Tourism Authority Board Members Announced

December 19, 2013

[Updated with video] Tourism Minister Shawn Crockwell today [Dec 19] announced the members of the Tourism Authority Board as Chairman David Dodwell, Phil Barnett, Paul Telford, Jessica Mello, Allison Towlson, Peter Everson, Earl Graves, and Allison Reid.

The Government said  the Bermuda Tourism Authority “is open for business” and is “now responsible for the management of Bermuda’s tourism product as an independent, dynamic and collaborative organisation.”

The first eight Directors of the Tourism Authority Board are:

  • David Dodwell [Chairman], owner of The Reefs, Bermuda and Nisbet Plantation, Nevis
  • Phil Barnett, Director and President of the Island Restaurant Group
  • Peter Everson, President of PE Consultants Ltd.
  • Butch Graves, President & CEO of Black Enterprise
  • Jessica Mello, Director of Consulting Services, Deloitte Bermuda
  • Allison Reid, Senior Vice President of Real Estate, Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc.
  • Paul Telford, Hotel Manager at Rosewood Tucker’s Point
  • Allison Towlson, Regional Executive and Chief Operating Officer for ACE

Minister Crockwell [centre] with the eight Board members at today’s press conference:

Bermuda Tourism Authority Board, December 19 2013-1

Premier Craig Cannonier said, “As part of the One Bermuda Alliance’s election promise, we agreed to revive Bermuda tourism by creating a Tourism Authority that puts professionals, not politicians, in charge of the industry.

“It is very exciting to be announcing the launch of the Bermuda Tourism Authority today. We believe that a properly structured, focused, research-based organisation will revitalise tourism in Bermuda.”

Minister of Tourism Development & Transport Shawn Crockwell said, “I am very pleased to be appointing the Board of the Bermuda Tourism Authority today. I would like to thank the Board members for their commitment to revitalising Bermuda tourism.

“With the Board now in place, I will be able to step back from my day-to-day tourism responsibilities with only minimal oversight of the organisation. I am particularly proud of today’s announcement, which is a promise made and a promise delivered to the people of Bermuda.

“I will continue to advocate for tourism at the Cabinet level and in Parliament and work with the Authority to fulfill the objectives contained in the National Tourism Plan. Bringing new hotel development to Bermuda will continue to be one of my priorities.”

David Dodwell said: “Today is an exciting day for tourism and for Bermuda. For the first time in Bermuda’s history, our tourism product is being guided by an independent, private enterprise. I commend both political parties for progressing this change and helping Bermuda to move tourism forward.

“I would like to thank the Directors for enthusiastically agreeing to lead this very important organisation. The two international Directors add a global perspective to our board and we sincerely appreciate their commitment to Bermuda. As an entrepreneurial and vibrant group, we aspire to be a leading tourism enterprise that will grow the industry and generate jobs in Bermuda.

“We have created an entirely new structure focused on delivering the objectives of the National Tourism plan and which will include two new divisions, Tourism Investment and Product and Experience Development, which will drive change in the Bermuda tourism product.

“As we develop creative and innovative ways to make Bermuda a more attractive and competitive destination for visitors and tourism investors, the Tourism Authority will be the singular voice that drives Bermuda’s re-emergence as a world-class tourism destination.

“It’s a big challenge and one I’m looking forward to achieving along with my fellow Board members and the team at the Bermuda Tourism Authority,” added Mr Dodwell.

The Bermuda Tourism Authority now has its own transitional web site [] that will provide answers to many questions and provide a portal of information that the Tourism Authority will add to as it moves forward.

Mr. Dodwell concludes: “Today is the beginning of a new era in Bermuda Tourism and our success depends on working together with the tourism sector in a shared commitment to revitalise this industry.

“We want to build on the hard work that many people in hospitality are already undertaking today. We welcome the new Directors and we are committed to keeping the public up-to-date with the developments at the Authority.”

The bios of all the Board members are below:

David Dodwell [Chairman]

David Dodwell is the owner of The Reefs Hotel & Club in Bermuda and Nisbet Plantation Beach Club in Nevis. He has more than four decades of experience in the hospitality industry.

The Reefs was the first Bermuda resort to earn the top spot as the #1 Atlantic resort in the Condé Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards. The Nisbet Plantation was named the #1 resort in the Caribbean, Bahamas and Bermuda two years in a row by the Travel + Leisure World’s Best Awards.

Mr. Dodwell is a former Minister of Tourism for Bermuda, once served as the President of the Bermuda Hotel Association and is a member of the Resort Committee of the American Hospitality & Lodging Association. He was also named Caribbean Hotelier of the Year in 2010. Mr. Dodwell graduated from Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration.

Phil Barnett, Director and President of the Island Restaurant Group

Phil Barnett is the Director and President of the Island Restaurant Group. Prior to the Island Restaurant Group, Mr. Barnett was a General Manager for Spectra Group of Great Restaurants.

Mr. Barnett serves as a board member on the Bermuda Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Barnett holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of British Columbia.

Peter Everson, President of PE Consultants Ltd.

Peter Everson is the President of PEConsultants Ltd. He has extensive experience in investment banking, fund management, private equity and private banking.

Prior to PEConsultants, Mr. Everson was the CEO of Schroders. Mr. Everson serves as a non-executive director for Delphi Management Limited and Shell Trust Bermuda Limited and a board member for the Bermuda Chamber of Commerce and the Association of Bermuda International Companies.

Mr. Everson holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Mathematics from the University of Leicester.

Butch Graves, President & CEO of Black Enterprise

Earl G. Graves Jr. (Butch) is president & CEO of Black Enterprise. He is responsible for the strategic positioning and overall profitability of the corporation which includes magazine publishing, television production, digital media, and business and lifestyle events.

Butch joined Black Enterprise in 1988 after earning his M.B.A. from Harvard University. After holding several positions within advertising & marketing, he was appointed president and chief operating officer in 1998 and named CEO in 2006.

Under his guidance Black Enterprise has expanded the reach of its signature magazine to include more than 4 million readers, redefined its Wealth for Life mission for the digital age with a revitalized multimedia website and iPad edition, and successfully launched broadcasts of Our World with Black Enterprise and the Black Enterprise Business Report into television syndication. Butch received his bachelor’s degree in economics from Yale University in 1984.

Jessica Mello, Director of Consulting Services, Deloitte Bermuda

Jessica Mello manages Deloitte Bermuda’s consulting practice, serving banking and public sector clients in Bermuda and the Caribbean. Before joining Deloitte Bermuda in 2011, she worked in the Economics practice at AECOM, a Fortune 500 infrastructure consulting firm.

She was based in London and worked with clients in the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and China. Jessica is experienced in economic planning, feasibility analysis and strategy for tourism destinations. She has worked with visitor attractions, mixed-use destination resorts, entertainment retail districts, sporting destinations, iconic structures, waterfronts, and infrastructure.

Ms. Mello has an MBA from London Business School and a BA from Middlebury College. She is also a member of the Bermuda Chamber of Commerce Economics Committee and is a member of the Executive Steering Committee leading the transition to the Bermuda Tourism Authority.

Allison Reid, Senior Vice President of Real Estate, Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc.

Allison Reid is the Senior Vice President of Real Estate of Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc. Ms. Reid has extensive experience in hospitality and finance.

Prior to being the Senior Vice President of Real Estate, Ms. Reid served as the Vice President of Owner Relations at Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc. Ms. Reid also has served in various finance positions at Interstate Hotels and ITT Sheraton Corporation.

Ms. Reid is currently a member of the management board of EquityCo, LLC and OpBiz LLC. She also serves as the Vice President of Investor Relations of Starwood Hotel & Resorts Worldwide Inc. Ms. Reid holds a Bachelor of Science in both Accounting and Hotel and Institutional Management from Bryant College.

Paul Telford, Hotel Manager at Rosewood Tucker’s Point

Paul Telford is the Hotel Manager at the Rosewood Tucker’s Point resort in Bermuda. Mr. Telford has 13 years international management experience in luxury hotels.

His experiences have been both on the island of Bermuda initially in Food & Beverage operations and then off island with Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts where he started in Food & Beverage Management, and then transitioned into the Rooms Division.

Mr. Telford’s most recent postings have seen him at Hotels & Resorts such as the Four Seasons Washington DC a Forbes 5 Star Hotel, the Four Seasons Punta Mita, Mexico, and The Kahala Hotel in Honolulu Hawaii, a Forbes 4 Star Resort & Spa before returning to Bermuda in 2008 to join the opening team of Tucker’s Point Hotel & Spa. Mr. Telford has a Bachelors Degree in International Hotel Management from the University of Buckingham.

Allison Towlson, Regional Executive and Chief Operating Officer for ACE

Allison Towlson is the Regional Executive and Chief Operating Officer for ACE. She has extensive background in underwriting operations, corporate reporting, training and development and marketing in the insurance industry.

Prior to ACE, Ms. Towlson served as the Assistant Vice President of Sedgwick Global Broking in Bermuda, and as an underwriter and claims administrator at Alexander Insurance Managers in Bermuda.

Ms. Towlson serves as a Chairperson for the Insurance Development Council, board member for the Bermuda Business Development Corporation, associate for the Chartered Insurance Institute (ACII), a mentor under the Bermuda Foundation for Insurance Studies in Bermuda and a member of the Association of Bermuda Insurers and Reinsurance (ABIR) working committee on contract certainty. Ms. Towlson holds an Associate’s Degree from the Chartered Insurance Institute.


Update 10.09pm: When asked how much Board members will be paid, and a Government spokesperson said, “Board members shall be paid such fees and allowances as the Minister may determine. It has been decided to set a maximum remuneration of $20,000 per annum for Board members but nothing has been decided.

“In order to attract and retain the type of board members that we wanted it is important to provide reasonable compensation for the time and effort that is expected from each board member.

This Board will function as a private entity and we do not see this as unusual in the circumstances. The Minister has the discretion to overrule any compensation structure.

“It is also important to highlight that the Authority has the power to raise revenue and establishing a priority to achieve this will be one of the Board’s immediate priorities.

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  1. wow says:

    The OBA is quite scary, they are fulfilling every single conversation that was held before they went into power. They have a country that is 60 percent black and they don’t possess the presence of mind to at least see that it would not be a good idea politically, socially, economically or culturally to have a greater representation of Black Bermudians on the Tourism Authority. Also when we have a segment of our population that is already feeling disenfranchised, and marginalized it would have been important to have someone from either the Taxi industry or the Union just to show good faith and infuse a balanced perspective.

    There are many who will not see the importance of this (OBA supporters and white Bermudians) let me stop and say I am a WHITE BERMUDIAN and an disgusted OBA supporter. I thought they would be different but sadly the critical issues that have manifested themselves are now showing their ugly heads again.
    When we should in deed and in action we are committed to ALL Bermudians then and only then will have a better Bermuda. Shawn Crockwell should be ashamed of himself. With working class Parents, he is now playing into the hands of the Elite of this country. As someone that has been born with the hand of privilege the only way we balance the scale is to create opportunity for all.

    • Greed Killed Bermuda says:

      Well Said, and needed to be said!

    • Indepedent says:


      Powerful and true statement. I could not agree with you more.

      Now, be prepared to face the raft of the blind followers.

      • Hmmm says:

        Go read the Hansard in The comments in Beans article…… Was a real eye opener.

    • Truth (Original) says:

      Let’s see how it works first before being critical. I don’t care what color the talent is. We need the best people at the helm, they could be purple for all I care.

      This initiative is for all Bermudians. If it works and hotel development comes to our shores, that money passes through hands of many colors.

      • Greed Killed Bermuda says:

        And there is the problem. ” I don’t care what color the talent is” – “We need the best people at the helm”

        The mere assumption that black people can’t be qualified. You mean to tell me that the OBA couldn’t find more that one black Bermudian to be on this board. Are you saying there aren’t any that by your standard are the “best people”??

        The point is, that there are, and they may be better qualified than those chosen, but there is a possibility that they were not considered and were not asked.

        That in my view in the challenge. I think that the Race Card is sometimes overplayed, but in this instance I think it is right.

        At least pick a board that reflects the country it is representing. And don’t tell me you can’t find competent people that reflect the country. That I do not accept!

        • JustAskin2 says:

          Exactly. Which I am convinced is the mindset of many OBA members. They complain about the PLP using the race care and then they do this. Makes me wonder that if no one said anything, whether we would end up with government that is minority black, with maybe one or two token blacks or portuguese to get their vote.

          • Sandy Bottom says:

            Do you want a list of PLP committees that were not racially representative of the population?

          • Sisu says:

            I had penned a reply to the first post but didn’t post it because I knew somebody would reply as you/GKB have done. Shawn Crockwell picked this team. He is black. How do you think he ended up with this team? Did he go (a) let me find some white people who seem smart so I can keep my black people down; or (b) let me find the best people for the job at hand? I vote (b) – as I hope you did too. There isn’t always a big conspiracy theory behind every more the OBA make. Or white people for that matter (even though Shawn Crockwell is black, but I digress). So he ended up with more white people than black people. OMFG. It was his judgement call. Such a small sample size is indicitive of exactly nothing. Nothing. Assuming these eight people are ‘the best’ for the job would you rather he pick a less effective team simply to appease people who only see in shades of black/white? We are all Bermudian and we will all sink or swim together…

            • Tough Love says:

              Why would the team be less effective if it had more black people?

              • Sisu says:

                Assuming this is ‘the best’ team it would be less less effective with more white people too. It’s not a statement about the relative effectiveness of white vs. black; rather, of that of ‘the best’ team vs. everyone else. Simple passa

                • LOL (original TM*) says:

                  Sisu don’t even bother. The first question should be how many of them are even Bermudian which did not even come up……………..

                  LOL Black, white don’t even real exist

        • Mike Hind says:

          More than one? There are three.

          In order to represent the country (a demand that is laughable, given the past 14 years), they’d only need one or two more.

          And who said that black people can’t be qualified?

        • Sisu says:

          What problem? I can guarantee that if the authority were all black he would say the same thing. Nobody cares about race but those who can’t see past their own limitations. Guilty conscious much? He never said black people can’t be qualified. That would be your mind talking. Stop perpetuating the biggest divide in Bermuda today…race. Work together and we will all prosper. Isn’t that obvious? Clearly not… And ‘the best’ is nothing but a subjective standard anyway. Shawn Crockwell is black and picked this team. But he’s probably a house ***** and Uncle Tom in your mind, right? FML.

        • Tough Love says:

          To make matters worse the black guy isn’t Bermudian! Guess we can’t help our own country. Dam shame.

          • LOL (original TM*) says:

            What’s really sad is that you should have asked the Bermudian question first but instead you and others went to the race of the people picked and you all have the audacity to call others out for perceive racism…………


      • Tiptoes says:

        smh..U are an idiot and must have a job. All these foreigners getting paid with Bermudian tax payers money when Bermudians (white or Black) who are out of work needing a job. We are trying to boost the economy by hiring these people when we have capable Bermudians that can do the job. Why do we feel we have to to hire from outside? We can get a board of various Bermudians who know about Bermuda and our culture….these people don’t know about our culture. Shake my head. A bunch of Dumb AS Rocks leading our country. Let’s see if the money spent on these people brings our tourism back. Well, we know one thing their children will be moving to Bermuda soon and will get the best jobs.

      • That’s our problem right there, people stating that they are not worried about the colour of a persons skin. Same old UBP trash but look at the make up of this Authority and the number of light skinned people to dark skinned people! Wake up Bermuda!!!!

    • O'Brien says:

      They say there are two certainties in life, but in Bermuda you can add a third: somebody, at some point, will bring race into any discussion, no matter how irrelevant.

      Bermuda’s tourism industry is in a tailspin. 14 years of PLP consultants (of all colours) and marketing gimmicks did nothing to slow the decline. Whether this new Authority has the wherewithal to change things – I don’t know. I’ll wait and see. But I don’t think colour has anything to do with it. We can judge them by their results. Until then, I think all Bermudians owe them our support.

      • Ya got me Rollin says:

        And YOU owe US the truth. We’re you born 14 yrs. ago?
        Because tourism surely did not begin to decline 14yrs. ago. BE REAL.

      • So u der the UBP Govt. we were flooded with visitors????????

    • A Clue - says:

      Brilliant. Thank you for this contribution.

    • @WOW, I know we don’t always see eye to eye on every topic here on Bernews, but I will have to say that your assessment is correct and as a Black Bermudian this is all we have asked for for centuries, equality is something we have never had and at this point looks even harder to accomplish. There is one correction I would like to add and that is blacks make up more then 60 percent of the population and i am not sure if the statisticians have it correct either, because for many blacks when the senses are done we put down other.

      It is a crying shame to look at these faces regardless of their qualifications because we know damn well that there are blacks more then qualified to be on this board, and i am also offended that they make it seem like Mr. Dodwell who i think is a great hotelier, but there are those that could have filled the position he now holds.

      I will close by saying seemingly this is one of the greatest mistakes the O.B.A is making and the exact mistake seemingly that the P.L.P made under Dr. Ewart Brown, they are both hell bent in putting in people of a preferred race to make a loud political statement and while making their statements all Bermudians in the working class suffer across the board, both black and white.

      • realest says:

        Forget the color of skin, Shawn Crockwell only picked folk of a certain “Economic Class”. That economic class being the “Elite”. I don’t believe the folk he chose have the creativity at that level to come up with the ideas to boost our tourism industry. We need creativity, ideas, events, and promotions. I believe he should have put together a much more mixed representation and included other folk from other industries to collectively brainstorm what’s needed to boost tourism.

        Shawn Crockwell could have put together a much better team to make things happen.

    • u ank sers says:



      • JustAskin2 says:

        It’s beginning to look like we are heading back into the ’50s.

        • Tough Love says:

          yes, Just where David Dodwell wants us. He has a hotel named plantation for crying out loud!

        • Tiptoes says:

          we never left the 50′s it is only hidden behind fake smiles. Racism is alive and well. You just need to open your eyes.

        • Many thanks brother Duane, I love talking to you about our island home and our people! Give thanksgiving are CORRECt

    • Betty Trump says:

      WELL SAID “WOW”…. I am glad that you express your thoughtful insights and critical analyses in this regards. I do agree with much of what you have express. But it is most unfortunate that many of the UBPoba Supporter and white Bermudians will overlook the significant points your are making, and disregard it. I too see it the same way, and can objectively understand your point.

      WELL SAID !!

      • Betty Trump says:

        Well said MR Santucci, while I may not always agree with everything you right. Your 100% on target in this regards. WELL SAID…..

    • .am says:

      “Also when we have a segment of our population that is already feeling disenfranchised, and marginalized it would have been important to have someone from either the Taxi industry or the Union just to show good faith and infuse a balanced perspective.”

      And who would you suggest? Furbert? Among the likes of CEOs, Directors and Presidents?

      This is about getting people to come to Bermuda. They’re obviously going to want the most qualified people. Who cares whether or not they’re Bermudian or white or black? It’s the Bermudians that benefit. And they’re hardly denying anyone ‘a job’ seeing as though those concerned are high ranking in their own right. And gainfully employed.

      • FED UP says:

        What makes the people in the above picture “qualified” ??? A big fancy office job for an international company? A college degree? A FOREIGNER?

        And what’s this about “high ranking” and “gainfully employed”, Last time I checked, our tourism industry had a lot to do with everyday Bermudians like Taxi drivers, tour operators, family owned retail stores, local club owners, etc.

        ….And if the board above are all “gainfully employed” how much time are they dedicating to this initiative?

        DON’T TELL ME those people in that picture are the most qualified, and don’t tell me race doesn’t matter. Tourists come to BERMUDA for BERMUDA, and the above board does NOT represent B-E-R-M-U-D-A or its industry. Simple as that.

        • Sandy Bottom says:

          Why is the Bermuda Football Team not exactly racially representative of the island’s population?

          And the cricket team?

          What exactly is going on there?

          • forest and trees says:

            Why aren’t the equestrians or tri-athletes exactly representative of the Island’s population?

            I think you’re mixing apples and oranges. Groups that volunteer in a hobby/ leisure activity versus the professionals above who were appointed.

            • Suzie Quattro says:

              Lame excuse. Nowhere near adequately explains it.

              It’s not ‘apples and oranges’ at all. It’s exactly the same. The football team are not “volunteers”. Its members are chosen and selected to represent their country.

              Could it just be possible that the football team, as in many things in life, looks the way it does because the best players are on it?

          • Your comments are always negative ‘Bottom’!!! As a youth soccer coach we now a higher percentage of light skinned kids that are in our Academy teams so you will se more of them playing for BDA one day but at senior level not to many are aging soccer. Time to bring your head from out of the sand!!!!!!!

        • ummm says:

          @Fed up

          I agree to what you said. You make several valid points.

    • Context says:

      I care less likely about race than I do about age! No one under 40? I’m sick and tired of decisions being made on behalf of the young people that will have to assume responsibility in the future.

    • Betty Trump says:

      @WOW….. “Shawn Crockwell should be ashamed of himself”, he is one of the JETGATE 4, his time is coming, it just a matter of time. All folks of his thinking, and lack of real identity come back to reality sooner rather than later. He is now riding hide on a Power Trip, at some point the air will come out, and let him down fast….. the question will be can he handle it…

      The chess pieces moves again…..

      • Come Correct says:

        Good evening “Betty”, I see the ninjas failed their mission…

        • Tough Love says:

          Oh man! Thanks for the laugh!

        • Come Correct says:

          2 dislikes SMH, it was just a joke, everyone knows nobody can afford to hire ninjas after the last 6 years. :p

      • Hmmm says:

        What do you think of the Hansard in the other article comments …The Bean article?

    • frank says:

      thank you for your honest comment

    • JustAskin2 says:

      Do you think they really care? Remember, many of these are former members of the UBP.

    • DarkSideofTheMoon says:

      I don’t agree with you on the race thing IF these are the most qualified people. Of course we would never know that. I do agree with your thoughts on taxi and union reps…

    • Kangoocar says:

      Why is race put into every topic on this island?? It actually sickens me and many others! Anyone with any common sense would be more concerned with the results of this Authority!!! If the OBA have picked a good team, then ALL will benefit from them!!!! And we wonder why Bermuda never moves forward????

      • Ya got me Rollin says:

        Say the man who calls people racist every chance he gets.

    • Unjrust Realities says:

      @WOW . . .thank you for your candid and so true statements here. We as a country must assess as well why people with such high level executive jobs with high level salaries need to be paid $20,000 per year period, and especially at a time when according to the government the country is in such a financial deficit. A startling $160,000 per year for eight people who will attend ten meetings per year at a salary base of $2,000 per meeting!!! Just profoundly ridiculous!!!!!

      • Mike Hind says:

        And you know it’s only 10 meetings per year… how?

        Do you have anything to back these numbers up?

  2. Jus' Askin' says:

    What is OBA for, if all the work is going to others?
    Are they contractors or a ruling party?
    SAGE and now TA, what’s next?
    If others can do a better job, step down and give up the government then ;-)

  3. watching says:

    Where is the representation of the working class Black Bermudian in this? The tourism industry needs all of Bermuda involved and included for it to work. While each individual may be accomplished in his or her own right, i dont see any representation of the middle class Black Bermudian in here. Very disappointing.

  4. Unbelievebale says:

    How on Earth can anyone see this as a negative???? This is about reviving the tourism industry not improving race relations!!!!

    Everything in BDA is looked at thru the lens of race and so there goes our reputation around the world as such. My god people, let this TA do it’s job.

    • Jus' Askin' says:

      All the king’s horsemen and all the king’s men, couldn’t… tourism is dead ;-)

    • JustAskin2 says:

      I’m afraid that until racism is booted out of the Island once and for all, we will continue to see through the race lense. That’s just a fact of life.

      • LOL (original TM*) says:

        So leave then……….

        LOL and take Betty with you.

  5. @WOW And how many white people did the PLP promote during their reign? 5 out of 8,000 civil servants!

    • bermyguy says:

      cause white people already had the power, so they didnt need to get promoted.

      • You forgot to add on the fact that in most cases, whites already had and have the power, and when they feel they are loosing grip, they put a black face to the front to make us feel included. the unfortunate thing is most blacks fall for it. I would go further and say to Mr. Crockwell please be careful because your speaking all the things they want you to but you will soon recognize that you are the cog in the wheel, and we thought only P.L.P had one

  6. San George says:

    Economic power is not given, it is taken. Until that happens you either lead, follow or get out of the way. And I am a Black Bermudian.

    • jt says:

      I agree.

      It can also be lost or thrown away.

    • Hmmm says:

      It is earned, otherwise it means nothing and has no value. When something has no value, it is seen as worthless and wasted.

      That my friend is the most important lesson in life.

  7. Unbelievebale says:

    Everyone wants diversity, I know I do but this is not about race relations. It’s about Bermuda’s declining tourism industry.
    As stated before, we’ve had all sorts of tourism consultants of various backgrounds in the past and it wasn’t the backgrounds that were important. They still didn’t get the industry back on its feet anyway.

    This is about reviving our once envied former 1st pillar of the economy. If you’re not going to help, get out the way and let people do their jobs.

  8. jt says:

    Good. Now get on with it so we all benefit. I would say ‘best of luck’ or ‘may God be with you’, but these and other things mentioned will haveno bearing on results, and results should be the sole criteria on which we judge.

  9. js says:

    reading half of the appointees’ bios reminds me of the wisdom of making an underwriter the Minister of Environment

    glad I left the island

  10. Realise! says:

    The tourism authority is NOT a political party or an affirmative action panel. They need not reflect demographics. They DO have diversity.

    What raced obsessed people don’t get is that we need to move towards getting ACCOUNTABLE and capable people.

    The best person for the job. This is not about being nice or THOUGHTFUL to the taxi association or any other stakeholder. Those stakeholders I am sure will be able to contribute ideas. Should we have a senior citizen on the board for a historical perspective? Should we have a park ranger too since they take care of our beautiful resources? Maybe a fisherman too?

    Stop complaining and raising BS points that do not have merit.

    This is about creating a board to help deliver RESULTS.

    This is how business and the real world works.

  11. terry says:


  12. Positive says:

    A great team.Good luck in turning Tourism around!

  13. Oh Betty you are over here… I see you are not commenting about Hon. Marc Bean’s comments in the HOA in March (Hansard) this year telling that HOA that the PLP supports the OBA Govt. doing away with the referendum…
    From the March 2013 Parliamentary Hansard:

    Hon. Marc A. R. Bean: Now, the One Bermuda Alliance Government indicated that they would take the same path pre-election. Post-election, I am not sure . . . I heard an interview by the Honourable Premier. And it was kind of greyish. So I am not sure if he was saying that gaming is off the table or their intention is to say, Forget the Referenda. Let’s just make a decision. Now, I will tell you what. From our side, although we would …like something—all moral questions to go before a Referenda—if the Government sees it is within our national interest to avoid the costs and expense and the hassle of a Referenda and you want to make a decision—

    An Hon. Member: Bring it!

    Hon. Marc A. R. Bean: —just bring it, man. You will have our full support. Bring it! Bring it!
    [Desk thumping]

    Hon. Marc A. R. Bean: And the reason why is because when we speak about hotel development and tourism, it is our considered experience that when we have spoken to so many developers, one of the key aspects of them determining whether they wanted to invest or not was whether or not they would have a gaming licence.

    An Hon. Member: Yes!

    Hon. Marc A. R. Bean: It is absolutely true. That is why I felt that we had moved too slow on it, Mr. Speaker, while we were Government. Because the developers were saying, We want a gaming licence.
    And it is not just for adding an amenity to the tourism product, but, from a developer’s perspective, it is return on investment. We are not sure if our beds and our rooms are going to be filled. But we are sure
    that gaming will give us another revenue source that can assure that we generate a profit, which all investors desire. So I would say again, if you feel in your wisdom as a Government to bypass the Referenda and just make that tough decision—because it would be tough, because you will have some segments of society that are going to resist—we understand that. From our side, we would encourage the Government to do so, proceed.

    An Hon. Member: Hear, hear!

    Hon. Marc A. R. Bean: And you have our support. And that is because of the national interest of this country.

    An Hon. Member: Sooner rather than later!

    Hon. Marc A. R. Bean: Yes! And sooner rather than later.

    • Betty Trump says:

      @ northrock cakes…

      FACT 1: What your clearly over looking is that the PLP was encouraging the government to get it going and not to delay the process. This did NOT include holding a REFERENDUM. There was NO message to do away with the Referendum. So do not get it twisted, and please try and get it right for a change.

      Looks more like your Premier was trying to twist what he actually was pushing for, especially when he call Bean on the telephone. Bean took it back to his MPs whom all voted that a Referendum must be held, as this was part of their promise to the people of Bermuda. STOP with your twisted facts please…. I listen to the house, and also read….

      FACT 2:

      The other fact is that UBPoba knew about the cost of a Referendum pre-election, this was not the reason for their trick of a move now.

      FACT 3:

      The REAL REASON is that UBPoba the JETGATE 4 $ had made a deal with a developer, but this deal included that this “REFERENDUM BILL” must be past, TO ENSURE THE DEAL. Since the UBPoba felt that they had lost the vote of the public in regards to this bill. They secretly decided to take it to the house FOR a vote and do away with the REFERENDUM.

      FACT 4:

      All the UBPoba had to do was to be “HONEST and TRANSPARENT” with the people of Bermuda, and stop hiding out behind using the “BLAME IT ON THE PLP game” for their reason not to have a REFERENDUM…. YOU NOW SEE THAT TRANSPARECY is KILLING THE UBPoba….and so is the truth. THIS WILL COME OUT SOONER RATHER THAN LATER…STAY TUNE..listen to the twist by the UBPoba in the way in which they do it ! Political strategy at work…

      FACT 5:

      UBPoba have lost their CREDITABILTY and the GAMES will ensure them to of becoming as some call it…the new buzz words “A ONE TIME GOVERNEMENT”…


      • Sandy Bottom says:

        You need to read what Bean actually said Betty. “Forget the referenda”, he said.

        Obviously you want him to resign.

  14. fidel says:

    fyi- there are 3 blacks on the board there !!!

    • Tough Love says:

      Really? Name them please. Shawn Crockwell is not on the board.

  15. Chris Famous says:

    Are these the folks who will be paid $20,0000.00 per annum?

  16. Disapointed says:

    Not sure on the choice of these, is there one person on the board that has any experience in the marketing of a reasonable sized resort, which is what Bermuda is. Instead of choosing people that would be qualified to do the Job they have selected there friends and family

    • Mike Hind says:

      Yes. There is.

      “She was based in London and worked with clients in the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and China. Jessica is experienced in economic planning, feasibility analysis and strategy for tourism destinations. She has worked with visitor attractions, mixed-use destination resorts, entertainment retail districts, sporting destinations, iconic structures, waterfronts, and infrastructure”

  17. Tony Brannon says:

    I wish the new Tourism Board all the best.

    With the OBA Government now taking Resort Gaming to a vote in the house, this, if passed, will give Bermuda a much needed extra entertainment option that will entice investment, visitors coupled with jobs and yes revenue for the hotels. It is vital that the Tourism Product offers resort gaming and entertainment going forward.

    The crabs in the bucket, the continuing race stuff will only prolong the dire times. Bermuda must get out of this adversarial mindset that has sadly been ingrained in too many folks resulting in a crushing blow to Bermuda as progress has been impossible due to this paralyzing mindset.

    There are three Tourism Authority board members that are black or of mixed race and 5 that are white. They are all people of the human race. What matters is the quality of performance and, like a blogger stated above, it matters not to me if any of Tourism Authority board were purple. It matters only that they are capable.

    It is good to see that ALL board members hold University Degrees. I wish the Tourism Authority Board much success in 2014.

  18. DarkSideofTheMoon says:

    While you all are debating race, you are missing the fact that we have what could be viewed as two tourism ministers (and a junior minister) all of which are being paid.

  19. San Geoge says:

    B-T-W Allison Towlson is a Black Bermudian. If that makes anyone feel better.


    I am SICK and TIRED of RACE RACE RACE. Thats all you lot seem to see. For the sake of GOD get a life. I don’t care what color, religion or ethnicity, they are. If they are the best for the job give them a chance they could be from MARD I DONT CARE. This is why 66% of you live in the dark ages and why Bermuda is stuck in gthe 16th century. GET A LIFE

    • People like you with your bold face lies are why we are stuck where we are

      • LOL (original TM*) says:

        And your incharge of training kids…………..Maybe you should reflect on so of your earlier post. Also makes me wonder if you play the “best” team on game days what club you coach for again?


  21. smh says:

    Minister Crockwell said he’s excited about bringing hotel development to Bermuda but what about getting the tourist HERE first?? Minister Crockwell needs to get a better marketing team and get Bermuda known around the world as an ideal vacation spot. There no sense of building all the new hotels when we dont have the tourist to occupy them. GET IT TOGETHER BERMUDA TOURISM DEPARTMENT!!!!!! also i think they should hire college students. These students ARE the future of bermuda. GET THEM involved with Tourism and get this island back where it should be!

    • Mike Hind says:

      There’s no sense promoting Bermuda if there aren’t enough beds.

      It’s a catch-22. We need to improve the product before we can advertise, but we need to advertise to get people here so we can improve the product.

      Gotta start somewhere, might as well be the improvement.

  22. janice says:

    what happeneed to hiring BERMUDIAN college students??? Bermuda Tourism department needs to get out YOUTH more involved! THEY ARE THE LEADERS OF THE FUTURE!

    • Kangoocar says:

      Brilliant!! Why would we NOT want college students who probably have never themselves paid for a vacation serve on a Tourism board that is so crucial to Bermudas well being??? Give me a break!!! You have to remember the fact that children who have visited Disney World on their parents money are not qualified to give an opinion on what concerns 20% of our total economy!! Come on you can’t be serious????

      • Brain Drain says:

        Your way of thinking is exactly why Bermuda is filled with a bunch of closed minded, backwards-thinking, old farts who sit up and say NO to everything. While you sit and hate on the youth, other countries will pass us by with their social media and modern innovative thinking.


    What about the fact there are 3 women

  24. Account says:

    Wow,we finally have a group of individuals accountable to us.No performance,fired! This is long the tourism numbers(air arrivals) go up!
    OBA you will always have my vote,with this type of positive action.Well done!

    • Tough Love says:

      Who said no performance then they are fired? Do you know how a board operates?

  25. Bermuda123 says:

    The race comments on this are sounding as if they think it is a “perk” to be on the TA. Please remember that this is a volunteer position and will be a thankless one in terms of the effort and work required and the huge public scrutiny they will be under. I am confident that others were asked and have declined, so thank you Board members for being willing to take on the job.

    Regarding the $20,000 I will bet that most of the directors will either not take the fee or will contribute it back. I don’t know why a fee was provided as most similar organisations are pro-bono, however I am sure there is a good reason.

    As always, posters on these matters rarely out forward an informed alternative.

    Good luck TA – Bermuda is counting on you.

    • DONT BE FOOLED says:

      It’s not about the money it’s about the networking – those little contracts, permit approvals, perks etc. Same way the CoH don’t get paid but have PLENTY rewards.

  26. swing voter says:

    That tourism board is not Black enough Mr. Crockwell. I nominate Betty Trump, Duane Santucci, MP Wow, Senator Independent, and Just Askin 2…or yeah and LudiChris Furby has the chair.

    • somuchless says:

      Swing voter. You one crazy fool. Lets have a drink on Sunday.

  27. Sign Up says:

    For all of you that say people need to stop dropping the race card and to move on need to open your eyes and get up from behind your computer screens. I invite you all to take a drive around the island one day. Our beautiful, wealthy Bermuda island, where many thrived for so long.

    We’ll take a drive through some of our more affluent neighborhoods. Then after that we can take a drive through some of our struggling neighborhoods. We can go visit westgate and Co-ed. Take a drive through the ghettos. The stench of oppression and slavery lingers in this island like a festering sore!

    It doesn’t take a Phd or college degree to figure out where the power,wealth,influence resides in this island. This creates resentment and anger within the black community. Hence the comments made on this site.

    I believe extra effort should be made to identify capable/keen black Bermudians for these positions. Special attention and effort made. Make amends for the wealth that was build on the backs of those less fortunate. Wealth that was passed down generations.

    Funny thing is, just as wealth is passed down in the white family, suffering and pain from generations of oppession is passed down in the black family.

    Although we would like to move forward and forget the suffering of our past, we cannot, for we continue to live its legacy and pain. From the mouths of the Ghetto youth!

    • Mike Hind says:

      For me, “playing the race card” – a phrase I can’t stand – means “Unfairly bringing up the disparities between the races for an ulterior motive”, and it happens on all sides.

      This one, I find ridiculous, as the call for representation is a) brand new and b) hypocritical given that there has been little to no demographic representation in Government in the past many years and, in fact, a call for just the opposite in many cases… and c) this group is closer to an actual representation that most people calling for it are claiming.

      We have a long, long way to go, but if we keep using – and accepting the use of – race and history and disparities as political weapons, we’re never going to get where I think we all want to be.

      • Sign Up says:

        Mike, I agree with you completely. I just don’t like the whole “get over it” comments made. Some wounds aren’t so easily healed.

        Resentment and anger are powerful emotions. Causes lots of things to be said, as irrational as they may be. But never, ever tell a man to “get over it” until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes.

        • Mike Hind says:

          I don’t either and agree with you.
          I’d rather hear “How can we fix this?” or “That IS a problem. How do we make it better?” and actually have a conversation…
          Actually talking and learning and figuring out solutions really is the only way we’re going to get past the resentment and anger, and the defensiveness and anger stemming from it.

          Sadly, there are those on both sides that don’t want to have that conversation.

          • terry says:

            Bwahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Mike Hind.
            Your the first to block and ridicule people.
            Now you want dialogue?


            • Mike Hind says:

              Shhh shhh shh…

              Sane people are talking, Rummy.

              You know why you were blocked.

              Now please stop.

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      This is about improving the industry so that it employs more of the people you’re tslking about. We don’t want “keen” people on the board who might “value the experience”. We want the most serious, experienced people. There aren’t chances left to keep screwing things up.

      • Sign Up says:

        I also mentioned capable, not just keen. I’m not so naïve to think we can simply put a few eager beavers in there to get the job done. But as long as it “appears” to some that blacks are being overlooked, it will continue to feed the resentment and anger within the black community.

        That is why I feel the need to make extra effort to seek out qualified, eager, experienced and capable black Bermudians for these roles. If it “appears” as though that was not the case, expect the comments to continue.

        Perception is a funny thing. What looks perfectly normal for us might reek of racial favoritism to others.

        • Sandy Bottom says:

          And that’s why there are capable black people on the panel. It’s a diverse panel with a range of experienced people.

      • Tough Love says:

        Are you as ignorant as you sound? Look up the word ‘keen’ and think about your answer.

        • Sign Up says:

          @Tough Love. I’m only as ignorant as you perceive me to be through your interpretation of my comments.

          I know exactly what I mean when I use the word keen. In this particular context, I meant someone who was eager and enthusiastic about filling the role. That alone wouldn’t qualify someone for the post, regardless of color.

          Words have many meanings my friend, depending on the context in which they are used. Think about that next time.

    • Betty Trump says:

      Well said young youth !!

      • Hmmm says:

        What are your thoughts on the Hansard? I now see it in these comments.

    • Lenin says:

      sorry that is just pure BS looking for any excuse. so this means my ancestors the cave man is to blame??

  28. Kangoocar says:

    Your statement falls down in your 2nd to last paragraph and you lose all credibility!!! Why is that you think all white families were handed down wealth?? As a white person that was handed down nothing ( and there are more than you think like me) and was turned down repeatable by the banks to get a start in life, I found a way by not giving up!!! I quickly realized that I did not need my Toyota Corralla car with the 7 inch chrome mag wheels on it along with a trunk full of speakers 35 yrs ago!!! I worked my but off to save enough money to start a business with all I had to start a business, and remember no bank would lend me anything!! This was a big risk but I did it and am now successful and it had nothing too do with the colour of my skin!!! The sooner your types understand the realities of Bermuda the better we all will be!!! Give the race BS a rest already!!

  29. Mirror says:

    The racial breakdown is an outrage, It should be reflective of the population of the country.

    as should the Civil Service which is majority black, there needs to be a significant adjustment to the service to increase jobs for whites.

    oh wait..that’s different. Hypocrites.

    • Sign Up says:

      @Kangoocar, at no time did I say all white families had wealth to pass down. I would never say that, especially considering that my poor old white mother never had a cent to pass on to me.

      I was simply trying to illustrate how someone who might not have necessarily experienced racism in its heyday, could still hold the same resentment as its legacy was passed down generations. Passed down just as easily as the wealth acquired from it by certain white families.

      You’ve had to forge your own way, and that’s great. Many didn’t have to. I also invite you to pass on the wealth of knowledge and experience the youth of tomorrow who might not have a chance. If you already are, I commend you!

    • Sign Up says:

      @Mirror. No, that is exactly the same. I was merely commenting on a particular topic. Being biracial tends to give you a unique perspective on racism. I’ve witnessed loved ones experience it from both sides. I myself have experienced it in this beautiful island we call home, from both sides of the fence.

      I understand the anger within the black community, as much as I understand the anger within the white community towards the black community for continuing to bring up the race card. And all the ones in between.

      • neb says:

        white people get angry at us bringing up the race card because they have all black history knowledge and don’t want to share.. also they are guilty (association) for not apoplogizing, nor correcting past errors…when are people going to get tired of turning on the television only to see 99percent white people everyday of their lives imposing themselves on others, if it makes no difference about colour than why isn’t it reflective of the ranks of race which obviously black people have the original history and white people are the latent race or the last race to be grafted.. this is an obvious elephant in the room that people shy away from speaking about.. white people need to uproot themselves from being front and center all the time as it is apparent that they have made a mess of the world today…we call our young men deadbeat dads yet lots of black women were raped by white men who do not claim those children and never have!!!!someone please explain? we can never have equality because that would be blacks trying to immitate the lowest form of humanity…whites cannot stand the truth thats why whenever black people have prosperes whites have burnt it down or destroyed it because of jealousy.. we all have white relatives but that doesn’t cut it, its how we are viewed and undermined by other races who fail to recognize their roots!

        • Double Standards says:

          “because that would be blacks trying to immitate the lowest form of humanity”

          Good to know that whites are the lowes form of humanity.

          Sounds very similar to white supremeacists and their justfication for the oppression of black people.

          People with such thought processes are truly the lowest form of humanity with the least amount of intellect.

  30. Tellitlikeitis says:

    Shawn Crockwell said with the Board now in place, He will be able to step back from his day to day tourism responsibilities with only minimal oversight of the organisation.

    So let me see if I got this right, you do minimal work and have less responsibilities as the Tourism Minister, you hire a private Tourism Authorirty Board of whom all will be paid for doing a maximum amount of work, David Dodwell is the Chairman who has to paid.Tourism Board CEO has to be paid.

    Now let’s see if my mind can wrap around this madness -9 people all have be paid from the Bermuda people’s tax dollars to fund a private enterprise to oversee and try to raise our Tourism market from the dead.

    The ONLY way this all makes sense is to FIRE Shawn Crookwell ,after all he said he will be stepping back…doing what waiting on Tourism to turn around so The CEO can report to David and then David reports to Shawn and then report to the Premier.

    • Betty Trump says:

      Very important point and well said Tellitlikeitis !! Money Saved…I think NOT !!

      • somuchless says:

        You need a life. Seriously. Instead of defending the PLP on every little thing even when they’re wrong I suggest you go and practice your trumpet.

  31. Colourblind says:

    This island is finished.Race is all that matters to most who live here most of the time.So many need to travel to see how the races enjoy each other,and where you do not encounter race filled politics,with only an aim to take advantage.People are blinded by emotion and reasoning is thrown out the window.Nothing will change,as there are those amongst us who benefit by us being divided.

  32. godson says:

    ITS MORE ABOUT CULTURE THAN RACE….BERMUDA IS MORE THAN JUST A PLACE TO DO BUSINESS!!!!!!!!!Where are the Suzette Harvey’s who could offer the cultural/arts point of view? The SHINE HAYWARDS??? THE DALE BUTLERS???THE DENNIS WAINRIGHTS???? Are these really the best people to hand over a whole ministry to? And now what is Shawn Crockwells job? Does his healthy pay still remain the same? Are ALL of these members volunteering? There’s a few things that seem a lil shakey..We definately need a more balanced cultural involvement or this country will fall quicker than we think!!!!- Peace

    • Mike Hind says:

      This is the management team, isn’t it?
      The cultural side will be there, I’m sure. There’s nothing to say there won’t. But the management side should be staffed by management, no?

      I could be wrong, of course, but it seems to me that these folks are there to run the thing, not come up with the cultural stuff.

      • godson says:

        You are right brother Mike….you could be wrong…IMO you are wrong on this you honestly believe in your heart that our culture should not be represented at the directors meetings?
        Before you reply, please Let’s not “defend for the sake of defending”…

        • Mike Hind says:

          I never defend for the sake of defending. Let’s get that straight off the bat.

          And, as someone that is part of the cultural and arts side of things, I DO believe that this side is important… but not on the management side. The arts and our culture are INCREDIBLY important, and absolutely need representation. But they have a place. This isn’t it.

        • Mike Hind says:

          and “i could be wrong” refers to whether or not these folks are the ones that run it. I’m pretty sure – after looking into it after I wrote that post – that I’m not wrong. It wasn’t referring to whether my opinion was correct or about whether culture and the arts should be part of the management team.

          • godson says:

            I will ask you this brother mike…IF you had the chance to pick a Tourism Authority Board, would you include a representative from the culture/arts community?

            • Mike Hind says:

              For the management side of it? No.
              For the “Which direction should we go?”/ideas side of it? Absolutely!

              But for the “overseeing our tourism product as a business” part of the Tourism Authority, I would put in people who know how to oversee a large-ish business and understand the numbers and economics and how to make our tourism product as successful, financially, as possible, USING and implementing the ideas and suggestions and concepts put forth from communities across the board: Arts/culture, Hospitality, Transportation, Activities, etc. etc.

              • godson says:

                I believe that we agree more than we think..The only difference is that my humble opinion would suggest that they have a REPRESENTATIVE of the ideas that you speak about…you know, someone who also has the business intellectual to manage those ideas ……I know one person, he’s a good artist and he also has a lot to say..I must admit, I don’t know what his business experience is like….his name…….MIKE HIND…honestly, I thinl the TAB could have at LEAST 1 Mike Hind on board…

                • Mike Hind says:

                  Well, that is very kind of you, but I honestly have absolutely no place on the management side of things.
                  Ideas? Suggestions? Ways things could be done? Ways that I think they SHOULD be done?
                  When it comes to entertainment in the tourism industry, I have a TONNE of those and would be honoured to be part of the area of the Tourism Authority that deals with that.
                  But the board that oversees it all?
                  I am supremely unqualified for that! Believe THAT! *grin*

                • Mike Hind says:

                  And Brother D, I believe the exact same thing. I think that most of us share pretty much the exact same views, but we’re skewed by defensiveness when we think we’re being attacked… or are outraged by lies and unfairness.

                  I do get what you’re saying and, if, down the road, they DON’T appoint folks from the arts and all walks, to advise and help figure the path we should travel down, then I’ll be right by yer side, making off about it.

                  But right now? When all they’ve announced is the board that’ll be implementing stuff?

                  Too early to howl at the moon!

  33. godson says:

    This ignorance of kiss the businessmans’ a** is what EB tried and it failed!!!!!!He is probably smarter than most of the OBA!!!!PROMOTE OUR CULTURE!!! Don’t 4get where you come from OBA! Or you will be a 1-term Gov’t..

    • jt says:

      EB did not kiss the businessman’s ass or anything close to it. He lined up a few cronies for mutual benefit and not Bermuda’s. Catering to business for the benefit of us all is wise, EB snubbed them.

  34. Dwayne says:

    If the Tourism Authority’s mandate is to revive the tourism industry, why do we have 2 of the 8 (25%) board members whose own place of employment or ownership failing. Tucker’s Point is in receivership and Nine Beaches is non-existence. It leaves a lot to be desired.

    • Tough Love says:

      Yet somehow people are calling them the best team for the job.

      • “For every man that has a forward thinking idea, there are a thousand who try and bring him down”….crabs in a bucket???…damn we Bermudians are worse than that….
        David Dodwell is one of our most successful Hoteliers, and over 90% of his staff are Bermudians.
        Give the man a chance for Christs sake.

    • Onion says:

      David Dodwell was ONE of the owners of Nine Beaches. He owns the Reefs which is doing well and Nisbet Plantation in Nevis which has won numerous awards over the last few years.

  35. Triangle Drifter says:

    How does it matter what race these people are? Sad that EVERYTHING is turned into a race issue. Will Bermuda never mature? What does it matter what gender these people are? What does it matter the age of these people. What counts is the success record of these people & giving them the support they need because they will not be able to rejuvenate tourism all by themselves.

    It will take the dedication of everyone to have a hope of getting tourism back. Everyone includes those who have the grumpy looking faces at the bottom of the plane steps when they arrive to the last person to check the boarding pass when they leave.

  36. jonny says:

    paul telford?? HA! what a joke!

  37. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    playing the Race Card no longer works!
    didn’t you learn anything from Nelson Mandela

  38. Bullseye says:

    I can’t believe that the first twenty comments read were all about the skin-color head count. I just give up. We will get nowhere like this.

  39. Sandgrownan says:

    Race race race. idiots. No discussion on capabilities, no discussion on the future…just race. You utter utter morons.

  40. swing voter says:

    pathetic comments from some that can’t see beyond color and imagined disenfranchisement. you had your turn and your still not satisfied. does anyone remember Global Hue? Now compare that crew with the likes of Earl Graves an upstanding businessman who only cares about Bermuda for one reason, to make it successful once again. most of the authority members own businesses that earn 20k per day and would probably donate the stipend to charity

    • Sign Up says:

      Can you explain exactly what you mean when you say “you had your turn”. Who exactly had their turn, and at what?

      Don’t hold back. Say what you really mean.

      • Cracker with cheese says:

        What do you think they meant?
        Don’t hold back, say what you really mean.

        • swing voter says:

          Socialist, that what I mean. Even the Chinese and the Castro brothers came to their senses. Do you see where ‘free’ got us after 14 yrs? BTW my PLP supporting mother bought her home and 1/3 acre and raised 5 kids alone on a Government blue collar salary during the big bad UBP days…..go figure

          • swing voter says:

            BTW yeah I’ve been holding back for a long time, in other words open yur f***** eyes and see what really happened to Bermuda, how greed without trickle down has left ‘the people’ in a worst state than we were pre-1998. The party has been hijacked by a bunch of self serving narcissistic characters that are all for themselves. Its not my mothers PLP folks…the war is over but some don’t realize who lost more, “us or them”

          • Sign Up says:

            Your mother sounds like a strong woman. If only we had more like her in the community. Unfortunately, for every one of those strong women who were able to find a way, even when the odds were stacked against them, there are many more mothers who succumbed to it.

            What about the kids who’s mothers worked three jobs just to make ends meet. No house with acres, no great success story to pass on to others. Just survival. That was my white, die hard UBP supporting mother.

            I speak from a social consciousness, not a political affiliation.

            • swing voter says:

              no longer am I politically driven. after the bullshyte I personally encountered, which seemed to worsen after the last few stalwarts passed away, I knew that my vote was too precious to cast on a person just because they look like me. Seeing people I grew up with acting like power hungry children really done me in

        • Sign Up says:

          That statement can be interpreted in so many ways, that’s why I asked. I don’t know whether the comment was intended to be malicious, or in reference to a specific topic.

    • JustAskin2 says:

      “You had your turn”? You talk about imagined disenfranchisement and in the same sentence say some nonsense like this? This is funny… but a bit sad too.

      Unfortunately, to many voters, PLP = black and OBA = white, or least white-controlled. And many many voters voted specifically along those lines, continue to justify and defend mistakes, embarrassments and questionable activities along those lines.

      The racism appears to be thick in Bermuda (or at least in these comments), one side wants to hide it so they can continue and hold on to it thinking they gain an advantage, and the other side wants to get it out in the open so it can be eradicated.

      Reading these comments, I truly wonder if Bermuda will gain true democracy and wisdom or somehow degenerate into some sort of disgusting semi-apartheid state.

      • LOL (original TM*) says:

        “and the other side wants to get it out in the open so it can be eradicated.”

        If you think this is what the PLP want you are wrong IMO. It’s used to try to destroy credibility of political candidates among the majority of voters and push a peer pressure message on the fence sitters cause that’s what wins the elections here. PLP mouth pieces harps about why the UBP has a black leader and now the OBA, why? In what PLP marginal has a white PLP person even run in/and or won? If you say Minister Zane I boil that down to the constituency borders changing along with people who were temporarily housed there that voted in the election. If I’m wrong I will at least admit it unlike the Betty’s on here but I’ll need to see the proof.

        LOL I still say open all party meetings to the public via CITV let us decide who and what “our” (meaning Bermudian just in case it’s not clear) really are about. F’ all the secerts

      • Mike Hind says:

        You DO realize that someone in the PLP, early on in their time in power said “It’s our turn now”, right?

      • Sandy Bottom says:

        “You had your turn” is a response to the PLP saying it was “their turn at the trough”. Was it racism when they used the phrase, or is it only racism when someone else uses it? Let me guess…

  41. Your Joking says:

    So all the people complaining about the makeup of the board ….could you please provide the names of the people not chosen/overlooked ….it could be these we’re the only people willing to put in the time and effort…I have no idea..but I guess many of you do

  42. bluebird says:

    AH! the ole race card is up and alive again.
    If we want equality in the “RACES” should we not have a Majority of “BLACK” tourists.???

  43. bluebird says:

    I don’t know about you but the Dollar that I have in my pocket fifteen cents is derived from “TOURISM” and the other eighty five cents is derived from International Business.The tourism and IB what I have seen they seem to be “ALL WHITE”
    Now where does this Black or Afican “MONEY come from ??? I don’t even see and “ARAB” money flowing into Bermuda.

  44. bluebird says:

    I do believe that we are still in “DEBT” to the tune of $5.324BILLION dollars thank you to the PLP of 14 years.
    Our Economy is still going down and we are still “BORROWING” $300Million dollars per year to pay the HUGE Civil Service.
    Our interest payments are about $10Million “PER MONTH”.
    Would all you “RACISTS” please advise the rest of us just how are we going to pay this HUIGE DEBT OFF unless you have a new way of sucking blood out of a stone.

  45. Prayerful says:

    Why can we not have a caption to the picture saying who is who.

    I know Graves and Telford, but which of the ladies is Towlson?

    Why are mixed-race persons counted as blacks, are they more black than white?

    • Mike Hind says:

      Apparently, they’re not “counted as blacks”, by some folks here.

  46. Realist says:

    We know the PLP’s past tourism record,dismal.Good luck to this new bunch.

  47. Mixed Race says:

    To you Prayerful, if you knew your history you would know that back in slavery days if a person had an ounce of black in them they would be considered black. So to answer your question it is people like yourself who put labels on other people and judge them due to the colour of their skin. As the great Bob Marley sang “until the colour of a man’s skin is of no more significance than the colour of his eyes (there will be war)”. Wake up Bermuda and come together.

    • Sign Up says:

      Great quote! That is the reality. Bob Marley was so much more than a reggae artist, he was a philosopher.

      Most of us look at skin color. Some are just more blatant with their prejudices then others.

      Racism is like an old rusted car. Society slapped on a coat of paint and put in a used engine. Looks pretty good now, and runs well enough. But underneath that false exterior the erosion remains.

      I despise racism, or any person being oppressed because of the color of their skin. But until we speak honestly, and admit that it still exists, it will continue to live on.

      • LOL (original TM*) says:

        It will continue regardless as long as one person seems to be doing better than the other. Its the harsh reality that we are not created the same and therfor inequality exists………..

        LOL I’m a dad of two wonderfull mixed children and hope they get the best of both worlds. All I did was try to install a strong sence of worth in them.

  48. Speckled Hind says:

    Congratulations to those of you who managed to bring race into this. In fact the very first comment was about race. You must be so proud. Just what would you people moan about if we were all the same colour?


  49. American Zero says:

    If they do a great job and bring tourism back from the dead, does it matter what they look like?

  50. watching says:

    I can think of many black Bermudians that could have been appointed, who have similar backgrounds to the people on the Board – Patrick Tannock, Gil Tucker, Phil Butterfield, Glenn Jones, plus some people that are directly invested in the industry such as Derek Young (Taxi Association), Belcario Thomas, Muriel Richardson (Rosedon). I would think there would be more representation of the every day person rather than just these executive types.

  51. Raymond L. Robinson says:

    Wow, what a shame no one from the transportation sector was appointed to the board. Next to lodging and food, transportation is also very important when choosing a destination. Missed a great opportunity to bridge a gap.

  52. swing voter says:

    I think the idea was to appoint people with a track record of making the best business decisions without wavering and giving in to special interest or god forbid, self interest.

  53. Cap fit says:

    Watch tourism turn around.
    Eat your heart out PLP supporters,we know you want the govt to fail,you only want power!

  54. Watching says:

    Personally I think this is a positive step. HOWEVER, I have a real issue with Dodwell being on this Board.. He was useless as Tourism Minister and did nothing the past 14 years to warrant such a position. And he has his buddy Winfield managing money on the Authority. Same ole, same ole and makes me sick.

    • somuchless says:

      You’re right he was useless during the last 14 years. He was not the minister of tourism.

      • Watching says:

        Let me clarify, he was useless when he WAS Tourism Minister and during the past 14 years, where was he? No where to be found and now he has all of the answers…give me a break