Photos: Kayaker Resumes With Damaged Kayak

March 26, 2014

Aleksander Doba loaded his kayak onto the Spirit of Bermuda on Sunday [Mar 23] to be transported some 325 nautical miles to the south, to continue on his journey to Florida, the destination he has been trying to reach since leaving Portugal last October.

Spirit of Bermuda arrived at the planned coordinates on Tuesday as scheduled but the plan ran into problems soon after Mr Doba and his kayak were in the water. Bad weather with rough seas caused the kayak to come into contact with the Spirit sloop resulting in the kayak receiving damage.

Aleksander Olek Doba Spirit of Bermuda Olo, March 23 2014-6

Spirit of Bermuda CEO, Denise Riviere said, “The crew started the process of setting Olek off the deck about 1.40pm on Tuesday [Mar 25] afternoon. Although the seas were not in their favor, they got him into the water safely.

“But as soon as he hit the rolling water, a swell came causing Spirit to take a roll and the wing [the big structure on top] of the kayak got caught under the rub rail and pretty much crushed it.

“There was significant damage to the top of the kayak, so Olek cut the structure away. The kayak itself is however intact. Olek pretty much refused any option, but to continue with the kayak in that state.

Aleksander Olek Doba Spirit of Bermuda Olo, March 23 2014-52

Ms Riviere said, “As of 8am today, the ship was at 28° 47.771’ North and 065° 19.135 West, steering a course of 000°M and sailing at 8.5kts. The passage plan is to continue on a northerly course until the wind shifts WNW around 9pm this evening.

“Then the ship will head straight for Bermuda, keeping the wind and swell abeam [i.e. straight across] or slightly aft [i.e. towards the back of the ship] the beam.

Aleksander Olek Doba Spirit of Bermuda Olo, March 23 2014-84

“As of 3pm today all is safe and secure, just rocky and rolly! The ship is making good time, and Captain believes that they should be sailing off of the South Shore by tomorrow morning. Winds are blowing steady at 40kts with gusts to 50kts and seas are 10-15ft tall. No one has been sea sick on this return leg, so it sounds like they are all acclimated.”

On Sunday Mr Doba posted a message to his website that read, “This is my last correspondence with the mainland. Atmospheric situation is not ideal, but the risks can not be seen. Today, March 23, 2014 at 19:00 Polish time sailing ship “Spirit of Bermuda” with Peter with me and the kayak has put out into the ocean.

Video of the loading of the kayak onto Spirit of Bermuda on Sunday and the sloop’s departure:

“On Tuesday probably will launch in position 27N 64W, which is where I was 10 January 2014. The phone Inmarsat I still have half the units or about 50 Phone Iridium: the card is not active. I do not need to have all the time the two active phones.

“Kayak equipment is such that it was from the start. I am in principle not add missing anything to keep the purity of the idea: self-sail between continents. Peter offered me retrofit kayak in different things, but nothing I accepted, even batteries. Spot I’ll be turning it on more often. Closer to islands more frequently, and close to Florida’s continuous signals.

“Stocks of food I have for about two months. I greet you warmly, Olek”

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  1. Mazumbo says:

    Safe journey.
    Don’t forget de spinach.

  2. Da plumber says:

    A man with a vision cannot be stopped enjoy the journey olek

  3. Malgorzata says:

    AMAZING MAN Aleksander Doba!!!! Good luck enjoy the journey Olek. Thank you to all Bermudians, to give our hero home and help with friendly open arms