Kaleidoscope Art Preschool Updates Program

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Kaleidoscope Art Foundation has introduced its updated preschool and nursery program, which they said “offers a unique blend of art education, play-based learning, and holistic development.”

A spokesperson said, “Kaleidoscope Art Foundation, a renowned advocate for early childhood creativity and education, is excited to share about its updated preschool and nursery program. Designed to inspire young minds and nurture artistic expression, the Kaleidoscope Art+ Preschool Program offers a unique blend of art education, play-based learning, and holistic development.

“We pride ourselves on a small ratio of students to teachers who facilitate learning in a fun, loving and gentle environment. The key to discovering hidden talents in children is to allow them to teach us how they are learning by exploring age-appropriate boundaries. Children will experience play and create with limitless imagination. Children are able to gain more one-on-one attention tailored to their individual needs and desires. Their experiences here at the Art+ program are meaningful and productive.”

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“At Kaleidoscope Art+ Program, we believe that every child is an artist and has the innate ability to thrive in the right environment,” certified teacher Mrs. Kelly Smith stated.

“We love that the Art+ has such a low student to teacher ratio: every child gets lots of attention and has fun experimenting in nature and making amazing artwork with all sorts of materials and tools,” shared one parent from the 2023-24 school year.

“We love our Art+ preschool community, each student gets the space to learn and explore,” certified teacher Ms. Ashley Desilva voiced.

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“Key features of the Kaleidoscope Art+ Preschool Program include:

  • Art Immersion: Daily art activities and projects designed to spark imagination and self-expression.
  • Play-Based Learning: Hands-on experiences that promote problem-solving, critical thinking, and social interaction.
  • Outdoor classrooms: We follow the principle that children are learning everywhere and all the time. Learning by experience helps children grow in motor development.
  • Experienced Educators: A team of passionate and experienced educators dedicated to nurturing each child’s unique talents and interests.

“I truly feel that our daughter has been so lucky to be part of the Art+ programme. It is surely the best nursery in Bermuda! The creative setups every morning are incredible, the focus on consistent behaviors and emotional intelligence so thorough and the care and fun they put into every day is a real joy. A small class with great personal attention, heaps of outdoor time and freedom to learn, play and create. We cannot recommend it more highly,” said another parent.

The spokesperson said, “The curriculum is thoughtfully crafted to align with early childhood standards while embracing the philosophy that art is a powerful tool for learning. Through painting, sculpting, storytelling, and more, children are encouraged to explore the world around them and develop essential skills that will benefit them throughout their lives.

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“Kaleidoscopes Art+ is now enrolling children aged 2.5 to 5 for the upcoming school year. The program drop off is between 8:30am-9am, with an option for 12:30 or 3:30pm pick up. Parents have the flexibility of choosing 3, 4, or 5 days of programming.

“Families interested in learning more about the program are invited to attend a site visit and/or an open house by emailing info@kaf.bm.

“For more information about Kaleidoscopes Art+ Preschool Program, visit https://kaf.bm/what/art/.”

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