Gun Linked To Other Shootings

March 8, 2011

marico-bassettThe gun used in the Randolph Lightbourne shooting last summer has been linked to multiple West End shootings — including last month’s murder of Colford Ferguson, ZBM News reported this evening [Mar. 8].

At the ongoing Marico Bassett [pictured] Supreme Court attempted murder trial, Police testimony revealed the weapon used to shoot Mr. Lightbourne in the parking lot of Somerset’s Charing Cross Tavern last July had been linked to a west end gang.

Evidence presented by Police suggested the handgun has been circulating among members of the West End gang and the weapon has been used in a slew of serious incidents — including killings. Mr Bassett is alleged to be a gang member.

The Supreme Court jury was told ballistics tests had confirmed the handgun used to shoot Mr. Lightbourne seven times has been connected to Mr. Ferguson’s death and one other Somerset-area murder.

Shooting victim Randy Lightbourne, 45, previously told a Supreme Court jury that he had recognised Mr. Bassett when the alleged gunman rode a motorcyle into the parking lot of Somerset’s Charing Cross Tavern at approximately 5pm on July 23, 2010 and began shooting at him.

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  1. BernewsbandiT says:

    im pretty sure this is the case in MOST of the recent shootings over the past 2yrs or so…..

  2. BermyGuy says:

    If convicted can this man be charged for the other shootings done with this weapon ?

    • common sense says:

      How when those shootings took place after his arrest. It even says it in This article. I Guess in Bermuda we are guilty until proven innocent.

    • Fed Up Bermudian says:

      Well, that’d be one way to inspire him to tell who had the gun before him. Anything leading up to that point that was committed with that gun could be blamed on him. But, I bet he’s gonna be all ‘tough guy’ and not rat on his byes.

      • The mon says:

        lol for real dumb ass lol but look at the last case that went where the guy that got shot in the car said on the stand that HE USUALLY CARRIES A GUN ON HIM BUT HE DIDN’T HAVE ONE ON HIM WHEN HE GOT SHOT. Now is it just me how did they let that slide where is his gun?

        • It is what it is says:

          My thoughts exactly…The Police actually had a “Bigger Fish” to fry (person who is currently incarcerated) and they threw the ‘little Fish” back into the water (in this case the Witness Protection Programme)

  3. Truth says:

    Yes. And he should if he is not prepared to tell who gave him the gun.

  4. randy aint no angel says:

    Ppl r funny yall gne look at dis lil n%$ga n run him dwn but look at randy who’s he thinks he can just forget his pass only sad thing is he survived

    • SOMERSET OG says:

      @Randy ain’t no angel. He might not be an angel but he was’t a punk like these guys. He fought with his hands unlike these sissies. He could roll by himself. He didn’t need a crew to help him fight. You are ignorant to think he or any black man should die over nothing. He has a wife and kids. People like you are the problem on this island. No better than the worst racist. You hate your own kind. No feelings for your own people. You might be the person that was laughing when Randy got shot. He’s somebody’s son, brother, father, friend.

      • Changing Status says:

        Somerset OG, those are words of wisdom, nobody deserves to die. i agree that until the ignorance of the youth is corrected then the hate and the violence will never truly leave this island. Bermuda used to be ‘another world’ now its hardly worth the rant…

      • Bermygirl Aboard says:

        I agree with you Somerset OG, @ Randy ain’t no angel yes he might not have been no angel in his past but you sound as though you are stating that it was okay for him getting shot just because he has a past? I wonder what your past contains & if it is cause for you being shot at?

        I dont think your Family would agree with you if they had to bury you & thinking that just because you had a Criminal or a Drug past you deserved to get shot at or indeed have your life taken.

      • Sheriff says:

        @ Somerset OG, I agree. Fist fights are a thing of the past. The lil inhumane bunch running around here can’t fight a lick, so they take a gun to a fist fight. If Randy could get in a ring with the lil ingrates – a guaranteed knock down – drag out fight would be the case .. & plenty more for who is next!

    • Lissa says:


    • Fed Up Bermudian says:

      Probably not, but does that justify this guy shooting him? And what if someone wanted to change? Are they not allowed that opportunity because of his ‘pass’ as you put it?? Cheesums, man. This is turning into a hate web.

      • DARRIN DIZZLE says:

        It’s like the black youth have no empathy! Another black person dying tragically means as much to them as spilling a beer. They have no respect for anything. We don’t love our own so why should any other race love us!
        The man can just sit back and watch us self destruct. No need for him to get his hands dirty when we are still doing all the dirty work.

    • GPS says:

      Gangster life does not last….Randy was trying to be a positive role model…trying to make you dumb gangsters see that life is worth more than you know…..He’s been there, done that…..but some of you young STAY-AT-HOME gang bangers are too blind to see this….

      Go Get Troy Anthony’s albun and listen to Track #16, “Black On Black”….it’s Too Much Of That!!!!!!

    • bermy guy says:

      randy lightbourne isn’t no saint and they say what goes around comes around. don’t believe he’s an innocent victim.

      • GPS says:

        Bermuda knows Randy isn’t a saint…duh…the moral of the story is, Randy has been there done that….these little STAY-AT-HOME gangsters aren’t using the proper tools in today’s life (Their Brains)…get it now…..

        Now Go Get Troy Anthony’s CD….FAST!!!!…..Music World, Sound Stage, Music Box, I-Tunes,

        • bermy guy says:

          wha goes around comes around that all i gotta say

          • GPS says:

            and guess whaah…the STAY-AT-HOME Gang bangers that do live to see 45 y/o will go through the same thing Randy is going through….then you’ll be singing a different song

          • GPS says:

            Also @Bermy Guy….it ain’t nothing better than PEACE LOVE & HARMONY!!!

            Now Go Get Troy Anthony’s CD!!!

          • SOMERSET OG says:

            @bermy guy! So what you’re saying too is Marico should then be shot because he shot somebody?!?!?!? What goes around comes around! You wish ill on somebody so ill should happen to you? You are clearly not thinking like a normal human being! Do you worship the devil? I’m just asking because you seem to enjoy the evil side of life.

            Go get Troy Anthony’s CD, go to your room and put it on repeat for a few months until it sinks into your pea brain!

      • SOMERSET OG says:

        @BERMY GUY! How many people did Randy ever shoot? I know him and he was never one to just look for trouble messing with people just to be doing it. Not from what I saw and was around. He is or was a bad boy granted but not like the youth of today. Not a trouble starter so much as a trouble finisher. He has a bad rep. Yes! Bank robbery? Yes! Did anyone get killed? Did he do anything to you? If you had a problem with him he might have beat your @rse! No girlie gun wielding like the fake tough guys nowadays!
        How many of these punk @ss gangs have members known for fighting like men do? None! Sissies! At least you lived to tell about it if Randy crossed your path. No honor amongst you little wastes of DNA!

        • It is what it is says:

          Ya Joking right?? He NEVER went looking for trouble????

  5. Terry says:

    Lord!!! This is turning into a hate web.

    I’m otta here…..

  6. twoswordali says:

    he will not be convicted of the other shooting crimes, he just has to be found guilty of this one incident. If he has any gun shot residue or anything like that +the key witnesses statement then he will be found guilty of attemted murder and using a firearm looking at 30 years. Now if there is dna evidence linking him to the other gun crimes then he will be charged for that as well

  7. Terry says:

    ‘Sherrif Andy was just sayin…’

    What were you saying? Oh..Sherrif, I did ask for anything. Just wanted to see replies for the prescription thats not gonna be available once denial really takes hold.

    You shoot them on the streets and in darkened areas. Oh how powerfull a “Mouse” has become.

  8. Terry says:

    And the irony of your comments is the fact that not even the Sherrif, nor Andy with their spokesperson just sayin have commented on this topic except to shoot the messenger again.

    Go back to Bermudas No1 blog and blast someone else.

  9. Terry says:

    Then “GPS” would be useless in the cosmos. Thanks but no thanks. Were far more advanced than you earthlings.

    We love to play with you and send our UFO’s there 300 times a day just to get salt water which we don’t have. The salt is extracted before we even leave your socalled atmosphere.

    Now ..back on topic.

  10. Strong says:

    Randy has had some rough times yes….But he changed his life around he was attending church and was helping with the anti gang stuff… No one is perfect and they should not be judged by any of us.Give the man a break he has suffered enough.God has the final say in his life thats why he is alive to tell his story…..NO WEAPONS FORMED AGAINST HIM OR HIS FAMILY AND CHURCH FAMILY SHALL PROSPER….