Swimmer Rescued From Near Drowning In Flatts

June 15, 2013

At approximately 3.00pm today [June 15] a swimmer ran into difficulty in Flatts, and was saved after members of the public took quick action.

The Police also responded, and the swimmer was taken to hospital. The man had apparently jumped off the dock in Flatts, and the current took him under the bridge.

Harrington Sound Flatts Bermuda, June 15 2013-1

Police Media Manager Dwayne Caines said: “A few minutes before 3.00 this afternoon Marine Police responded to Flatts Inlet. A man went swimming in that water and ran into difficulty.

“The current took him out, this resulted in three individuals — one swimming, one on a paddleboard and one on a kayak — actually saving the man.”

They took him to the Aquarium dock where he was transported to hospital via ambulance to be treated for his injuries, which Mr Caines said are believed to be non life threatening.

Harrington Sound Flatts Bermuda, June 15 2013-1-3

Mr Caines said, “The Bermuda Police Service would like to thank the members of the public that came to his aid. We are sure that if those members of the community did not come to his aid would be dealing with a much more tragic situation.”

One of the rescuers spoke with Bernews, and explained what happened from his perspective. The rescuer, who prefers not to be named, said it appeared the man was already overboard for a few minutes when the “current got him”.

He said that it was “very fortunate” that there were people around to help him. He described the man as fairly panicked and out of breath. The area is known to have an extremely strong current.

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Comments (24)

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  1. ButICanDream says:

    people think this current is a joke.

  2. Big Picture says:

    I swam there almost every day in the summer as a kid. We used to tie a rope to the bridge and body surf. That current was incredibly dangerous in certain spots and would pull you under. It felt like it would twist your legs together stopping you from kicking and swimming. We would have to actually have to dive into it to get out of that danger spot or it would pull you under.

    I look back and think how stupid we were. Glad to hear he is okay.

  3. Davie Kerr says:

    While I’m glad this bloke’s OK, it is difficult to sympathise with people who keep ignoring the signs warning against swimming there…..

  4. Time Shall Tell says:

    There’re no swimming & no fishing signs at many of our bridges yet it is openly allowed to happen. Why have laws if you’re not going to enforce them?

  5. Thank You to those who were there to assist and to all emergency services that assisted in saving this life, There are signage that tells you about the currents but they still go ignored.

    Thankfully this life was spared and this situation may give a wake up call as we now enter the summer season.

  6. Honestly says:

    It’s bad enough there are many children seen jumping when school is out. A man? What about setting examples for those around you especially the teenagers!

  7. jredmond says:

    If you grew up round there, you now that jumping that bridge and riding the current is a tradition. One I hope lives on. The lesson here is about knowing your limits

    • I too grew-up in the region and did enjoy many summer days surfing the current as well as knowing NOT TO FIGHT the currents if an undertow was to get a hold of you. Allow yourself to be taken along with it.
      As a matter of fact, I still can after over 50 odd years vividly recall having been captured by the currents and undertows to be taken over to the fueling station to then resurface. Frighten? yes…a deterrent? no, it was the way we enjoyed the bridge and tides at Flatts.

      • Time Shall Tell says:

        If you’re from the area then you should know of the no swimming, no fishing law… Know your limits with in the confines of the law. Are you going to wait until a child actually drowns & say the same silly thing, “He didn’t know his limits”…?

        • jredmond says:

          I don’t actually think it’s a law by the way, however, you seem pretty certain.

      • ToMuch says:

        Make note that the current was not going towards the shallows in Flatts inlet. It was going into the EXTREMELY deep water of the sound. It is much easier to remain calm and swim out of a current when you can see the bottom and you know that current is pushing you towards a structure. The current into the sound pushes you towards the middle where there is nothing to help you.

    • Seeing Red says:

      jredmond..are you related to the swimmer which is why you seem to be defending his bad choice, or is the surname just a coincidence?

  8. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    Personally I hope the Police charge him for his stupid actions!

    • tim henry says:

      really ? for what ?
      lighten up the guy jumped off the bridge
      to go for a swim ,runs into a problem , witch happens sometimes
      so u hope the police charge him ???
      you sound like a very cold stuck up person,

      your the person that also calls the police when musics to loud to hun?

  9. Prayerful says:

    Jumping off Flatts bridge used to be a “right of passage” in the neighbourhood. I did it more than 50 years ago, would I do it now, of course not. Would I encourage my grandchildren to do it – definitely not.

  10. Gabbs says:

    Time shall tell go sleep ya dreamer!!

  11. BermyGuy says:

    At approximately 3.00pm today [June 15] a swimmer ran into difficulty in Flatts, and was saved after members of the public took quick action.

    The Police also responded, and the swimmer was taken to hospital. The man had apparently “JUMPED OFF THE DOCK” in Flatts, and the current took him under the bridge.

    I see no mention of the person jumping off FLATTS BRIDGE. Stop watching Brain Games and Read The Story instead of Looking At The Pictures.

    • Ronnie says:

      I was wondering when someone was going to point that out. BermyGuy you seem to be the only sensible one here.

  12. Swan diver says:

    He neads swimming lessons,better come up Somerset and let the Woodsy divers teach him a few things.Glad he is okay!

  13. Gabbs says:

    Well Ronnie why where you waiting for someone to point it out when you could have done it ya dreamer, ya just as bad as the rest of us……get a life!!