BPS: ‘Unclear Whether Or Not Occupant Injured’

April 25, 2014

Police confirmed that they arrived at a collision scene on Tuesday [Apr 22] evening to find the car unoccupied, adding that “it is unclear whether or not the occupant[s] had been injured”.

A police spokesperson said, “Around 11:20pm on Tuesday, April 22nd police officers attended a reported single vehicle collision on Harrington Sound Road in Hamilton parish near the junction with Walsingham Lane.

The collision scene on Tuesday evening:

“On arrival a damaged car was found stationary and unoccupied at the scene. It is unclear whether or not the occupant[s] had been injured,” the police spokesperson said.

“Inquiries into this collision are ongoing and any witnesses are encouraged to contact PC Robin Evans at the Southside Police Station on 293-2222.”

Police also confirmed that there were no reported injuries in the collision that saw a car crash into a wooden railing on Wellington Street in St. George’s earlier this week.

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  1. Rich Tea says:

    Was it really windy on Tuesday night too?

    • Poor Tea says:

      So windy it blew away the passengers!

      • Um Um Like says:

        There were no passengers (or occupants). The vehicles were driving themselves.

  2. nuffin but the truth says:

    Bermuda cars have remote control get my drunkazz home options fitted,they don’t always work and if there is a speeding road they lose control.

  3. crumpet says:

    What all the vehicles were stone sober?

  4. Wazzzzz Up says:

    It is no secret that people leave the scene of an accident to avoid serious punishment. The punishment and monetary hit for leaving the scene of an accident is far less than getting caught for DIU. Insurance wont pay if you are found guilty for DUI. So why would anyone stay!

    Until the law is changed and insurance companies start denying claims for accidents when the drivers (of a car that was not stolen) leaves the scene AND until the punishment for leaving the scene of an accident is WORSE than if you stay than people will continue to take their chances.

    We have all read instances in the news where people have driven away leaving injured people in the road or left their cars behind to flee prosecution while at the same time an innocent victim fights for their life. We need to stop these COWARDS from running. I’m tired of my insurance premiums going up because of all these selfish fools HIT and RUN and because the insurance has to pay if they flee to escape being prosecuted.

  5. concerned ambassador says:

    Umm, where is the owner?

  6. micro says:

    How can it not be clear? Did they not pull up the vehicle’s records and pay the owner a visit?

  7. Transport control dept. Gave a driving license to this party…clearly some of the blame for this falls under their pervue?!

  8. Well…we must have clarity….let us clarify this matter immediatly…get fog horn leg horn on the horn to Scottland yard as soon as possible…I say…I say boy!.
    …who done did dat!?…say who dat!…when I say who dat!?…

  9. Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

    so five days later they want to confirm that they arrived at a collision scene…but can’t confirm the condition of the occupants!..? good job bps.