Video & Photos: NY To Bermuda Record Broken

August 22, 2013

Chris Fertig and Tyson Garvin set another record in the 765 mile New York to Bermuda race, crossing the finish line in St George’s at 12.39am today [Aug 22] in a time of 15 hours 48 minutes.

Despite two stops along the way caused by issues with the propellers, the two men managed to chip an hour off the old Bermuda Challenge record.

The first stop came just an hour into the race after one of the blades failed when they were around 70 miles off New York, which resulted in a 30 minute stop while they repaired it.

Mr Fertig said, “We came up with a plan to replaced that propeller in water, which we did, but we had to be more conservative as we only had one spare left. So we reduced our speed down from 70mph to 55mph.”

Mr Fertig and Mr Garvin holding the broken propellers after they arrived:

Bermuda Challenge Record Broken, August 22 2013-26

People gathered at Gates Fort, where the official time keeper was positioned, to get a glimpse of the boat as it approached the island and entered the harbour under a clear moonlit sky.

The spectators then made their way to Ordnance Island in St George’s where they joined others in welcoming and congratulating the two on their arrival at the dock.

Chris Fertig’s mother decided to make the trip to Bermuda at the last minute, but when they broke the first propeller at around 9am EST, Mr Fertig sent his mother a text telling her not to bother to come as he didn’t think they would break the record.

His mother still believed he would do it, traveled to Bermuda anyway, and was all smiles as she waited at the dock to greet her son, and congratulate him on his record breaking feat.

Chris Fertig hugs his mother, who was waiting to greet him at 1am:

Bermuda Challenge Record Broken, August 22 2013-23

Using the latest technology the entire race was streamed live online and the crew stayed in contact with local agents, Bermuda Yacht Services, and others using satellite services.

Fertig and Garvin carried spare parts on their journey including two propellers which they utilised after prop failures. The men spoke of the nerve-wracking procedure in changing the props as any mistake of dropping a tool, nuts, washers or the prop would have resulted in the challenge being over.

Celebrating after their arrival:

Bermuda Challenge Record Broken, August 22 2013-20

The weather was clear and sunny for their trip and resulted in the two trying to use anything in their reach to get relief from the sun’s rays along the trip.

At one point online viewers could see them whip out an umbrella to provide a little shade. The boat had 650 gallons of fuel onboard, but one item that failed to make it on the boat was sunscreen and both racers arrived in Bermuda with sunburns.

The two have plans to drive the powerboat back to the US but those plans hinge on the acquiring of new propellers to have spares for the return trip. After getting some rest, they plan to make the boat available for viewing this afternoon at Ordnance Island.

15 minute interview with the racers:

Mr Fertig praised the treatment he received on his arrival, saying the “red carpet was rolled out,” and they always receive a “tremendous welcome” in Bermuda.

The racer said that design plans are already underway in preparation for next year. “I don’t think you’ve seen the last of us here in Bermuda,” said Mr Fertig.

Click to enlarge photos:

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