BEST on Warwick Long Bay Beach Bar

October 23, 2010

Environmental group BEST has commented on the news that Mr. Belcario Thomas has re-submitted his application to build a beach bar and restaurant at Warwick Long Bay.

On August 4th 2010, Justice Ian Kawaley quashed Environment Minister Glen Blakeney’s decision allow a beach bar to be built on Warwick Long Bay. The Minister’s decision came after the Development Applications Board refused the application.

The full statement from BEST follows below:

The Bermuda Environmental & Sustainability Taskforce (BEST) has become aware that Mr. Belcario Thomas has re-submitted his application for a beach bar and restaurant at Warwick Long Bay.

We have not yet had an opportunity to view the application at the Department of Planning (DOP), but will be doing so within the next few days.

We trust that this application will be allowed to follow its proper course and that, unlike previously, unfettered opinions from all relevant government departments will be available for the consideration of the public, the Development Applications Board (DAB) and any other vetting individual or agency.

BEST has already received calls and visits from area residents and interested parties who are utterly astonished that this scheme is resurfacing. As a consequence of the previous incarnation of this application, we are more aware of the issues involved including possible Ministerial interference, as highlighted in the Auditor General’s just-released report on the emissions testing facility.

It may help for residents and the public to remember that a previous application for the same location by the same developer was turned down by the DAB, was negated by the Independent Inspector, and the appeal to the Minister was quashed by the Court. Unless the application is substantively different, it is difficult to see it as other than a waste of everyone’s time and energy to go through this exercise again.

In keeping, however, with the legitimacy of the process, BEST is encouraging residents and users of Warwick Long Bay to view the plans at the DOP and, if appropriate, register their objections by November 5th. It would be helpful in the long run if they were to send a copy of their objection letters to BEST at .

We will no doubt have further comment once we have reviewed the application.

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  1. Veebyes says:

    So…here we go again. I thought this issue was settled once & for all. This is no different than a 3 year old being told NO, then coming back minutes later asking again & again till it gets its way. A beach bar, temporary or permanent, is wrong on so many counts. Get over it & move on.

  2. vern says:

    There is something seriously wrong with Mr. Belcario Thomas.With all this craziness going on in Bermuda he wants to open up a BAR! He should use his time and effort helping young people get there lives together if he really want to do something.Mr.Belcario please go and get get help this is not just about a bar on a beach it shows how stupid and damn IGNORANT you are.No wonder some of the younger generation fall short of being succeful if all the older generation has to offer is stupid Dumb SH*t like this.Find something more productive to do with your time and money.Something that will benefit the community is it really all about just getting people drunk and party party party.How OLD ARE YOU AGAIN???? TIME TO GROW UP MAN REALLY

  3. Chop Sui says:

    NO! NO BAR on our beaches!! This is not Ibiza

  4. Consider the costs says:

    Subject to this application being substantially different to the previous, based on the earlier rejections (save for the Minister’s), Mr. Thomas needs to realize that he is now causing damage to his reputation. Just because he has the legal right to do something does not necessarily mean he should pursue those rights to the hilt. It would appear he has not sufficiently considered the costs of exercising his rights, whether this application succeeds or fails. Fundamentally the application’s concept is being rejected, regardless of the form.

    I would suggest that Mr. Thomas look to consulting existing venues that offer waterfront dining and drinking with a view to improving their product. Based on his past endeavors, Mr. Thomas clearly has some good ideas and entrepreneurial spirit – both of which are great for Bermuda’s economy and set a positive example for young Bermudians – however his product development methodology could be improved with more consultation with concerned parties at an earlier stage to filter out non-starters such as this. The costs to the community and to Mr. Thomas will be less if such research is conducted. I do wish him well though in future projects and hope that other Bermudians with similar goals will learn from this.

    (I know, double post, but it’s an important issue about how we view our public spaces.)

  5. Sara says:

    I WILL NOT be attending any functions with Mr. Thomas’s name attached to it. Stupid pink, white, black, blah blah blah parties. More like let’s get drunk and wasted parties. No thanks

    • Dragging A Lure says:

      Go Sara Go,
      Do you mean that you will not attend any more functions that has Mr. Thomas name attached to it? If that’s not the case, than the functions become another member of the organizations you choose not to be part off anyway, such as Churches, Schools, Social Clubs, Businesses, Neighbourhoods, Political Party etc. That’s OK. I imagine that the rest of Bermuda’s Stealth Tea Party Movement will continue to boycott the above organizations as a normal practice.

      un voyage de peche

      • Sara says:

        You don’t make any sense dragging a lure.

        • LOL says:

          @ Sara

          Why entertain a person who is “trolling” besides those that feel the way Draggin/Trolling do have more incommon with the racist Tea Partiers than they can see. Perspective a dangerous thing, yes indeed.


          • Dragging A Lure says:

            Do your best to ignore LOL, that person is trying to recruit you via the back door to be come a member of Bermuda’s Stealth Tea Party Movement. Their first plan of business, is to fabricate stories to give themselves a reason to march on Parliament with the intent to bring down Paula Cox’s administration. look at the faces , don’t let LOL persuade you.

            un voyage de peche

  6. LOL says:

    @ Draggin

    Sure you are not Rocksolid form PM? You are funny though don’t choke on the Tea psst it kool-aid…..


    • LOL says:

      Common Draggin

      You mad because you were exposed as the racist that you are in the other beach bar thread and now have no credit going all the way back to your BDA Sun writings? Do the PLP at least pay you or do you believe the nonsense coming out you head?

      Who’s gunna trust someone with a shinny thing and hook anyway.

      Remember LOL some time might help with your disagreeable personality.

      Till then maybe you could………..


      • Dragging A Lure says:

        What they say in Vegas, a SUCKER IS BORN EVERY HOUR.

        Gone trolling with my lure for new fish.

        Takecare & have some fun.

        It’s all a game (smile)played all the time on the net by me and others.
        Throw in a bit of inflammatory rhetoric and see who bits and swallows the bait. It does not matter whether the Troller belives in the rhetoric. DOES NOT MATTER.
        You did well.First prize.
        Don’t be suckered in, it’s only someone else’s opinions.
        You don’t have to respond to everything have patience and pick your battles.

        A lot of Hahahas

        We might meet on another site

        Good Luck

        O’ by the way, I’m one of the PLP’s delegates and I will propose that the constitution be changed to allow KIM Swan be the leader of the party and therefore Premier of Bermuda.Those running are not qualified.


        • LOL says:

          Good to know Bermuda is in such capable hands but Kim Swan?! Is the UBP even viable?
          Funniest thing I hear all day thank for making me…….

          LOL…. right out of my chair

          • Dragging A Lure says:

            My Pleasure. (Funny) Have fun and participate in the blogs for the leadership. The Royal Gazette is quietly removing itself from the dark ages and actually are having bloggings relating to the leadership contest.. Too steep for me, I’ll follow my advice and read only.


  7. J. S. says:

    Reading about nature is fine, but if a person walks in the woods and listens carefully, he can learn more than what is in books, for they speak with the voice of God.”

    George Washington Carver

    Can we not pause,sometimes, and just listen?