Premier David Burt’s Bermuda Day Message

May 25, 2023 | 2 Comments

Premier David Burt Bermuda May 25 2023 [Bermuda Day message from Premier David Burt]

Greetings Bermuda,

Heritage Month is a special time for our island to celebrate our culture, diverse heritage, and proud traditions. This year’s Heritage Month theme, A Bermudian Renaissance, captures what we’ve seen and experienced these past three years. There is a renewed interest in the talents and creative forces that continue to shape and evolve our national identity and culture.

Today the Bermudian Renaissance is being redefined and inspired by the vision of our local artists. You can feel a renaissance in our local culinary, visual and performance artists. It is inspiring and exciting to watch, and the Government is committed to supporting our talented local artists and creators and the Bermudian Renaissance through the Department of Culture. At the heart of Heritage Month are Bermuda Day and the Bermuda Day Parade, one of our most unifying holidays that brings family and friends together and allows us to showcase our pride in being Bermudian.

Since 1979, residents have taken to the streets of Hamilton on this special day to enjoy the Royal Bermuda Regiment, the stunning floats, dance groups, community bands and the Gombey troupes. And while many traditions have evolved over the last four decades, the spirit and traditions of Bermuda Day and the Parade have endured.

The Bermuda Day holiday is about honouring our shared culture. And as Bermudians, we continue to show that we are resourceful, expressive, and community minded. Individuals and businesses have pooled resources to ensure those who want to participate in the Parade can do so through the Bermuda Day Fund and the innovative partnership between the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Sport and the Bermuda Foundation. Once again, we have shown that anything is possible when we support one another.

I commend the Department of Culture team for their incredible work throughout Heritage Month and in organising the Bermuda Day Parade. My family and I look forward to the warm hospitality of the various family camps along the Parade route and engaging with members of the community on this special day for our country. And, finally, I ask that we all look out for one another and do our part to ensure this is a safe and enjoyable holiday for all.

I wish everyone a Happy Bermuda Day! divider line ewrr

For extensive coverage of Bermuda Day spanning over a decade, visit our website, the island’s most comprehensive resource on the Bermuda Day holiday.

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  1. Geoff says:

    …bie go long

  2. George says:

    ‘A Bermudian Renaissance’. Burt, are you out of your mind?

    Have you seen the boarded up shops, the cost of living, the closed hotels, the broken walls, the potholes, the knife crime, the hate towards foreigners, the friends and families bias. The recession.

    Is that your Bermudian Renaissance Burt? Heralded with 3 days of biblical rain.

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