Column: Myron On Saving Bermuda’s Sloop

May 20, 2024 | 1 Comment

[Opinion column written by Martha Harris Myron]

The Bermuda Casino Gaming Commission [BCGC] recently received a BMD $10 million guarantee to keep operating.

The Bermuda Sloop Foundation was barely able to raise BMD $150,000 to keep our international marine reputation afloat.

BCGC is a nine-year old dormant organisation promoting “responsible” gambling.

The Bermuda Sloop Foundation’s Spirit of Bermuda ship is an active local foundation bringing home to our children [and] adults the absolute message that Bermuda has one of the finest marine heritages and sailors in the world.

Every Bermuda island child and youth should have the opportunity to learn to sail, to learn to navigate, to experience the exhilaration of open-seas voyages, to understand the unlimited possibilities of a personal future horizon and the world we live in.

We invented the modern international rig; see the essay attached.

Martha Harris Myron 'Save Our Bermuda Sloop' Column Bermuda May 2024 (1)

Our highest cultural and technological achievement, produced from a population of under 10,000 souls what millions under sail throughout the world of the 17th century failed to accomplish.

The Bermuda Rig is used by nearly every racing and pleasure sailing boat in the world today and we invented it on the turquoise waters at the top of an ancient volcano.

Martha Harris Myron 'Save Our Bermuda Sloop' Column Bermuda May 2024 (2)

For the sailing world, this was a bang as big as any Krakatoa and its eruption on our shores rendered obsolete the long-standing reign of the square-rigger on all other coasts and seas. Dr. Edward Harris, Heritage Matters.

Our marine heritage changed the world forever. Our marine heritage is unparalleled and respected the world over, but not enough for government funding.

What is happening in Bermuda? What are our priorities?

Get the facts. Think independently. Complacency or change – your choice.

- Martha Harris Myron

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  1. Newton Adcock says:

    Our present government has no real, serious, meaningful priorities.
    They are leading over the cliff like the many lemmings they are.
    The are managing the governmental affairs for their own purposes.
    How else can we explain what they are doing.
    Wasting our hard earned money that we pay them in taxes.
    Family and Friends, only, for sure.
    They are there long after their expiry date, so say I.

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