Video: OBA On Youth Unemployment Numbers

November 20, 2012

[Updated] Young Bermudians can’t afford another five years of rising unemployment and do-nothing government, OBA candidate Alexis Swan said at a press conference this morning [Nov 20].

“The facts surrounding young Bermudians today are not good,” said Ms Swan. “Unemployment among young Bermudians has doubled since 2009. Nearly 4 in 10 are now out of work. Young Bermudians have suffered the largest decline in workforce participation of any other age group, with more than 1,200 dropping off the rolls since 2009.

“On average, a young Bermudian today is earning 27% less than he or she did two years ago – from a medium income of $34,500 to $25,300. That a drop of nearly $10,000 each.”

“I want to draw attention to two items that will help young Bermudians get jobs,” continued Ms Swan. “The first is the plan to give employers a payroll tax exemption for every new Bermudian they hire.

“And the second is the plan to crack down on employers who abuse immigration rules. This is an area which can open up significant job opportunities. It is long past due.”

“The Throne Speech two weeks ago was the Government’s chance to tell Bermuda how it was going to get people working again. But it said nothing on the issue. Not having a jobs plan in the midst of an unemployment crisis is not what the people of my generation need. It’s not acceptable.”

Opposition Leader Craig Cannonier said: “Our goal in the One Bermuda Alliance is to make this Island work better for the people – to build a society based on social and economic equity leaving no one behind.

“It’s not working today for thousands. And if we don’t get a grip on the situation soon then we are going to be the first generation to leave our children a Bermuda that’s worse than the one we were given. This election is your opportunity to make sure that does not happen.”

Mr Cannonier’s full statement follows below:

Good morning Bermuda.

Our goal in the One Bermuda Alliance is to make this Island work better for the people – to build a society based on social and economic equity leaving no one behind.

It’s not working today for thousands.

And if we don’t get a grip on the situation soon then we are going to be the first generation to leave our children a Bermuda that’s worse than the one we were given.

This election is your opportunity to make sure that does not happen.

Our goal must be to pass on a Bermuda better than the one we received.

But to do that we need to face facts.

This government runs from the facts… but we see it as our duty to put them before you.

We have to understand reality in order to develop solutions that can get this Island working better for you.

This week we will hold a series of short press conference to address the serious challenges facing young Bermudians.

I have asked three of our fine new candidates to speak to these issues
They are:

  • Alexis Swan, our candidate in Warwick South East, Constituency 24
  • Nandi Davis, our candidate in St. George’s West, Constituency 2, and
  • Andrew Simons, our candidate in Pembroke Central, Constituency 17.

I’d like to kick off this series with Alexis, who will address youth unemployment.



Alexis Swan’s full statement follows below:

Thank you Craig,

I got involved in politics because I want to change Bermuda for the better.

With safe streets, great schools and an economy that grows jobs and career opportunities for my family, my peers, my neighbours … for everyone.

I believe we can build the better society that Craig talked about – where we can achieve social and economic equity for all

But to get there we have to face facts,

And the facts surrounding young Bermudians today are not good.

  • Unemployment among young Bermudians has doubled since 2009
  • Nearly 4 in 10 are now out of work
  • Young Bermudians have suffered the largest decline in workforce participation of any other age group, with more than 1,200 dropping off the rolls since 2009.
  • On average, a young Bermudian today is earning 27% less than he or she did two years ago – from a medium income of $34,500 to $25,300. That a drop of nearly $10,000 each.
  • Finally, young Bermudians are experiencing the highest rate of under-employment, meaning they are earning less or cannot find enough work to keep them busy full-time.

These facts are being lived by many of my peers, and I am here to tell you today that they are angry, they are frustrated; many see a future they don’t like and many are losing hope,.

They have lost faith in the Government to do much of anything to help them. And they have good reason:

In 2007, the Government promised to provide young Bermudians with “full economic participation in the land of their birth.”

That clearly has not happened.

But the disappointments did not end with that broken promise.

Young Bermudians have watched the steady disappearance of jobs that are open to them – whether in the tourism business or entry-level office jobs. And this summer they saw summer jobs programmes cut.

No one is immune. I have spoken with college graduates who have returned with degrees but can’t find a job, and high school graduates who can’t even get in the doors.

The bottom is literally dropping out from under my generation. And the Government, which has so much potential to help, has failed them.

Part of that failure comes from not being straight with us. We’ve been told Bermuda is on “the road to recovery”, that we’re in a “post-recessionary climate”, and that “The economic recovery has begun.”

Statements like that, which are so at odds with the reality on the street, cause people to lose faith.

What Bermuda needs is a government that cares; a government that is open to ideas and not afraid to face the facts.

I have been a member of the One Bermuda Alliance almost from the start – first as the chairman of its youth wing, the Future Bermuda Alliance, and now, for nearly a year, as its candidate for Warwick South East, and I can tell you the OBA is ready to get Bermuda working again.

Bob Richards and his economic team have been the ones telling the truth about Bermuda’s economy, not the Government.

A few weeks ago, Mr. Cannonier previewed the party’s plans and this morning I want to draw attention to two items that will help young Bermudians get jobs.

The first is the plan to give employers a payroll tax exemption for every new Bermudian they hire.

And the second is the plan to crack down on employers who abuse immigration rules. This is an area which can open up significant job opportunities. It is long past due.

The Throne Speech two weeks ago was the Government’s chance to tell Bermuda how it was going to get people working again. But it said nothing on the issue. Not having a jobs plan in the midst of an unemployment crisis is not what the people of my generation need. It’s not acceptable.

Young Bermudians can’t afford another five years of rising unemployment and do-nothing government.

It’s time for change. Our future depends on it.

Thank you.


Update 4.02pm: A PLP spokesperson said: “The OBA fails to mention real results that the PLP has delivered for our young people. Over the last several months, we’ve stood strong for our young people by providing job training for hundreds of our people.

“We are the party that delivered the DryWall programme which trained and placed dozens of Bermudians in jobs. We are the party that delivered training for hundreds of Nail Technicians, the Waiters and Servers, Landscapers programme, IT professionals and accountants. We more than doubled the college and graduate level scholarships for our young people.

“We’ve provided Bermudians with a ten point plan for economic growth and recovery. This plan includes Job Corps Bermuda. Job Corps Bermuda is a programme that will start early next year and target those 18-24 year olds who need job training and placement services. We are introducing the One Stop Career Centre which will help our young people with job training and placement services.

“The OBA can talk the talk, but, this commitment to job training shows that we have both a record of training our people as well as a vision for economic growth and recovery.”

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  1. You cant be serious says:

    As I see these two young ladies putting themselves forth as candidates for the OBA I am just wondering what portfolio they would obtain if elected. What background experience do either have that would justify such a position of high regard. Are they being fed lies by hierarchy within the party that would actually consider putting them in a position of power? What is the process for selecting candidates for this party? I am not saying that the PLP candidates have the cleanest records at all. But what I am saying is just because you buy someone a nice business suite doesn’t make them a good candidate to be a MP. I for one will not be fooled by a new suite and a speech written by party elders. Those in the know will not be fooled.

    • Zombie Apocalypse says:

      But what about what they actually said? What about the decline in jobs for young Bermudians? The reduced earnings for young Bermudians? The reduced opportunities for young Bermudians?

      I haven’t heard any concern at all from the PLP about unemployment. 4 out of 10 young people are out of work, and the government doesn’t even tell us about it. It’s the opposition that addresses the issue.

      The OBA is at least putting forward ideas that show concern and can make things better. Labour isn’t working.

      • Um jus sayin.... says:

        What about the fact that the one speaking wants to be a politician but when one enters a building/room with her colleague and neither one acknowledges the presence of those there!!! And you want the people’s vote…nice try in getting mines!!! Proof is in the pudding…walk your talk and gain some interpersonal skills…plain Manners for that matter which I know UR mama taught u! But then again, I may have been insignificant to you and your colleague Ms Swan. Lesson in life, you never know who people are so treat everyone with some respect and kindness…learn from your I assume relative, Sir John!

        • Blurt says:

          with respect, planet are you from….there are serious problems these folks ae talking about, show some respect to all of us here and stay on the subject. Your momma showed you, now how about showing it to othes. the PLP response didn’t address the subject eiher….training for drywallers, paid out of our pockets at grea expense, when all but one as already employed. Funny how all this training has taken place leadng uo to the election.

      • Just Us says:

        8 out of 10 of the youth live with their parents, so there’s no real pressure on them to really go out and find work… Besides most of the parents don’t want their teens to leave home anyway….

    • Bags says:

      BAGS BAH!

      • Undecided Voter says:

        The funniet irony of all of this is that

        Alexis has a Job
        Nandi has a Job
        Andrew has a Job

        If things were so bad, wouldn’t they be out of work…..


    • AGREED says:

      No exceptional skills….No track record….No history….No contribution to Bermuda before becoming part of the OBA….What exactly are we voting for when it pertains to them????? Because they’re young??? Because they’re black???? Please help me understand????? What are their qualifications other than attending university and finishing because to me that is not enough?! Or are they just the alternative to the PLP???…Well i guess that’s probably it…..

      • You cant be serious says:

        My point exactly. I am not going to vote for someone just because they are young and black. Give me some substance.It seems that they went around and found the first person that would run. As a young voter of the same generation I will not be fooled.

        • Um Um Like says:

          You won’t vote for someone just because they’re young and black… OK. Vote for Zane then. He’s old and white, and knows a F*#k a lot about medicine… You PLoPpers are a bunch of dumb@$$e$!

        • are YOU serious? says:

          Lawrence Scott is also a young candidate and what is his political experience? The fact that he is Alex Scott’s son?? Candidates all start somewhere and fyi! Dame Jennifer Smith was 25 when she start so fall back with your discredidation of these young candidates. And that’s also coming from a young voter!

        • Um jus sayin.... says:

          The alternatives are truly scary!!! All respect for those who enter the ring…but experience rules!

          • Truth (Original) says:

            Experience rules? Then please explain, with all the experience the PLP have, how we got in this position of mortgaging our children’s future to creditors?

            …and please don’t say the catch all, recession.

      • Ha! says:

        Here’s part of Alexis’ bio: A trailblazer for her generation, Alexis Swan was one of the first female students admitted to Saltus Grammar School. She went on to received a BA in psychology from Alliant International University where she began her career in public service and community activism becoming a key player in student government and a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success. She subsequently obtained a Masters in International Business Management at American Intercontinental University in London and is currently a Medical Administration Auditor and Account Representative at Colonial Insurance.

        Her commitment to public service followed her back to Bermuda where she has worked as a volunteer at Harbour Lights, helping recovering addicts improve their reading skills. In addition to having worked at Sunshine League, Alexis has volunteered with Big Brothers and Big Sisters. Most recently she’s become Chairperson of the Future Bermuda Alliance, the OBA’s youth wing.

        She’s contributed quite a bit to Bermuda, more than a lot of Bermudians can say for themselves.

        • You cant be serious says:

          Can I have Ms. Davis Bio as well please?

          • Ha! says:

            you can look it up yourself on

            • Um jus sayin.... says:

              @Truth…must blame someone, might as well be the PLP! As for the alternative…see comment above…tell UR OBA family to get some interpersonal skills…they exhibit the same rich class high society crap they were made of…politics 101…charm the people, don’t act as if they don’t exist!!! Speaks volumes what I experienced when Ms. Swan and her colleague walked in a building and anytime she’s crossed my path, albeit a few times, experience has been the same….get some damn manners!!! It’s expected from her colleague…

              • Truth (Original) says:

                They are to blame ! Who else are we to blame for;

                Hundreds of millions in cost overruns ?
                The financial gutting of the financial services?
                Our crumbling infrastructure ?
                The anti-expat position that chased many of our executives away?
                The saturation of our real estate market and hurting everyday Bermudian landlords?

                The recession did none of that.

                As a side, the next time you see Ms. Swan, why don’t you open your mouth and speak to her?…..or is this nursery school.

                • Um jus sayin.... says:

                  I did say good afternoon…her and her colleague said NADA!!!! And want to be politicians!!! Don’t assume @ Truth…no it ain’t nursery school but politics 101!!!

            • Um jus sayin.... says:

              Silence speaks volumes!

          • Shelta says:

            I don’t know Ms. Davis, but on the right of the photo is Andrew Simons. He’s get a degree from Stanford, works in reinsurance and was an officer in the Regiment.
            What have you done for your community recently?

        • Craig Richards says:

          I figured this fluff came from the Oba website. This chicks a joker and so are her masters, if u look close enough u can see the strings!

      • tricks are for kids.. says:

        Look at the position that we are in with those that HAVE made a contribution somehow to the island in their lifetime….just becaue they have made previous contributions in the past does not ncessarily make them good leaders, hence the islands current state…..

      • Smh says:

        FYI they gave info each time they introduced a new candidate to the OBA.

    • Bullseye says:

      I believe Ms. Swan has a Masters in International Business.

      • Um jus sayin.... says:

        She needs a degree in Manners!!!

        • Who done it says:

          So does the col. And Rolfe … And few others, I have not met Alexis so I can not comment on her.

      • Undecided Voter says:

        She also has a JOB, so why is she talking about Jobless!

        • Ha! says:

          Maybe because she CARES about those of us who do not have a job! Please don’t make comments that make you sound ignorant…

        • Ha ha ha ha says:

          Because other people don’t have a job. What a really stupid question!

    • Pimpingalltheway says:

      Mayan maiden sacrifice for the seat seat big wigs. Richards is a disgrace to the Youths of Bermuda. Ladies why didn’t you demand Pamplin or Jackson seats? They both need to retire.

    • tim says:

      Alexis Swan is a far better candidate then say Makai Dickerson.

      • Craig Richards says:

        Tim ur an a$$, that girl has no substance at all, at least Makai is involved in his community. The only time u see her is in front of that oba banner.

        • tim says:

          I suggest you take your head out of the sand. Makai Dickerson is probably the worst candidate the PLP rolled out. Read some of the comments on this site. You have people on here complaining about swan’s cloths, education and community involvement. Yet they didn’t say boo about DICKERSON’s cloths his poorly read speech that was written for him, his education level or his horrible response to his cartoon. I didnt even touch on him being able to purchase his own suit. You have people complaining about what ministry swan would run if she won, she not qualified bla bla bla. Swan has a masters in international business she has a good job working at one of the top accounting firms on the island. Dickerson has a high school diploma working where (and yes I read his bio). Dickerson is not in the same league as anyone. Swan is an excellent candidate. If she was on PLP you all would have nothing but praise for her but because she choose to go with OBA to you she is trash. GROW UP

    • argosy says:

      What “selection process” was used to select Patrice Minors, pray tell!

    • Pastor Syl Hayward says:

      What makes you think that any of the speeches given by OBA candidates are written by others? Perhaps because that is what other parties do or have done?
      I can tell you for a fact that all OBA candidates write their own speeches, press releases and blog commentary. They might, like anybody, ask for someone to look over what they have written before it goes public, but their words are their own.

      • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

        Pastor Syl , when will the leader of the OBA have a debate on the issues facing our country with the leader of the PLP ?

        • Who done it says:

          The PLP say there are no issues, except if the OBA get in and take us backwards. The economy is the fault of a recession. There are no issues, Rolfe and the col. fixed everything

          • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

            Pastor Syl ,when will the leader of the OBA have a debate on the issues facing our country with the leader of the PLP ?

      • LaVerne Furbert says:

        It’s obvious that they write their speeches themselves because their speeches are so full of inaccuracies and misinformation. They obviously do no research.

        By the way, even President Obama has a speech writer. If the OBA candidates are writing their own speeches, that might be a job that can be created for a talented Bermudian.

        • Blurt says:

          I see you are back on the game on the back of a promise of PLP grant to the credit union………makes me sick

      • Out of flight says:

        When you take the script away they are deflated bags of hot air. No substance. Plain and simple.
        Put them in front of a camera with real reporters and their senior lap dogs will jump in with an answer everytime.

      • Undecided Voter says:

        Pastor Syl, Shut it. you know FULL well those speeches are written and vetted by consultants complete with poll tested lines.

        Why do you think they say Government instead of PLP.

        Come on, stop trying to pull the wool over people’s eyes. We ain’t that stupid!

    • Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

      Ya Not Serious!!!…You have got to be joking with this statement…

    • Out of flight says:

      I see three old men in the photo and they are employed. I see 3 young people in the photo and they are employed. Seems to me there is a message there, somewhere. I see it if you don’t. Because they don’t.

    • Out of flight says:

      Failing to catch up in the polls you can expect more press statements from their candidates who are NOT doing well. Go Lawrence go in Const 24. I see tears in her eyes that night (Dec. 17th) as she marches back to the spectator bench for 4 years saying “I am young. I am young. Don’t beat up on me.”

    • blankman says:

      Speaking of qualifications, what qualifications did a medical doctor have to take over Tourism or Transportation?

    • Victor says:

      “You cant be serious,” your argument holds no water in-so-far-as we would never have any new faces involved in politics and community affairs in general if you took it to its natural conclusion. Indeed, it is not so many years ago I remember several UBP ministers stating that PLP MPs and candidates were not suitable for ministerial positions as they had no experience…Plus ca change.

      My own view is that these young ladies are to be applauded for having the courage to get involved, especially against what is now a well established and ruthless oligarchy, i.e the PLP machine. We need more like them.

  2. Tolerate says:

    Wow, you made a statement followed by a question and answered yourself? “I am not saying that the PLP candidates have the cleanest records at all?” Really, than what ARE you saying? The shifting of Ministers from portfolio to portfolio even after they have completely failed, been caught acting unethical, or just to change the scenery, while other PLP members sit on the back bench shows you what?
    But of course you did answer your own question.

    • Tolerate says:

      And while you’re at it, listen to some of the press releases by senior PLP Ministers; really sounds like something they would say right. It’s politics and all parties have speech writers to hand a load of rubbish for the next poor member in line to go out and read to the public trying to fool them it’s their own words.
      Back ground experience? Hahaha, you crack me up. I can name a few Ministers that have portfolios they know NOTHING about and that’s from the head of government down. Really, is this your first exposure to Bermudas politics?
      You cant be serious

      • You cant be serious says:

        But yet they have experience in the Business world, running a company and the list goes on. So lets be clear if i was to vote for Ms. Davis and she were to be elected. What background experience in any field would she have? Answer me this?

        • Real Talk (original) says:

          Just to clarify, by “background experience” do you mean a Lawyer managing the public purse or a Bellman running Works and Engineering?

          • Please Leave Politics says:

            … or a construction boss running health?

            • Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

              WOOOOWEEEE!!! …u stung em dat time bie!…but zane knows how to run a business and make money…thats why im bin tellin’ u lot that the hospital is a business operating for PROFIT not HEALTHCARE…u ain’t got no money …u ain’t gettin’ no asprin. zanes orders come from a foreign land ie; Big Pharma. see u latter bie!

        • Zombie Apocalypse says:

          Can you let us know what real-world businesses Patrice Minors has run? Give us a list.

          Now. Can we get back to the actual issue – Youth Unemployment – rather than the sideshow?

          • Pimpingalltheway says:

            Where’s his sister? you don’t see him putting her out there because she can’t string 2 sentences together.

          • You cant be serious says:

            Or should we talk about being given a job when you become an OBA candidate…. and leaving behind the jobs you were doing befor that at Crawl Club. Being given a Job to look good on a Bio for the OBA….. reallyyyy…. “if we must throw stones”.

            • Zombie Apocalypse says:

              I can see you don’t give a rat’s ass about youth unemployment. Like the rest of the PLP. They ignore it and hope no-one notices. As long as they have their $200k+ MP and Minister salaries and guaranteed pensions, that’s all they really want out of life.

              What job would Patrice get in the real world that pays anything like what she gets now? What about Roban…what’s his story?

              • Concerned Citizen says:

                Hey Dunkley(zombie), FYI, Minister minors has an MBA, STEP(trust qualification), and prior to becoming a minister, she was the VP at the Bank. Similar qualifications to pat Pamplin and cole Simons etc, you know, those OBA persons who have business experience. Thus ends the lesson for the arrogant and ignorant!

                • Mad Dawg says:

                  So Patrice Minirs has never in her life run any business at all.

                  A VP at the bank is no great achievement. It doesn’t indicate she had any responsibility at all.

                  So you’ve proved the point. Thanks.

  3. haha says:

    They look like a wedding Party. I mean we know red is their color but really do they need to wear it every day?
    Craig looks like the groom, nick and bob are the groomsmen, alexis looks like the younger wife, nandi is the flower girl and andrew is the ring bearer. LOL.

    Seriously though, does Nandi ever speak in any of these press conferences?

    And finally – do they really believe that all job losses are due to the PLP?? If so that means that once the OBA is elected that all businesses should immediately begin hiring and all problems should cease.

    • Obvious says:

      I agree, I have never seen Nandi speak publicly only at her rollout and her OBA commercial.

      Can we get a live debate for each constituency on tv leading up to the election? So we can here each sides individual opinions and eventually the overall?????

      • Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

        we have enough live debates here and with the sit at home political analysts that are bored to tears with their life that they make desperate attempts to entertain themselves. i dont know about you but im tired of talk…Time For Action now…its NOW or NEVER for this little speck of land in the ocean. Ok look….this is how it is…we have all been thru over a decade of plp right..? Sorry …but im not impressed with the conditions that i am now living under… NOW its someone elses turn…if they dont improve our situation then they will be ridiculed just as you have been …its all good you will get over it.

  4. MA O6 says:

    I couldn’t agree more! I don’t see how their ideas will increase employment amoungst young people. Many of us don’t want jobs we want careers. I wish they would stop trying band aid the solution and give us something real something worth a second thought.

    • Just the Facts says:

      Careers start with a job. Jobs start by giving employers an incentive to hire. Not hard to understand.

  5. cant fool me says:

    They can all kiss my a#s silly f$#%ers why is it dudes that come out of jail get jobs,as to no job for ppl who graduate frm college???????????????8

    • Eastern says:

      @can’t fool me

      Filthy, filthy mouth. Bernews should ban people like you who keep using ‘hidden’ profane language. Is this neccesary?
      Freedom of expression is one thing, but is this trash neccesary?

      Why doesn’t Bernews ban these bloggers????

  6. You cant be serious says:

    U mean the same shifting the UBP have done in the past….. Changes are made in every government. Its a fact of life, it happens. What I am saying is why make people believe candidates are something they are not??????

    • Tolerate says:

      Not sure if this is a reply from our earlier conversation that may be out of place but I’ll give it a go. Firstly, I am an undecided voter leaning more and more away from the PLP because of comments not just from supporters like you, but actual PLP Ministers as well. As I voted for “Change” years ago, I was lied to in the form of a party using short comings of a previous party to defend their own. I don’t care what the UBP did, when I had my chance I voted them out. They are no longer the party in power, the PLP is.
      If the best I can get is the UBP did it; then I’ll just treat the PLP as I did the UBP!!!!! This is not a UBP,PLP,BDA,OBA,CIA,FBI or whatever else thing. This is a Bermuda thing, and I encourage all voters to remember that. This is not a football game and you’re rooting for your team to win the match. This is Bermuda’s existence and if your great grandparents, grandparents and parents all was PLP supports; that does not justifying voting for them if they are F@CK!N& Bermuda.
      Grow the hell up, voting for any reason other than addressing the topics Bermuda face is STUPID, and so in the past. You’ll be better off staying home December 17th.

      • The Truthsayer says:

        >This is a Bermuda thing, and I encourage all voters to remember that. This is not a football game and you’re rooting for your team to win the match. This is Bermuda’s existence and if your great grandparents, grandparents and parents all was PLP supports; that does not justifying voting for them if they are F@CK!N& Bermuda. Grow the hell up, voting for any reason other than addressing the topics Bermuda face is STUPID, and so in the past.<

        REAL TALK!

  7. You cant be serious says:

    I was asking the same thing. You give someone a new outfit but they never speak at these events? Is there something we dont know?

    • Just the Facts says:

      What you don’t seem to know is that by focusing on what people are wearing you reveal your ignorance of what’s really important to voters.

    • navin johnson says:

      you mean like the two statues flanking Darius Tucker at the secret plan speech?

  8. Obvious says:

    “You cant be serious” I can tell you one thing, Ms. Alexis Swan in NOT a puppet. She is highly educated, strong willed and passionate about her position. She is also a leader therefore I do not thing she has any strings to be pulled. Yes some of these candidates are babies in the political world but we as young Bermudians NEED ppl that can relate, stand firm and fight for our issues. I am currently undecided however I personally feel as if I cannot relate to any of the PLP candidates as they are not accepting their faults by which they have made. So we have PLP 2 terms and NO apology for the current state we are in and we have the OBA – with some Newbies aka Fresh Eyes and previous political veterans. I am gearing more towards newbies due to the fact that IIII cant trust a man that wont admit to his faults.

  9. Terry says:

    December 17th 2012. A day that will live in infamy.

    What a load of crap written above.

  10. Puppet Show says:

    Is Nandi allowed to speak?

    Is the fella behind with the beard allowed to speak

    come one OBA this is not inspirational, do better so I can vote for you, where u get the eye candy from? on Gibbons Co shop floor at christmas time?

    • Just the Facts says:

      Wax in your ears? There will be several more press conferences this week at which Ms. Davis and Mr. Simons will speak. Save your astute analysis for then.

    • Zombie Apocalypse says:

      So was the Makai Dickerson-designed PLP muppet show this morning meant to be “inspirational” then? Was that an example of how intelligent and articulate the PLP is?

      Or was it an example of how little you really want to engage in intelligent debate?

  11. Compassion says:

    Great speech, good point Miss.Swan! – Young Bermudian

  12. navin johnson says:

    how about going down the list of “experienced” PLP Ministers and candidates….Marc Bean? Derrick Burgess? Rolfe? Walton Brown? hangers on everyone…. how Paula Cox qualified as a finance minister? your right she is not but I digress…..

  13. navin johnson says:

    sorry I forgot Zane….please tell me his qualifications to be Health Minister?????

    • Rockfish #1and#2 says:

      I understand Zane is a superb bulldozer/payloader/backhoe operator.

      • Mad Dawg says:

        I understand Rolfe can pull a firearm apart and re-assemble it without consulting the instruction manual.

  14. tricks are for kids.. says:

    I for one will be voting for the CANDIDATE (not the party) that I feel will put their best foot forward and step to the wicket….

    Even though many will have an issue with this I would like to say that there are young people that REALLY WANT TO WORK but the odds are stacked against them……

    My son who is unemployed, high school graduate, college, electrician by trade, has been to every job fair, has applied for jobs (too numerous to count) outside of his realm said to me the other day, ‘Mom I can’t even get a job as a dishwasher….even they all ask for 3-5 years experience…how am I supposed to gain experience in anything if everyone asks for experience up front….he feels that he is never going to get another job (previous job lost due to economic climate)and I understood where he was coming from…

    Questions we should ask is WHY?….1.) WHY are some businesses failing and others offering the same thing are still thriving? 2.) WHERE?… WHERE are all these jobs that people say are out there that no one wants ( I really want to know the answer to this because if these jobs do exist why are there still over 3,000 people currently unemployed?)

    As far as I am concerned neither party can do it for me, there are CERTAIN INDIVIDUALS that I feel confident in, BUT DEFINITELY NOT THE PARTY AS A WHOLE…..

    • Terry says:

      Can’t get a job as a dishwasher because others have taken them
      Jobs are hard to find.
      You have to have dirty dishes before you can wash them. Not personal but reality.

      • Tommy Chong says:

        Terry you fairy go back to never never land with the lost boys. There are dirty dishes you numpty they are being served by foreigners, collected by foreigners & washed by foreigners. What do you think they serve meals on in pickled onion & the spot paper plates?

    • Tommy Chong says:

      This is exactly what I keep posting about Bermudians who can do the job but are not given the chance by employers who rather employ foreigners. Take the layoffs at the reefs as a perfect example in relation to your son’s predicament. The Reefs lay off a bunch of maintenance people all of which were Bermudians some were electricians but leaves the foreign electrician & other maintenance people employed.

  15. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    I’ll put it to their age . They have no idea that during the recession of ’89-’94 under the UBP we were experiencing the same problem . (Can’t trust the people who are nurturing you to tell you that and you are to young to know ).Brilliant people such as Nandi and Alexis are book smart but , there are young women out in the streets who’ll run circles around them when it comes to dealing with the youth and the problems were the rubber meets the road .
    Nandi , Alexis , put your feet in the street , speak to young people who normally you wouldn’t and I can guarantee that you will become untouchable.Until then , you will never be able to identify with the people that you claim to represent .

    • Pastor Syl Hayward says:

      Ms. Alexis: Keep on doing what you are doing! I second the person who said that you are smart, intelligent, and passionate about this country (not a quote but still the truth). I look forward to hearing more from you, Ms. Nandi, Mr. Simons, and my rep in waiting, Mr. Kempe. I enjoy your energy, commitment and go-for-it attitude. If the employment situation could be turned around by sheer enthusiasm, you four would have us back on our feet in no time.

      By the way, I note that the recent Job Corp event attracted 4 people out of the 1000 or so young folks that need a job. Wonder why that was. Any ideas?

    • Just the Facts says:

      Just cannot let your nonsense stand. During the period you mention, which was indeed a serious recession,unemployment at its peak never exceeded 6 percent. It’s now above 10 percent. Due to disciplined budgeting,the UBP government of the day never ran a deficit. They had the money to stimulate the construction industry and create jobs when times were tough. Unfortunately, today’s government is broke. There is no money left to stimulate any sector of the economy, and they’re forced to cut the budgets from safety-net social programs.

      • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

        Did you also know that during that period , Westgate Prison was built and Sea land Construction was bailed out to the tune of 15 million by the UBP while at the same time laying off 65% of their work force . The reason why Sea Land , who was bigger than Island Construction and Corriea combined , imploded is the same reason many other construction firms went out of business ..Lack of work silly .

  16. haha says:

    I can tell u that Renee Ming is way more qualified and experienced than Nandi Davis and I know that the people in St George’s are so excited to be given the opportunity to vote for her!!

    Go Renee!!!

    • Zombie Apocalypse says:

      She was still second choice though wasn’t she. Second choice for the job, and chosen behind a person who had to resign.

      • welldone says:

        That is not even true. But just to be clear, we will see who is second choice in St George’s West on Dec 17.

        • Mad Dawg says:

          Well she evidently wasn’t the first choice. He had to resign. Unless there’s a ‘secret inside story’ that the PLP is keeping from the voters, which would not be a surprise.

  17. Compassion says:

    Actually I can confirm that both young ladies have stepped up to that challenge M.P. I was in attendance for their young mother’s dinner and both ladies were well involved and there were a number of unemployed females there. They even allowed one unemployed woman to speak about her struggles and how she has basically made her own hustles by cleaning, painting homes and etc. I’m not disputing all of your points, but you should know that these two young women have done this.

    • Terry says:

      I’ll dispute Mounties points.
      He/she is full of sheet and just wants another go round at the PLP trough.

  18. Hmmmmm says:

    Craig Simmons is finally getting closer to explaining what things like this really mean. This is a simplistic analysis boiled down to its lowest level for the campaign. Any discussion about a reduction in earnings of any group has to include some reference to the skill sets the group possesses as well as the nature of the economy in which they seek to work. It may well be that what our young people posses is not in demand in this economy and the effects of the recession have blunted the demand for their general skills. This is a specialist economy folks and if you don’t have specialist skills you are the first to go. We need to stop lying to our kids and stop making them believe that any old degree means a job.

    As for cracking down on those who violate immigration rules; which rules and which violators did you have in mind? This is one proposal on which the OBA needs to expand. It should be fun to watch because when this Government “cracks down on violators of immigration rules” they are “unfriendly to business” and “unwelcoming”. Show me how you’ll handle that one OBA. Oh right, I forgot, this Government never had the right to impose rules in the first place, ergo, the crack down is, by defintion, unfriendly.

    Lastly, please stop commenting on the lightweight nature of the OBA candidates; there’s enough of that to go around. We don’t have any real polticians anymore. They’re either dead or on the sidelines.

    • Terry says:

      At this rate Hmmmmmmmmmmmm you all be be on the seashore……..scavenging…………

    • Tommy Chong says:

      “It may well be that what our young people posses is not in demand in this economy and the effects of the recession have blunted the demand for their general skills.”

      WHAT A CROCK! General skills will always be needed because people need to eat & drink, things need to be cleaned, items need to be sold, wires need to be spliced & wrapped, concrete needs to be mixed, trees & grass need to be cut & so on.

      Besides the point is being missed in a whole if its the thought is that general skills are the only thing all our young people have under their belts. Many of our young have come back from away with degrees needed by firms but are pushed aside by excuses of not enough experience when the person in the position they could be in lied about the experience they have because they know that they can easily get fake references sent from their country that will not be questioned. the type of employers that hire these dishonest people are just relieved they didn’t have to hire a Bermudian.

      • Terry says:

        Oh shut up Tommy.
        You old fart.
        (this has been a PLP paid advert).
        Now go get rid of that Asian maid you have.

        • Tommy Chong says:

          Maybe you need to rub some Imodium on your fingers for your typographical diarrhea. It could also be that you need to stop tossing your pistachios with one hand while typing with the other. Besides this is not the type of site made for pistachio tossing. Maybe then you would be able to type complete sentences & get rid of your proctologist paradise status.

          Furthermore you type asian maid like there were sooooo many different groups of asians working as maids here when there isn’t. There is only one group of asians who work as maids here or that do the majority of other jobs that a Bermudian could do. This is because many of the other asians do not overpopulate or have tried to stem their overpopulation. This is not just my opinion but also the UNs so if the UN thinks this then it truly i an issue. Why would I have someone from there as a maid? So they can use my car to carpool their friends around or so they can through parties at my house while I’m away? I’m all for charity but I give that to those who REALLY need it not those who pop out babies just to have them as work hands when they become elderly. I might be an old fart but I still have enough gumption to clean my own house & take care of my own self so I don’t need someone picking up after me being my pseudo friend calling me mister tommy every time they see me.

  19. Tommy Chong says:

    I’m glad someone has taken a straightforward intuitive to tackle the ongoing abuse of immigration rules here in Bermuda. Sad thing is that just as others do to my post about it they do the same to Ms Swan voice by trying to either skirt around the issue or smother it with lies. I’m glad this young lady is showing more of a backbone then Minister Minors.

    The ones trying to shoot Ms Swan down for ministerial inexperience are ridiculous. No one needs experience as a minister to be one. There is no such thing as a government minister course to take but I bet if business owners said one was needed Minister Minors would hop to it & get one created to appease them at the taxpayers expense. What is needed to be a minister is intelligence & common sense & this young lady seems as she has more of this in her pinky finger than plp has in a whole.

  20. small fry says:

    As usual the trolls are attacking the messenger and ignoring the message. Ms Swan and Ms. Davis vs. the PLP muppet show…I know which I would pick. If you don’t then I have some ocean front property in Arizona I’d like to sell you…

    • Tommy Chong says:

      I don’t think it will just be the usual trolls attacking the messenger on this one. This is a brave stance for OBA but sadly it may lose them votes by some business owners. Some business owners could care less about the ability to pass up payroll tax payments & care more about keeping their work permits.

  21. down de road says:

    Remember when we had NO unemployment?

    • Catherine says:

      Remember when the admin support actually knew how to spell and compose a grammatically correct letter?

  22. CHEEKUMS BIE says:

    1,200 dropping off the rolls since 2009.

    Alexis fails to include which of these people is the ones who are just simply lazy as flips and is not working , PLP has did a lot for the youth of Bermuda and there is far more Bermudians graduating from school every year than there is people who is just giving up with the struggle and would rather live off of mommie and daddy.
    Also she has failed to mention about the recession why the hell is this LARGELY OVERLOOKED??? Unemployment is not the fault of the government we are facing a economic downturn and we are riding the wave and doing pretty dang on good.
    Alexis why don’t you come clean and tell us the secret that the UBP/OBA is hiding …push young black people out in front and tell them what to say in hopes that we buy into it?? You guys sound to rehearsed and not from the heart at all.
    One of the secrets in the OBA plans is this (IMHO)
    1ST they looked at the fact that the President Barak Obama was successful with his plan of change and his message of change
    Next the UBP/OBA came up with something that would psychologically signify something to do with the success of Barak Obama and the message of change and the hope and faith that people had in Obama
    If you take Obama and you abbreviate it it looks like this..OBAMA……O.B.A.
    NEXT the too k his message of change and used it for themselves.
    Barak Obama is tall …Cannanoir is tall
    Obama spoke about change…OBA speaks about change with no proof of the change.
    Thus in 2011 a new “party OBA” came out. O_0 its UBP
    Now to go that deep into into trying to fool us makes me question what else would you do to keep us fooled??

    • Come Correct says:

      What the hell are smoking, the plp practically had a press release about how they were trying to align themselves with Obama, you think people are dumb? Why does your face on the right keep changing? I know why.

      • CHEEKUMS BIE says:

        Thank you for your once again dumb a$$ observation, and none reading and comprehension skills,man i can always count on you for a good laugh…
        The difference is that the PLP announced that they were trying to align what I have given (imho) is showing how the secret hidden factor in trying to FOOL people but being sneaky and not upfront,……why do I keep on changing my face???? OMG YOU’RE A FLIPPING 1ST CLASS IDIOT, not everyone sits at home like you do waiting to see if their comment was responded too, I work and I have a phone when I go on my phone being that my email is not saved it refreshes so when I enter my email the face changes..if your so proud that your avatar face never changes I would suggest that you get up off your lazy behind and find some work and stop sitting on the computer being proud that your avatar never changes…..smh cheekums bie the stupidity of some people

  23. We care says:

    Until we get people like the Patrick Tannocks, Gil Tucker’s, Darren Johnson’s involved in the political process who have the experience, intellect, integrity and, leadership qualities and credibility both locally and internationally then we could stand a fighting chance for getting Bermuda back on track!

    It’s time for you guys to get up off the sidelines!!!

    Your country really needs the brightest and the best… much more money do you need to make before you give something back to your country?

    What are you going to do! the country needs a vision and people want to believe…the current crop lot is not the answer!

    • UK Dependent Territory Citizen says:

      The Black Intelligensia have no interest or need tonget involved in public service, they are busy earning every last cent out of international business before it dries up, when it does, then they will appear as our Saviours.

      and demand $450,000 a year + inflation linked compensation

    • Rockfish #1and#2 says:

      Tannock,Tucker and Johnson are showing how intelligent they are by NOT running for public office.

      The vitriol thrown at young intelligent Bermudians simply because of their youth will deter suitable persons from considering politics, and we will continue to have the low quality presently in Parliament. Very few comments on their character have been made so far. They are not bank robbers, drug users, swindlers, nor thieves, and they also can read and speak properly. After all, this is on the job training, and they have the basic requirements.

      The majority of the present crop of politicians are nothing to be proud of, for sure! Not one has taken a course in “How to become an effective Bermudian politician 101″

      To the parents of intelligent children, would you encourage them to enter the local political arena?

  24. OBA Cutie says:

    Nandi are you single?

  25. Catherine says:

    The youth unemployment can be directly linked to the decrease in business in Bermuda. Regardless if you want a career in international business, tourism or construction they are all linked and when two of them are decreasing other industries will not be hiring either.

    The question is, why the decrease in job creating industries? Is it the failing gcse’s from the public school for the last few years thus not properly preparing out students to succeed in their jobs? Is it the sense of entitlement from the bermudians working in entry level positions that turns senior management off of the region? Is it the immigration policies that have hurt us? Or a mix of everything?

    Regardless of this we need to fix the route cause of this before we will see an improvement in the employment rates for all age sectors and thus an increase in salaries again, but if anyone thinks that they will see salaries like they did before for non management level positions then they are delusional and we have a reservation for them at mawi.

    Education failed under the Plp
    Tourism bottomed out under the Plp
    Immigration policies and companies going to Ireland, Switzerland and cayman under the Plp

    It’s time for a change. It’s time for the Oba

  26. Just a thought says:

    I always lectured my children on the importance of a good education in order to get a really good job….now you can have your Masters and still not find work…There is nothing to stimulate these young people..So the students who have no academic desire or limited funds/ability are at an even greater disadvantage…what an awful legacy to pass on to them so I applaud our young people for speaking out. P.S. I am still waiting to see my representatives for the upcoming election. I doubt they will come in the evening as safety is an issue and the lack of street lighting makes it impossible to get around. Questions from the electorate remain unanswered …great strategy!

  27. The Gambler says:

    I have seen over the last few years many programs for Young Bermudians, what I am so annoyed at is some are just to lazy to work at it and make it work.For example I have watched a few programs in Horticulture and the Bermudian men have been pitiful cant complete leaving it to the ex pat to do the work and by the way these programs could have filled some of over 250 jobs held by non Bermudians in that field. I have not counted the jobs in Hospitality . Lets face many youth dont wish to do what it takes to work. Sorry I see it first hand and I am tired of some of them .

    • Tommy Chong says:

      I’m glad that you have stayed away from fallacy by using the word some but I highly doubt the some is over 250 or even near that.

      I know first hand some also. Some foreigners who work in horticulture & hospitality who will do as little as possible while leaving others to do the heavy work. This is pure laziness by some of these foreigners but they get by on being professional a__ kissers & heavy lifting delegators. These some are not the Azorean, nor the West Indian, nor the Indian, nor the Thai, nor the North American, nor the Central or South American, nor the Chinese, nor the Sri Lankan, nor the Mauritius, nor the African, nor the western or eastern European expat workers here. The ironic thing is even though these workers are not part of the multitudes of other workers I mentioned this group still number in the thousands that work here on permit or maybe not even on permit but cash under the table.

  28. hibiscus says:


    His sister by the way has been an English teacher for several years in different places around the world…at university level, high school and elementary. she is a VERY articulate, intelligent, woman and deemed an asset to her country. I suggest you do your homework before blurting WORDS of ignorance.

  29. Pimpingalltheway says:

    Hibiscus, we have all heard her on radio and even reading a statement she has a problem. helping students learn a language at university is teaching conversational english, do your homework.

  30. Rhumrunner says:

    It seems that “CHEEKUMS BIE” could be Zane DaSilva incognito after watching the appaling “press conference” at the seniors home the other day, come clean Zane! What no-one in the OBA seems to have picked up on is that the PLP is now more UBP than the OBA with all the ex UPB parliamentarians they have in their party! Zane maybe when referring to the PLP you should say “we at the PLP/UBP?”

    • CHEEKUMS BIE says:

      (puts face in palms of both hands and shakes from left to right at the SHEER stupidity of the comment by rhumrunner)

  31. Bermyman says:

    What is funny, is that the PLP supporters on this Blog attack the messenger (Alexis) and attempt to discredit her involvement due to her lack of experience, rather than looking at the actual unemployment numbers which are not exactly positive. Well she seems young and bright and she is talking about a topic that is affecting her generation. I don’t think that training a few dry wallers and nail technicians is exactly going to turn unemployment around for young people, it will only take care of a select few. Which is the PLP’s way, take care of a few and publicize it as if they saved the world. Not really Dynamic economic thinking is it? We need new Hotels and more international business, not an abundance of nail salons. Which suddenly have sprung up everywhere, there are so many now that they cannot get enough business between them!!

  32. Soooo says:

    I love the PLP responce (or should I say Election Hype)

    Drywall (as the construction industry dies)
    Nail Technicians (they should be training Beauty Therapists)
    Waiter and Server (to work in the shrinking number of restaurants)
    JobCorps (Their “Town Hall” had a total of 4 attendees)

    These have all come about within the past 6-9 months when we all knew that an election was around the corner (even the Landscape training was this year)