New Energy Campaign Launched: ‘Did You Know?’

August 20, 2012

Today [Aug 20] the Department of Energy launched their Did You Know? advertising campaign on bus handles island-wide to inform and educate residents about energy use.

The ads, designed by DCI and produced by Impact Media, will run for three months and seek to inform bus takers about how much money they could potentially save by using more efficient appliances, as well as where to look for more advice and information on energy efficiency and conservation.

One of the ads states that residents typically spend between $550 and $2200 on transportation fuel each year but that switching to a motorbike or highly-efficient car can save them hundreds of dollars on their fuel bill.

Another ad explains that air conditioning typically accounts for 40–50% of residents’ electricity bills but that high-efficiency reverse-cycle air conditioners can save islanders hundreds of dollars on their electricity bills and thousands over the lifetime of the unit.

The Minister of Environment, Planning and Infrastructure Marc Bean said: “The aim of this bus handle ad campaign is to encourage residents to become better informed when making choices about their energy consumption by using helpful resources such as the Department of Energy’s website

“Energy Conservation is essential for the Island’s energy independence. No investment in renewable energy technology is meaningful until conservation measures are also adopted by us all. Energy Conservation helps us all save money and, in today’s economy every dollar counts.”

Apart from the Did You Know? ad campaign, the Department of Energy is taking many other steps to promote energy conservation in Bermuda. Through their website [] they advocate and promote energy conservation and efficiency by providing educational tools such as the Energy Efficiency Fact sheets and Renewable Energy Guides. The website is also a helpful resource for information on Peak Oil and Climate Change.

The Department also routinely delivers presentations on energy consumption to schools across the island, as well as organizing events such as the upcoming CARICOM Energy Week and the Energy Limbo Competition. They also create initiatives such as the Sustainable Photovoltaic Rebate Initiative [SPRI] and Solar Water Heater Rebate Initiative [SWHRI] which encourage the uptake of renewable energy technologies on the Island.

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Comments (19)

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  1. Soooo says:

    OK, So…. How much this this little gem cost us? The way I see it is that the only people that will read these will be the tourists thinking it’s tidbits about Bermuda, and the 5-6% of bus riders that are standing…. (you sure can’t read them bouncing around on the seats)….

    So basically another waste of taxpayer money…

    • Opressed says:

      You left out paying the consultant to tell us how to do it.

  2. Family Man says:

    Gotta keep the friends and family employed.

  3. William says:

    Well look at the bright side it is not like the government is going to do much damage this way . Plus when the bus breaks down everyone can think about how much they would have saved buying a bicycle.

  4. George says:

    Ha haaaa how about this Sooooo, Opressed, Family Man, William, before criticising why don’t you actually make use of what the campaign is encouraging us all to do – save energy – in your cases you could bottle up all the negative/cynical energy that you obviously have generated and put it to some more effective use – like using it to develop a sense of perspective!

    • Soooo says:

      @George… I have no problem with the information provided. I have issue with the delivery method. A method that will not reach the vast majority of the population.. Therefor a waste of taxpayer money..

      Persoanally I think this is election advertising paid for by the taxpayer, hell all the ministers seem to coming out of the woodwork and into the press with some sort of “NEW IDEA” Election time will soon be here!!

      • George says:

        You’re obvioulsy omniscient (all knowing) Sooooo as you know what the campaign cost and know how ineffective it will be, even though its just begun!

        You’re obviously clairvoyant as well as you know what motivated the individuals (civil servants not Ministers) who are responsible for this campaign to develop it and are certain this is the only medium being used to educate the general public ……………quite amazing!

        Can you tell us who has won the next general election? If you do know you could harness all of that negative ‘blogging’ energy you’re producing and create some real energy savings, that we could all be proud of!

        • of the Jungle says:

          I was thinking why not approach Belco and attach this energy saving info in the form of a newsletter to everyones BELCO bill? I would assume it would be much more effective as the person that pays the energy is the one most likely to encourage others to practise these energy saving tips.

    • Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

      can someone correct me if i go wrong ..Belco is a business…correct? Businesses thrive off of profit yes..? Why would a business cut into thier profits by urging thier clients to conserve..? especially in these times when operating costs for them apparently is eating them alive …ok consumer you conserve this month then Belco tells you they took a loss next month an needs to raise their rates to compensate …..i dont know …..

  5. juno says:

    Wow it’s really interesting how you people have nothing else to do but bicker and complain while hiding behind an alias. The point of this campaign is to assist and educate the community on how to save energy and costs. The community rides the bus and I’m sure the Department will use other resources to promote their campaign.

    Good job…I’ve actually seen the ads and they’re great. The government’s job is to inform and educate the community.

    Why don’t you all spend your time doing or saying something positive instead of criticizing anytime someone decides to take the initiative do to something relevance.

    Any who cares how much it cost when in the long run the information can save money for many households.

    Kudos to the new Drug ads on the buses.


  6. ahem! says:

    The problem with conserving/saving energy is that BELCo gets vexed and ups the rates to pay for new equipment, this is not a win win situation, lots of people have been saving fuel because they have no lights others have been conserving by any means necessary( redundancies,lay offs ect). An airconditioner is necessary,(especially for certain women of an age group) no two ways about it!, but no matter, when we do conserve BELCo says they have lost customers and they need money for generators,parts ect. We were told by BELCo recently that the new equipment will be needed by 2014! what do we do?I smell an increase in our electricity bill.

    • Future says:

      The idea that a luxury (a/c) is a necessity is the kind of thinking that is sinking this country. Entitlement.

      • Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

        there is NO EXCUSE for what is sinking this country…but it definitely isnt a/c….this earth is hotter every year which is not noticed by cold blooded snakes who thrive on warm moist regions.
        Also NO excuse why an Island this size could ever be underpowered!!

  7. argosy says:

    Since these signs are being placed on buses, let’s ask our so-called Government how much fuel/oil/tyres/wear & tear and tax payer dollars are being wasted each & every day by PTB continuing to operate a wasteful & inefficient bus schedule which they cannot change/improve because of our so-called Government’s inability to over rule their Union’s stubborn refusal to change it…..

    This campaign is typical of this so-called Government’s pathetic efforts to try to govern.

    Time to kick these jokers out!

  8. GVT Mechanic says:

    Sorry – I know I don’t normally agree with Gvt’s position but this is spot on. They were a big talking point on the bus on my way to work the past couple of days and for a couple of grand are worth every penny. I actually looked last night at the energy depts website and they’ve got some great money saving tips that I never would have thought of! Who knew that scrubbing the filter on your dryer if you use softner sheets would save money??

    PS – I do travel by bus as it got so expensive for gas I sold my car!

    • argosy says:

      You’d already know this if you read your dryer users manual.

      On the other hand, since you are a “Machanic”, surely you can work out that a clean filter is more efficient than a dirty/clogged one???

      That’s not nuclear physics mate. Go figure…

  9. Future says:

    Did anyone else pick up on the minister’s energy independence comment? Bermuda is 99.99% dependent on imported energy, has a few intermittent % of current use that could be captured to investing hundreds of millions of dollars and so called renewable technology….and yet we are on a mission for energy independence through conservation?? Wake up Bermuda. Drastically change your lifestyle or else get used to bing 99.99% dependent.

    Mind you, if we could capture the waste heat from the politicians….

    • extraordinary says:

      I agree with you Future after reading all the comments. Why is their campaign solely based around OUR conservation. Does one of the cards state that – most Bermudians drive to work alone and costs can also be reduced if you pick up a friend in the morning … carpooling. I highly doubt that the Belco shareholders are screaming for people to be energy efficient in the sense that their profits might decrease if we all decided to move to a renewable source unless they monopolize the purchasing of the renewable energy materials. They are constantly saying they need to expand the plant. Where are the Offshore Wind Energy Farms or Tidal Power etc. Surely their must be a way to get Bermuda as a country independent and not depend solely on the people. 10 years ago we had one computer and now thanks to Apple, Google, Motorola, RIM … I could go on forever, we are dependent on wayyyyyy more devices that require electricity. So now we are asked to conserve and buy more expensive energy efficient appliances (so shareholders don’t have to) and this Bermuda will solve our issue for sure *wink* Solely turning off the light when you leave a room will not solve the huge issue that the world’s OIL reserves and the richest people in the world want to make sure all us consumers use as much as possible before that day comes. Countries around the world are preparing why aren’t we?

      “Energy Conservation is essential for the Island’s energy independence. No investment in renewable energy technology is meaningful until conservation measures are also adopted by us all.” You (Belco) provide the energy and we (Bermudians) will pay for the energy we use sounds straightforward to me.