Group Fight Results In Two Men Being Stabbed

November 13, 2012

A 30-year-old man and a 23-year-old man were stabbed during an altercation at Captain’s Lounge on Reid Street early Monday [Nov 12] morning. One man is resting on a general ward, whole the other has been discharged from hospital.

A police statement said: “Around 12:30am on Monday, November 12th police officers attended a reported disturbance at Captain’s Lounge on Reid Street in the City of Hamilton.

“It appears that an altercation occurred between a few men at the premises and as a result a 30 year old Paget man and a 23 year old Paget man were injured. Both apparently sustained a stab wound each and were treated at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital.

“At last check the 23 year old man was recovering on a general ward while the 30 year old man had been discharged. Inquiries into this incident are ongoing and any witnesses or anyone with any information is encouraged to contact the Hamilton Criminal Investigation Unit on 295-0011.”

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  1. Claudio says:

    Captains is Parkside’s hangout… I feel sorry for the new owner – tries hard to get a decent clientele but you cant have certain element in your establishment and expect to attract more people.

    I can bet my bottom dollar that there will be reports of shots being fired on Ord Road. No need to be a detective to figure this one out.

  2. Tommy Chong says:

    Hopefully this is a wake up call to the owners of Captain’s Lounge that it doesn’t matter if you change the decor of a place when you don’t change who frequents it. What I find ironic is that people will still go & party at places like this despite incidence that happen there. Can one really feel remorse for people who are gluttons for punishment?

    If people in Bermuda want things like this to stop happening then they should boycott places like this where they happen to make it loud & pronounced.

    • In Mark's Opinion says:

      It’s not the business, but the people around us. There are many police outside of Front street bars every night and people still get into fights.

      • Tommy Chong says:

        There’s a big difference between a bar brawl & a stabbing. How many clubs on Front Street can you picture someone sneaking in or being able to sneak in a knife? I can picture slight chance of only two that this may happen in. These are the most likely in my mind because of their allownce of certain people to patronize the business. Of course its not the business’ fault since a business is just a thing it’s those who own or run the business fault for allowing wanksters in.

        • ABM says:

          I agreee with you, but yo ucan sneak a knife into all the clubs on Front Street because they do not check the people entering.

  3. duh says:

    Guess they dnt search every1 at the door! Such a mystery to who done it lol!

  4. mixitup says:

    Meanwhile the old school reggae show up the street with 1000 mature adults goes off incident free… In other words GROW UP! Fighting is what we did in primary school.. SMH

  5. terry says:

    Tommy, you want another bussines to close and lay off people?
    The Captain needs to take control, not you or I.

    Sh-t happens but when it does on a frequent basis steps need to be taken. Ban their a–es.

    • Tommy Chong says:

      Of course I wouldn’t want to see another Bermudian business close down & lay offs but if the business is operating in a manner dangerous to society then it’s for the better good. Besides there are still many businesses that contain job positions the same as captains & it’s a whole other story that’s the fault of immigration & plp why if these worker were laid off would not be hired by these other businesses. I could debate about this till the next millennium but it has nothing to do with the situation at hand.

      I think you’ve used the idiom sh!t happens out of context to its usual inevitable meaning. It’s very evitable to not have repeat incidences of violence in ones establishment. The problem this is a repeat incidence is there is conflict of interest in these types of places. e.i. Owner is interested in catering to those who pay with wads of cash rapped in rubber bands while these type of patrons pose a safety issue to other costumers. Do you really think that by banning the culprits of this incident it will stop others from happening when there are so many others that frequent that might not have been there at the time that have a propensity to commit violent acts? If I can walk in to a bar & then walk straight back out because I instantly see a group in there that could potentionaly ruin my night or even my life then it should be just as simple to see who shouldn’t be allowed into a bar. These people will never get shunned from places like this because of the mindset no matter where the money came from they have it & will spend it. Places like this with owners like this deserve to shut down for welcoming the scum they do in.

      Oh yes! Before anyone mentions the others in suits that frequent this place as law abiders that don’t deserve to lose their hangout. Many of these suited individuals have clients that frequent these bars & just because they wear suits unlike their clients they are still scum for supporting & representing their clients. We all have a choice of paths & those who chose to defend evil over prosecuting evil are just as much at fault as those who commit the evil acts.

      A Hurricane destroying a house is sh!t that happens but getting shot or stabbed on a night out is pieces of sh!t causing the happening.

  6. opps says:

    Just wanted to correct the typo in line two. I believe it is suppose to say “while” instead of “whole.” Clumbsy Thumpsysss!!!!

  7. #LMAO says:

    De slaves tryna revolt against there masters and got taught a lesson! I hope now u realize that although they befriended u they never respected u and never will.. All de midwest clowns that choose roll with PsC will wake up to the reality that they sold there soul to de devil.. Don’t try play tuff now bcos they know y’all n%$#@ is a$$ and they will —-! They still gonna frequent ur areas n clubs bcos ————-.. Best bet is to go apologize,———–!!!!! Lmafao

  8. just a thought says:

    Maybe you should turn it into an alternative lifestyle club. That would surely deter the gang thugs from attending…. hmmm but then again.. maybe not.

    • Tommy Chong says:


      This idea gives me visions of the old escape club. After chewing on a few skittles the Gs from back of town would start whining up on each other. It was hilarious to see the thugs come out of the closet somewhere else besides prison.

  9. Leo says:

    I guess their metal detectors were not working. Had they been used this may not have happened. Assuming that is.

    • Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

      Captains must be the easiest place to secure …one way up da steps…two big bouncers dressed in black suits escort you through the door and through a walk through detector…up u go…beep beep and u get instantaneously restrained then await the arrival of the Police….simple. One problem comes to mind ….who could the owner hire as his Men in Black….someone who doesnt care where you come from or who you think you are…got any guys out there that can fill the requirements ..? id really like to see responses from guys who can be The Top Shottas!…(bouncers are not there for socializing or chattin the ladies ok …Courteous Yes…but surveilling the area at all times ..Prevention Beats A Cure Everytime !!! Ya errr me!
      some one said turn it into an alternate lifestyle club….hahaha…ya tell the psc that they’e hanging in a gay bar …hahahaha.

  10. please wake me says:


  11. Patron says:

    The incident at Captains early Monday WAS NOT a gang related incident.
    Involved 4 men, 3 had never previously been to Captains. To credit the new owners, they have been open for nearly one year and have been incident until now. Security is normally in place on busy nights
    and things run very smoothly. Sundays are usually quiet and security were not called in, unfortunitely for them they now are paying the price. I know thses guys do not condone this type of behavior and will tighten up all around moving forward.