Review: ‘Famous For 15 Minutes’ Festival

May 6, 2024 | 0 Comments

[Written by Dale Butler]

The 18th annual Famous for 15 Minutes Playwriting Festival has just concluded at the BMDS after two weeks of performances before packed audiences who were gifted with six excellent plays that made it to the finals after being selected by a reading panel who had the awesome task of reading 18 submissions.

American playwright Tom Coash chose the winning play before the final six plays were produced and his envelope was sealed until the last night, when the winner – Julia Pitt for her play ‘The Sandwich’ – received the coveted Golden Inkwell.

There is a great deal on the internet to inform you about writing a 15 minute play. Although I have written nine full-length plays, I don’t have the guts to take this task on. This is my second year attending and writing a review and I am happy the winner was already determined based on the content of the script. I have no interest in reading scripts. I wanted to hear the actors and I did.

Kudos to the directors, actors and technical crew who are very professional. Let’s take a brief look at the six plays as follows:

  • Jim and Helena Start a Cult: co-written by Owain Johnston-Barnes and Charlie Doyle.Broadway potential. I loved it. Ma Hollow!
  • The Script: about a lawyer and his personal assistant and his attempt to escape from reality. An excellent effort by retired lawyer John Campbell. Keep writing John, you have lots of potential!
  • Inheritance: Cara’s childhood was ruined by her father’s addiction at the racetrack. Will she take her brother’s advice and bet her small inheritance on the 1948 Grand National.Welcome to the world of playwriting Liz. Don’t stop now you have the hang of it.
  • The Sandwich: jammed between a rock and the hard of hearing, June is trying to change the program but maybe she’s just destined to stay stuck in the middle. By life coach Julia Pitt. I enjoyed it.
  • More Than Lovers, Less Than Friends: by Nasir. This play examined the end of a toxic relationship that brought out the worst in both people, and the slow painful death of their desire to be together. Powerful and very memorable, I guess because many of us can relate.
  • The Murder of Johann Schmidt. By Nathaniel Butterfield. After decades of brooding, Stanley has the chance to right an old wrong and recover a love lost. Interesting. Acting good, but I got a bit lost on this one.

Overall another A+ for Bermuda’s longest serving performing arts organization which has raised funds to support the BMDS Charitable Trust, which helps students interested in the theatrical arts.

Writer Julia Pitt won for her play ‘The Sandwich’

Writer Julia Pitt 'The Sandwhich' Famous For 15 Minutes Playwriting Festival Bermuda May 2024

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