Students Benefit From Expressive Art Session

December 9, 2019

The Ministry of National Security’s Gang Violence Reduction Team and Living Legends Targeted Primary Prevention Program recently held an expressive art session with students at Victor Scott Primary School.

The young men named themselves the ‘Hype Kings,’ with the session focused on positive affirmations through expressive art. Local artist Carlos Santana Dill led the class.

The young men created “I am” statements at the beginning the session, before ending by taking their statements and reciting them in front of a mirror.

Minister Wayne Caines said, “We believe that investing in our young men at an early age will light love, passion and a sense of community within them.

“Special thanks to the principal and staff at Victor Scott Primary School, Carlos Santana Dill, Darren Woods [project leader], Pastor Leroy Bean, and Ian Coke.”

Hype Kings Bermuda Dec 2019 (1)

Hype Kings Bermuda Dec 2019 (3)

Hype Kings Bermuda Dec 2019 (2)

Hype Kings Bermuda Dec 2019 (4)

Hype Kings Bermuda Dec 2019 (5)

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  1. This is exactly what pre-primary and primary schools desperately need.
    While many counsellors do encourage students to develop positive ways in expressing feelings, additional persons in schools, could expand upon what the counsellor does and reinforce development of FEELINGS.
    There is truly no quick fix for a student’s negative behaviours, but this avenue should be pursued, thus allowing students terrific opportunities in exploring positive ways in helping SELF!!

  2. Greg says: