Premier David Burt’s Bermuda Day Message

May 24, 2024 | 0 Comments

[Bermuda Day message from Premier David Burt]

Bermuda Day is a day that genuinely and uniquely belongs to the people of our beautiful island home. It is a day when we celebrate and immerse ourselves in the diverse culture and proud heritage to which we belong.

Every year, the Department of Culture selects a theme for Heritage Month and the Bermuda Day parade that captures the spirit of our island. This year, they have decided to draw from our people’s natural energy and enthusiasm. The theme – “Culture Equals Energy” – perfectly sums up what it means to be Bermudians and the excitement that fills the atmosphere on Bermuda Day.

All of us will know what it feels like when we come together as a community to celebrate as one. Whether we are cheering on our athletes, proudly wearing our colours at Cup Match time, enjoying a codfish breakfast with loved ones, or how we cannot help but react with joy to the sound of the Gombey drums. There is an undeniable energy in all of us that is inherently Bermudian.

Today, on our day, the unique Bermudian energy will be at its peak – starting with the Sinclair Packwood Memorial cycle race and continuing as our Half-Marathon Derby runners pass through streets carrying on the proud tradition that has been integral to our celebrations for over a century.

The greatest concentration of this energy will be felt by those lining the Hamilton sidewalks for the parade and by our Gombeys, Majorettes, Dance Troupes, and every parade participant who has worked so hard preparing for today.

Beyond the half-marathon, parade, and all of the incredible festivities we will enjoy today, I call on us all to harness this “energy” that unites us so that it transcends beyond this holiday occasion; I believe that there are no limits to what can be accomplished as an island and as Bermudians people when we are united.

Let us commit to engaging with one another with renewed energy that honours our warm and vibrant culture of togetherness and honours our shared heritage and history. Today, and in the days that follow, let us show sincere support and love for one another as Bermudians.

I extend special thanks to the Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport, Sen. the Hon. Owen K. Darrell, JP, and his dedicated team at the Department of Culture for their boundless efforts in organising this year’s Heritage Month events. We know how much time, planning, and coordination go into ensuring its success and, most importantly, the genuine love and appreciation of our culture.

To each of you on this holiday, whether relaxing at home, spending the day at the beach, boating on the water, or with family and friends, I wish you all a memorable day. On behalf of the Government of Bermuda, Happy Bermuda Day! divider line ewrr

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