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Following the recent violence on Bermuda Day, Raleigh Bermuda reiterated that are “committed to the mission to challenge young Bermudians to be resilient, navigate life’s challenges, and seize new opportunities” and provided “five ways we can take charge in our community to address violence.”

A spokesperson said, “Bermuda Day, traditionally a celebration of our vibrant culture and community spirit, was tragically marred by violence on May 25. Incidents of stabbing and murder cast a shadow over the festivities, leaving our community in mourning and calling for urgent action.

“We extend our deepest condolences to the families affected by these senseless acts and stand in solidarity with those grieving. This violence underscores the critical need to address the root causes of such behavior and to foster a safer, more supportive environment for all Bermudians.

“Raleigh Bermuda is committed to the mission to challenge young Bermudians to be resilient, navigate life’s challenges, and seize new opportunities.

“Through the Brave Programme, Raleigh provides anti-violence and advocacy education, helping young people develop survival life skills and a positive self-identity. These initiatives are crucial in deterring youth from toxic environments and gang affiliations, which have been a persistent issue in Bermuda, with alarming statistics highlighting the severity of gang-related violence.

“Raleigh Bermuda prioritizes youth aged 14-24, a demographic at significant risk of gang recruitment, economic hardship, and substance abuse. By offering comprehensive support, including mentorship, education, and advocacy, Raleigh aims to break cycles of intergenerational trauma and violence.

“Their programmes are grounded in experiential learning, enabling young people to apply their knowledge in real-life situations, fostering critical thinking, problem-solving, and leadership skills.

“This recent violence calls us to action.

“It is a stark reminder of the work that lies ahead in creating a safe and nurturing environment for our youth. As a community, we must support initiatives that offer hope and tangible solutions.

Here are five ways we can take charge in our community to address violence:

  • Support Youth Programmes: Engage with and support local organizations like Raleigh Bermuda that offer mentorship, educational programmes, and safe havens for youth in at-risk environments. These programs are crucial in providing alternatives to gang involvement and fostering positive development.
  • Foster Open Dialogue: Encourage conversations about violence, trauma, and mental health within families, schools, churches, and community groups. Providing safe spaces for youth to express their feelings and experiences can prevent isolation and promote healing.
  • Improve Community-Police Relations: Host regular community meetings with local police officers to discuss concerns and build mutual trust. Implementing community policing strategies where officers actively engage with residents and participate in community activities can help bridge the gap and create a cooperative atmosphere.
  • Promote Parental and Family Support: Offer workshops and resources to parents and families to equip them with the skills to support their children effectively. Strong family units can provide the stability and guidance that young people need to thrive.
  • Encourage Civic Engagement: Involve young people in community service projects and advocacy efforts. Engaging youth in positive, community-building activities instills a sense of responsibility and purpose, steering them away from negative influences.

“In times of tragedy, we find strength in our unity and our shared commitment to a better future. Together, we can foster a generation of young leaders who are equipped to make informed decisions, manage their emotions, and inspire positive change.

“If you would like for Raleigh Bermuda to make a presentation to your company or organization on how to address and tackle violence in our community, please contact info@raleigh.bm or call 333-5678. Visit www.raleigh.bm to learn more about Raleigh Bermuda.”

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