Confessions Of Border Crossing Brotha-Scholar

May 22, 2014

ty-ron-douglasBermudian scholar, writer, and educator Dr. Ty-Ron Douglas recently had a book chapter published focusing on his experience with race-related and social justice issues.

Called Confessions of a Border Crossing Brotha-Scholar: Teaching Race with All of Me, the chapter draws on Dr. Douglas’ personal experiences in engaging with and teaching about those sensitive and often polarizing issues.

Spanning 12 pages, the chapter explores a variety of topics related to Mr. Douglas’ personal experience as he traversed a number of geographic, political, and cultural borders.

The description said, “In this chapter, Douglas draws on his experiences in various educative spaces to share how he utilizes his positionality as a border-crossing “brotha-scholar” to teach about social justice and racism in university classrooms.

“In sharing how he employs his unique identity to help students negotiate various ideological borders in his courses, Douglas also models how socially just pedagogical practices can emerge out of who we are.”

Dr. Douglas took the time to explain his point of view with Emerald Publishing in order to detail what inspired him to write from such a personal point of view, his use of pedagogical techniques in educating, and the need for educators to bring “themselves” into the classroom in order to provide their pupils with insightful teachings.

To read Confessions of a Border Crossing Brotha-Scholar: Teaching Race with All of Me in its entirety, visit Dr. Douglas’ personal website¬†where the chapter is available on a PDF.

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