Video Set #1: 2011 Santa Claus Parade

November 28, 2011

Santa Claus came to town last night [Nov.27] — and scores of Bermudians were on hand to greet him. Hamilton’s traditional Santa Claus parade got underway at the Par-La-Ville Road car park, and passed through Church Street, Par-La-Ville Road, Front Street, and Court Street with the island’s very young — and the young at heart — lining the length of the route

View photos of the event here, the second set of videos here, and videos below of the Warwick United Majorettes, St George’s Original Dancerettes, PCC Majorettes, Diverse Conception Dance Group, Devonshire Ultimate Star Twirlers, Xquisite Style Dance Group, the Bermuda Fire & Rescue Service mascot Sparky and Santa Claus himself.

Warwick United Majorettes:

St George’s Original Dancerettes:

Xquisite Style Dance Group:

Diverse Conception Dance Group:

Devonshire Ultimate Star Twirlers:

PCC Majorettes:

Sparky, the Bermuda Fire & Rescue Service mascot:

Santa Claus:

Update: Second set of videos have been added here.

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  1. chocolate says:

    Iam impress that the only group who smile all the time was only ONE!!!!, in Motions girls was really smiling…the rest nice….but no even one friendly smile….are they think are in MTV VIDEOS?

    • Young Bermudian says:

      Yes we can smile but as I did dance is the parade which took forever to finish and if Motion Dance School danced hard how we did the entire way then I am sure they wouldn’t be smiling either. Sometimes it is either or but you just sit from the side line and enjoy what you are not doing. So therefore nothing to do with MTV hun!

  2. Triangle Drifter says:

    Those majorettes take a lot of time getting that scowl on their faces just right.

  3. Mister Vain says:

    LOL @ “Scowl”.. that’s funny! And true!

  4. Jo Public says:

    First of all, thanks to the Marketplace, the particiapants, and all of those people that helped put on this parade.
    However, each year I keep wishing that majorettes and the dancegroups will understand that it is a Santa Clause / Christmas Parade. The amount of “DJ’s” that continuosly played “suggestive” and “lyric/ message inappropriate” music on this day blows me away. There is a ton of holiday music out there in R&B / Reggae / Rap / Country / Elecrtric…you name the type of music , it is available in holiday music. Each year there are dance groups that seem to take whatever they did during the May 24th parade (music and all) and drop it into the Santa Parade.

    I don’t like to criiticize, really I don’t, as I realize that a lot of people gave of their timme and money to entertain us. But…ask yourselves, would you play Christmas music during the May 24th Parade? Of course not! If the DJ’s are unprepared, not flexible, not mature enough or whatever the reason….find someone that is.

  5. all clogged up says:

    another jiggle show! year after year…..can they do anything else beside jiggle? does anyone watch the Macys Thanksgiving parade? No it doesn’t have to be that big but at least there’s something new to see every year….besides jiggling

  6. Puzzled says:

    All of you that critize year after year should get up off ya rear ends and volunteer with one of the groups. There is tremendous and tireless hours that go into the preparation on behalf of the dancers. These are FREE hours put in by all involved, not to mention something POSITIVE being done by all involved.
    Something that goes for your enjoyment as you seem to be on the sidelines watching the participants free of charge. And yes, eveyone is entitled to their opinion, but we all know that opinions are like assholes, everybody has one and they all stink!!!!

    • all clogged up says:

      so tell me….what is positive about booty dancin in the street? no I don’t go out to watch anymore, my kids are grown, but even back then, it was painful to stand there and watch the ‘talent’ on display….it became very predictable….truck with noise followed by booty dancers, followed by another truck with noise and … guessed it….more booty dancers!!!!! By the time santa rolled around I had mistook a ‘Christmas’ parade for May 24th jiggle fest.

      • Sam says:

        So, ‘all clogged up’ (and I can just imagine where), what have you contributed back then and now except your unwanted criticism and complaints from the sidelines????

        Not every dance group did ‘booty dancing’. How do you know anyway since you don’t go anymore – your full of …. oh, that’s because you are ‘all clogged up’.

        • all clogged up says:

          I’m all clogged up with the political and social BS I’m getting sh*T stuffed down my throat daily and can’t excrete it fast enough! I saw the pics vids of the parade online just to confirm that things have not and will not change…..oh hell yeah, jiggle fest again! where are the jugglers, unicycles, live nativity scenes, live music and muscians, ethnic groups, etc etc. oops I guess its easier to just load up a truck with 20 speakers blaring christmas rap and booty dance!

          • Puzzled says:

            All sitting on the sidelines next to you b!tchin, complainin n moanin as usual…..
            Probably some sideline perv anyway looking at something you supposedly can’t stand.

  7. jury says:


  8. Wondering says:

    I won’t allow my daughter to join these so called majorette groups because of the suggestive music they chose and the dance routines… majorettes are prancers and twirlers, dancers do just that dance…. I agree with those on the time it takes to get dance routines, costumes, fund raising and so on – but let’s be realistic – get your music choices together and really really really work on your routines – dig deep in your hidden trove of ideas – bet there are some way better than what is being used now – instead of MTV/BET – you wanna jiggle,grove,move,jerk,shimmy -keep it home…

  9. unknown says:

    I find it extremely amazing to hear what you are saying. Adults never support the youth in anything. They complain that they are hanging on the streets being menaces to society and complain when the children are in town fighting but dont want to support the youth when they do something positive. GET UP TO THE TIME. IF these girls walked down the street doing a two step you would call them boring. You comaplained when they “rushed cross you by walking” but you complain when they dance their hearts out. As a leader of a group that was in the parade i am speaking on behalf of my group, there are alot of girls who come dance to get away from home issues, serious parental issues, to stay fit, to build confidence, to have an extra curricular, and to have fun! I would also like for you to find seven fast tempo christmas songs as i only found three this year and dont like to use any from the previous years. SO instead of being judgemental and NEGATIVE, support the youth for once and be glad they weren ruining your parade by fighting in the street or shooting people!!!

  10. bermudians......smh says:

    All of you who have a problem with the groups in the parade could zip it because if you want to do something then how bout you start ya own group. And I pretty sure that ALL the groups weren’t “jiggling” because I was in a group and NONE of our moves were in any sort of way from MTV or anything like that. So before you run your mouths get it right. Not to mention that most of you commenting weren’t even THERE so stop running with the information you HEAR cause that makes you just as immature as any child walking around. Seriously grow up and be thankful cause next year (because of your comments) a LOT of groups are discussing whether they want to do it. So yea. Its YOUR fault. Give yourselves a hand.

  11. The Truth Hurts says:

    What does any of that have to do with Christmas?!?! Girls- act your age! There is no reason why 12, 13 14 yrs olds (AND EVEN YOUNGER) should be shaking their rear end in the street to music which doesn’t pertain to Christmas at all. As someone who dedicates A LOT of time to helping the youth of Bermuda stay on the right path, I know that there are many ways to engage youth positively- this is not setting the right precedent! PLEASE PARENTS- encourage your children to stay young! This is a disgusting display!

    • Puzzled says:

      Point blank period.
      Dancers/majorettes keep doing what you do! There are many more people that love and appreciate you than these fools that have nothing better to do than critize every post put up on Bernews!
      Unlike you positive young people, they don’t have a life other than to undermine other people…..

  12. Young Bermudian says:

    Seriously do you critics realize what you are saying, you don’t go so how do you know the lyrics to the song. I am confused please clear that up. But you are in your cars sing all of them on your way work. Mmm probably have you your grand kids singing.
    Secondly, people want young people to join groups but when they utter unwanted comments which make young people say what is the point. The CLOGGED up old farts complain when we do good or bad so. . . what is it in between sit home and watch TV. O man you will complain about that as well. The worst part is they complain more when we do well, so much easier to do bad. Not saying I am going to let you make me go left when right is where my final destination is. These participants volunteer at least a minimum of 3 days after school to prepare for one day which only last for about 2 hours and all you big mouth lazy people can do is say it is boring. Please show me how you dance. Save me that laugh! Typical people all ways wanting what is not!! You want the youth to do something and then you don’t. Also who is funding the imitation Macy’s Parade in Bermuda! The floats which can cost $1000 minimum, generator, truck, dj, decorations . . . costumes come from fundraising and parent’s pockets. So tell you what, why don’t you sponsor a group and then we can give you what you want so you can come to the parade and be happy, until then CLOGG it up.