Neletha Butterfield: Good Vibes Only For The Soul

May 9, 2024

Bermudian author Neletha Butterfield will be signing copies of her latest book, “Good Vibes Only for the Soul” — a tribute to her late son — at The Book Mart on Friday [May 10] and W.J Boyles and Sons on Saturday [May 11].

Ms Butterfield said, “It was approximately three years ago I wrote and published a book entitled ‘Student Essay for the Soul’ and dedicated the book to six young men, former students of mine at C.A.R.E. Learning Centre who passed tragically on the roads of Bermuda. I never thought that I would experience the loss of my son in a fatal traffic accident too and now know and feel the pain that my students’ mothers, loved ones and family felt and yes still go through today.

“I was going to do an updated version of the book and include my son but one day while going through some of his personal items I came across a small note book with poems written by my son Kirk. I sat on his bed reading through them with tears in my eyes and said if you can write your memoirs and memoirs of some of your students surely you can do it for Kirk.

“‘Good Vibes only for the Soul’ my tenth book is a tribute to my son the late Treadwell Kirkland Winfield Butterfield. The expressions of his life are highlighted in this book through poems written by himself and tributes from his family, students, friends and loved ones. An educator, mentor, motivator, leader, friend, father, brother, uncle, nephew, cousin and godfather, Kirk touched so many individuals’ souls and their lives were changed both academically and socially.

“His love and kindness, as eloquently conveyed in a tribute by his eldest son Kwondé Lathan, resonated with words such as, ‘You were kind, passionate, strong, powerful, confident, considerate, uplifting, motivational, driven, and loving.’ These descriptors not only encapsulate the essence of Kirk Butterfield but also underscore his unwavering determination as a strong Black man committed to uplifting his community. His destiny was to make a profound impact.

Good Vibes Only For The Soul Bermuda May 2024

“He made a difference in so many of his students’ lives and these words capture his love from one of his young Black male students’ mother: ’Mr. Butterfield was the epitome of strength, tenacity and kindness. Even though my son knew him for a short while, the impact he made on him speaks volumes. I am honored that Mr. Butterfield was one who has shaped, moulded and assisted my son on his journey. I am forever grateful!’

“Use Kirk’s poems and writings when you are struggling as a reminder that God will always want what is best for you. Share with friends, family, schools and in particular young males.

“You will be inspired and enriched when you read Mr. Butterfield’s poems and tributes, his journey, struggles, successes and expressions of love from his family and friends, may you feel his SOUL of good vibes only and carry his spirit with you on your journey of life. Share his struggles, his strengths, his memories and know that whatever we do in our life’s journey, God often allows failure for His higher purpose, guiding us to grow, learn from experiences and comprehend God’s Plan.”

Ms Butterfield will be signing copies of her latest book, ‘Good Vibes Only for the Soul’ at The Book Mart located in Brown & Co. Ltd in Hamilton on Friday, 10th May from 12 noon – 2:00 p.m. and W.J Boyles and Sons, Queen Street, Hamiton on Saturday 11th May from 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Books are also available at C.A.R.E. Learning Centre. You can also contact the author at 292-0915 or 505-7837 and email:

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