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May 5, 2010

Bernews is pleased to start a new program specifically designed to bring good news to the forefront. It is an often heard complaint that the media focuses on negative news, so with the support of sponsors we will attempt to combat that perception. We are very pleased to announce the program is underway with our first sponsor being  Bermuda Supply.

Negative news is often focused on as statistically speaking it is the biggest draw. For example a news report about a shooting always gets far more viewers then a positive report…that is the nature of the news business.

Most media companies, including us, are somewhat beholden to advertisers to be sustainable, and therefore must deliver viewers in order to offer value.

In a twist on the standard procedures, Bernews is offering a program where a company can specifically sponsor ‘Good News’. We will go out of our way to find, and cover the positive news stories in Bermuda, and be able to better highlight the accomplishments of Bermudians. As noted by many, there is a large amount of good news that never makes the media, so we hope this new program will make inroads in that scenario.

Bermuda Supply is our first sponsor – and we thank them!


About Bermuda Supply:

Bermuda Supply is a local company that has been supplying appliances, cabinets, windows and doors, generators, plumbing fixtures, spas and more to the island since 2003. They are the authorized dealer to Bermuda for ThermoSpas hot-tubs and spas and Weather Shield Premium Windows and Doors.

Bermuda Supply combines the benefits of a company with local knowledge and a factory-authorized base in New Jersey from where they ship custom orders of new, brand name, first quality merchandise, with deliveries often within 2-3 weeks.

Bermuda Supply has survived the recession by trading online thus offering more choice and reducing its operating costs which they pass along to the customer in the form of lower prices. Bermuda Supply also prides itself on the quality of its service, not only with informed and helpful staff, but also providing local delivery, installation and warranty coverage. No wonder its slogan is: Choice. Price. Service. ™

Bermuda Supply is not only supporting the Bernews Good News program, but also supports YouthNet, Bermuda International Film Festival and Bermuda Tourism via sponsoring tour groups.

They have a Website, Blog and Facebook page where you can find out more information.

For anyone who may be interested; the sponsorship money enables us to get out in the community more and cover stories. The story sponsor then has their banner placed specifically in the article, where it will remain permanently, offering a great long term return. The Good News Program benefits almost everyone; the sponsor, Bernews, the individual[s] highlighted, and serves to bring positive news to the forefront of the community. Feel free to contact us for more details on sponsorship, or if you have any good news you feel we should cover.

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