All Four Attack Victims Leave Hospital

October 18, 2010

(Updated) Three visitors experienced a vacation nightmare yesterday when a burglar(s) broke into their hotel rooms, robbed them while injuring them in the process. In addition, a local man was also robbed an injured in the same time frame while walking along Happy Valley Road.

All four were taken to hospital for treatment, with three being discharged as of this morning (Oct 18).

The 28-year-old Australian man who was injured in a robbery at The Wharf Hotel in Paget has been discharged from hospital, as has the local victim.

Early yesterday morning, a man brandishing weapons broke into a couple’s room at Grotto Bay, injured them both, stole money and escaped. The victims, a 60 and 61-year-old American married couple, were taken to the hospital for treatment, with the wife now discharged and the husband listed as stable on a general ward.

Update 12:14pm
: The last victim, the 60-year-old man who was staying at the Grotto Bay resort, has just been discharged from hospital.

There have been previous incidents of a similar nature at the Grotto Bay Beach Hotel; with Police records showing at least two others this year, both in January, with security guards acting to prevent the robbery from occuring in both circumstances.

One morning a man armed with a blade attempted to enter one of the hotel offices, but was prevented from doing so by an employee and confronted by the hotel’s security guard. He escaped empty handed.

A few days prior to that in January 2010, a security officer saw a man go on to the property and into a maids closet.  When the man came out holding a garbage bag, he was confronted by the security officer so dropped the bag and ran from the scene. The items stolen from the ‘maids’ closet’ were recovered at the scene, and the suspect was subsequently arrested.

In 2003 masked robbers armed with a machete and a knife burst into the hotel and handed the female front desk employee a bag, ordering her to fill it with money. Jahkevon Outerbridge, Tariq White, Sidney Gibbons and Chantal Outerbridge were all charged stealing $4,558.90 from the hotel.

The Premier and Minister of Tourism and Transport, Dr Ewart Brown said, “These were terrible and unfortunate incidents. And I join with residents in condemning such cowardly acts. I’m am confident that the BPS is devoting all the necessary resources to apprehend those responsible.”

The Bermuda Department of Tourism has said they are maintaining regular contact with the Police, and are being appraised of the latest developments.

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