Minister Updates On Access To Achilles Bay

May 18, 2024 | 3 Comments

“With the summer rapidly approaching, the public will still have access to Achilles Bay through temporary measures while repairs to enhance accessibility continue,” said Minister of Public Works Lt. Col. David Burch.

A Government spokesperson said, “Initially set to be completed by the summer of 2023, the project encountered unforeseen geological and planning challenges requiring careful reconsideration of the construction approach.

“In May 2023, the Ministry partnered with Smith Hauling and Excavating to commence repair works on the beach access opposite Fort St. Catherine.

“Early excavation work revealed that the anticipated solid rock foundation necessary for constructing new stairs was absent, leading to a necessary halt and redesign of the project.

“This finding and additional complexities involving land use and tenant proposals have required the Ministry to navigate a series of detailed and technical reassessments.

“Despite these challenges, the Ministry has remained focused on restoring and improving public access to Achilles Bay.

“After substantial dialogue with the Corporation of St. George’s, area MPs, and land tenants, a new staircase site has been agreed upon. This third proposed location offers a viable solution for permanent public access.”

Minister Burch added: “We are focused on overcoming these challenges to provide safe, enduring access to one of our island’s beaches.

“The Ministry outlines the following steps:

  • Finalising the in-principle design.
  • Submitting a revised planning application.
  • Conducting a public tender for construction works.
  • Ultimately building the new staircase.
  • Temporary access to Achilles Bay will be provided until the permanent structure is completed.

“The Ministry of Public Works appreciates the public’s patience and support as it continues to work towards a solution that ensures safety and enhances the enjoyment of Achilles Bay for all.”

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  1. No Nonsense says:

    Whatever! Stop wasting our money and fix our infrastructure! Another Minister who needs to go!

  2. Hey says:

    Can’t make a set of steps. Pathetic, vote this joker OUT.

  3. 365 says:

    Please retire soon. Our roads , bridges and infrastructure is failing due to neglect, poor workmanship, temporary fixes that have become permanent, and no maintenance plan. The self-titled “minister that gets things done” has done nothing but be active. What we need is someone that is proactive.

    I saw a picture today that made me cringe. Check out the causeway bridge – there are holes in the rusting diamond plate steel that you all drive over every day. When a car, taxi, or bus busts through then he will do something. Aren’t these bridges inspected at least annually? Who is ignoring them or who is giving them a false passing grade.

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