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March 14, 2024

The Women’s Resource Centre said they are “encouraged by the sentencing of Kamal Worrell and are grateful to see all the parts of the judicial system come together to advocate on behalf of Chavelle Dillon-Burgess.”

Juanae Crockwell, Executive Director of the Women’s Resource Centre, said, “While there is truly no justice for this crime, it is encouraging to see the judicial system hold Mr. Worrell accountable for his actions. Our thoughts are with Ms. Dillon-Burgess’ family and loved ones as they process all that has taken place.

“The imposition of a life sentence is significant in holding perpetrators of domestic abuse accountable for their actions and sends a strong message to the defendant and others in the community that abuse will not be tolerated. However, we recognize that it is only one part of a much larger and ongoing effort to combat this pervasive issue in our society.

“Prioritizing the prevention of domestic abuse, through education and awareness, and the protection of survivors, through support services and resources, is essential.”

The spokesperson said, “The Women’s Resource Centre encourages any woman who may be experiencing abuse – whether it be physical, emotional, psychological, or financial – to make a report with the Bermuda Police Service and seek therapeutic support.”

Ms. Crockwell continued, saying, “This case highlights the importance of reporting instances of abuse, and we believe that the reports made by Ms. Dillon-Burgess have directly led to the outcome we see today.

“It is the Women’s Resource Centre’s goal to create a safe space for victims and survivors of abuse to find support and healing as they rebuild their lives. It is our hope that less women will experience these horrific outcomes as we strengthen the support services available, provide prevention and early intervention services and work to create a society that is sympathetic to victims and their experiences.”

The spokesperson said, “The Women’s Resource Centre provides referral services, counselling support, and community education to women in the community. We encourage any woman who needs support to contact us at 295-3882 or visit our website – www.wrcbermuda.com.”

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