Video: Bermudian WWII Vet Recalls Naval Service

November 11, 2010

One of the last of Bermuda’s surviving WWII war vets talked with us earlier this week about his experience serving in Europe with the Royal Navy in the 1940s.

Jack Lightbourn left Bermuda in May 1944 as a 19-year-old to serve in the Royal Navy in Europe. Finishing his service in the area now known as Palestine, Mr Lightbourn served until 1946, when he returned to Bermuda.

World War II lasted from 1939 to 1945, involving many of the world’s nations, from all the great powers to small nations like our own. Marked by the intense tragedy of the Holocaust and the only time nuclear weapons have been used, it was the deadliest conflict in human history, resulting in over 50 million fatalities – including dozens of Bermudians.

After returning home Mr Lightbourne entered the private sector, eventually rising to the post of Executive Vice President of the Bank of Bermuda Ltd. Now 85-years-old, Mr Lightbourn’s memory is impressive, with the War Vet able to recall numerous details from his service.

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  1. sara kearns says:

    Dear Jack, I am trying to remember some important moments in my life, one of them was I met my husband when I was in Bermuda the summer of 1966 Frank’s son was at school with your son in Highgate UK ?
    Not sure how it all came about WAs your wife an ex Stew with BOAC? I was flying for them then and went on to marry Frank and we stopped by to see you on a return visit to the island in the late seventies.. Oh how time flies..
    If you get this please respond I would love to put the pieces together..
    A documentary has been made of Frank’s days with CBS Sadly I lost him to cancer in 1986
    MY phone is 845 926 4774 e-mail is above.. I live in New York and runa n African Safari business..

    Sara de Maine Kearns