Victim Describes Moment of Shooting

March 3, 2011

A Somerset man who survived being shot seven times last year has told the Supreme Court the man who opened fire on him was defendant Marico Bassett [pictured below], allegedly a member of a west end gang.

Randy Lightbourne, 45, told a Supreme Court jury that he had recognised Mr. Bassett when the alleged gunman rode a motorcyle into the parking lot of Somerset’s Charing Cross Tavern at approximately 5pm on July 23, 2010 and began shooting at him.


Mr. Lightbourne spent months recovering from wounds to his arm, abdomen and buttocks. A total of 12 bullet casings were recovered at the scene. Mr. Bassett, 20, was taken into custody soon after the shooting and charged with attempting to murder Mr. Lightbourne in July 2010, only days after the shooting. The Loyalty Drive, Sandys Parish resident denies the charge and also denies possessing a firearm with intent to commit an indictable offence and possession of ammunition.

Late this afternoon [Mar 3], on the third day of trial, defense lawyer Marc Daniels had shooting victim Randy Lightbourne, re-living the five seconds that it took for him to receive several bullets.

Acknowledging and with Mr Lightbourne agreeing that he has impaired vision to his left, Mr Daniels pressed Mr Lightbourne on how he could have achieved a positive identity of the shooter, given that all the arrival cycle riding, subsequent shooting, and later riding away was activity was taking place to Mr Lightbourne’s left.

Mr Lightbourne, under cross, asserted that the day after he had been shot, while he was in hospital, he had told members of his family that the shooter was Marico Bassett – whom he referred to as “Rico”. He denied that Police had prompted him with information about Mr Bassett.

Under cross, re-living and re-examining those five seconds, the jury were told that Mr Lightbourne had been walking across the parking lot whilst texting on his cell phone. He heard what sounded like a shot, felt pain in his body, turned his head to see what was happening even as he began to run for cover. He said that under the helmet visor, he definitely saw ‘Rico’s’ nose and mouth and would recognize him anywhere from that.

Still under cross examination, Mr Lightbourne said that he dropped to the ground behind a bike, pulled his arms up to protect his face, rolled his knees up to his chest into what Justice Greaves called the foetal position and rolled from side to side. From the witness box Mr Lightbourne demonstrated as best he could.

He told defence counsel that he was “feeling pain. I’d been hit a few times”. Continuing, he said that: “Self preservation was on the top of my mind.”

Denying, under cross, that he could not have been aware, Mr Lightbourne asserted that he was very alert; that he knew that a specific west end gang might be involved; and that they might come back.

Defense counsel Mr Daniels put it to him that he was ‘playing dead’ and that he was “dazed and confused.” Mr Lightbourne said: “I totally disagree. I was very alert.”

In order to clear up some detail points, the CCTV video showing the timeframe and activity in the area of the shooting was reviewed several times. The video showed two women suddenly running up the steps while an older man paused and then continued his slow way down the steps.

The case continues.

[File photo]

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  1. Terry says:

    A picture speaks a thousand words.

  2. just sayin... says:

    And I suppose that ridiculous “old man and the sea” beard adds character?

  3. Can you handle this says:

    Do tell what you are seeing in the picture? Too me he just looks like he is sulking (mad face)…as for the beard…. in lock-up I don’t think they have the privelege of shaving everyday …

    • Nicole says:

      Read some micro/facial expression books and you’ll know what that face means.

      • Can you handle this says:

        Nicole since you come across as having read some micro/facial expressuon books do tell as I asked above..knowing that they (facial expression) can occur in a fraction of a second and can easily be missed which micro expression did the photographer catch? is he showing anger, disgust, fear, sadness, happiness, surprise, or contempt?

  4. DARRIN DIZZLE says:

    Little sissy! I hope he gets the book thrown at him! The only way anyone could handle Randy is with a gun. None of these boys want to test those fists with their faces. Another black man shot for no logical reason. Bring back hanging.
    Now why is it everyone knows where them boys hang out but the cops and why isn’t that place being raided from time to time? Harass them until they have no place to go but home. Ban them from your bars and clubs! In the states shady bars are raided unannouced and they conduct warrant checks and what not. Bermuda Police are so untidy!

    • Nicole says:

      I cos-sign this entire post. Only punks use guns, makes them feel tough shooting an unarmed person. It’s cowardly. If found guilty he needs a life sentence.

    • Scott says:

      …because a lot of people in bermuda are against police and police harassment. I would support whta you are saying, and a lot of people SAY they want that action, but if it actually came about there would be all sorts of outcry. it’s sad but there isnt a big enough majority that are mad enough to give up some of their rights in hopes that these guys will stopped.

    • truth be told says:

      That is not a “Shady Bar” it is a place of business. The owner works hard to run that place and keep trouble out of it. She can not help if someone runs up there with a gun just like you can’t help if someone ran up your house with one. You want the police to bust through her doors every now and then and disrupt her business? How would that help? Many of the people who sit in there are working class. All the police have to do is what they do, show their presence from time to time to insure that all is well. To burst up in there like its hell on earth will put the place out of business. This is the only time I can recall something like this happening at this place…Can you name another???? Point the finger at the person.

  5. White Jesus says:

    Most shooters are under 150 lbs. It’s a small man syndrome thing I’m telling you.

  6. strong says: