless of what they promise, you must listen carefully to what they are saying; in their speeches in Parliament and the words of their hardcore supporters online. At every turn, they have spoken out against measures to improve the lives of Bermudians and offered little solutions beyond “…a clear route to Bermudian Status”.

We know that we haven’t gotten everything right. We also know that many of the measures we’ve put in place to improve the lives of Bermudians haven’t reached everyone in need.

We know that people are hurting and for where we have fallen short we apologise. However, we continue to move towards a fairer Bermuda by delivering and committing to:

  • More affordable housing
  • A living wage
  • Taking on the forces of greed that continue to exploit global economic conditions.
  • Increasing Hotel development to provide more employment.
  • Investing in beautifying our roads and landscape to restore the beauty of the Bermuda that we are accustomed to.
  • Holding firm against opening the immigration floodgates and protecting the birthright of Bermudians.

Much work is still needed to build the change Bermudians want and every day, in every way, that’s what we are working for. Others may say the right things and pretend to be on your side. But when have they ever been on your side?

When have they ever taken the side of Government workers and stood by them through disagreements and differences of opinion? When have they ever taken the side of less fortunates beyond sweet words and promises?

The OBA agenda remains the same agenda that marginalised Bermudians:

  • “Reduce government expenditure,” to them means cutting Bermudian civil servant jobs, cutting support for the vulnerable, slashing scholarships, reducing access to mammograms, and driving up the cost of Healthcare.
  • ” ..a clear route to Bermudian status” means opening the immigration floodgates and further marginalising Bermudians in our own country.

Bermudians have seen this movie before.

- Senator Lindsay Simmons

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  1. Ringmaster says:

    The number of op eds berating the OBA shows that the PLP are running scared. They have nothing to show for their 25 years being Government, but blame everything on the OBA. Pitiful. Interesting that elsewhere Ewart Brown is boasting that 10,000 black Bermudians have emigrated. Odd that no one in the PLP/Government has that information, or at least will tell the public. So the population must be down to around 54,000, not 64,000 that the PLP/Government throw around in the stats. No wonder the cost of everything is so high as less people equals more cost for those remaining.
    By the way, why are taxpayers paying for a glossy pamphlet listing some measures that the PLP have taken but promoting them as Government successes? Taxpayer funded election nonsense.

    • Lol says:

      Why are you worried about black people they didn’t vote obaubpee and never will! Now run along with the surrogatesand wait for the leader Jarrrrrionn to leave you or be replaced in 2 more elections

      Did you find anyone to replace him yet?

      • Ringmaster says:

        I’m not worried but thank you for proving my point. 30-6 and the PLP continues to focus on the almost non existent OBA.

        • Joe Bloggs says:

          And the long gone UBP

        • Answer says:

          The oba is a Clown show even when existent.

          • Ringmaster says:

            In that case why is it such a threat to the PLP? Clearly having nothing positive to show how the PLP has benefitted Bermudians since 1998, except create a massive debt for their children and grandchildren (expats won’t be around to pay), the only recourse is to attack the OBA (and UBP). Clearly it proves the old Jamaican adage – we don’t care being stolen from as long as it’s not white. The PLP has aced that one.

          • Wake up Bie says:

            You gave the OBAubpers high marks. The party is nothing but a bunch of token surrogates at the front that got selected for a white base established party.

  2. tucker says:

    Is this Fox news?
    There isn’t much is that diatribe that is true.
    When you have to lie, you know you’re losing.

  3. Hey says:

    PLP are desperate to make the OBA look like the bogeyman. It’s all the PLP have got and why Bermuda under their watch has turned into a potholed, debt ridden mess. The OBA when they came in turned the dire situation things around and this PLP has benefitted from all that hard work of the OBA, yet they failed to add to, failed to leverage, or continue it. They need to go. This isn’t OBA v PLP this is Bermuda v PLP.

  4. Hey says:

    Lol taking on the forces of greed. Greedy is the perfect word to describe the PLP ministers. They have all profited since taking power, and the people in Bermuda paid and voted for it.

  5. sandgrownan says:

    So, Senator…..

    Berkley School building – $60+ million over budget
    Port Royal renovation – $20 Million over budget
    LBE Building – $20 + million over budget
    Hospital over budget to build and $10-$15 MILLION ANNUALLY over budget

    Greed, corruption or just plain incompetence?

    • question says:

      I’d add to that Grand Atlantic, $100m+ wasted so far, if not more.
      Was “finished” in 2011, and has still never been lived in. 13 years. That’s despite Weeks boasting in 2011 he had “100 buyers lined up”.

  6. Platinum says:

    What the hell did I just read? As long as these lot are leading our little island, there is no hope.

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