Dr Douglas To Release ‘Border Crossing Brothas’

September 26, 2016

Border Crossing Brothas Bermuda September 2016Dr. Ty-Ron Douglas, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis, and an affiliate faculty member of the Black Studies program at the University of Missouri, will release his latest book – Border Crossing Brothas: Black Males Navigating Race, Place and Complex Space – on Tuesday, October 4th in Bermuda.

The book’s description said, “Border Crossing Brothas examines how Black males form identities, define success, and utilize community-based pedagogical spaces [e.g., sport venues, barbershops, churches] to cross literal and figurative borders.

“The tragic deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Tamir Rice in Cleveland, and numerous others from Brooklyn, Britain, and Bermuda whose lives have been taken prematurely suggest that negotiating race, place, and complex space is a matter of life and death for Black males.

“In jurisdictions such as the U.S. and Bermuda, racial tensions are the palpable and obvious reality, yet the average citizen has no idea how to reasonably respond. This book offers a ‘reasonable response’ that pushes readers to account for and draw on the best of what we know, the core of who we are, and the needs and histories of those we serve.

“Drawing on the educational and socializing experiences of Black males in Bermuda—a beautiful yet complex island with strong connections to the U.S., England, and the Caribbean—this book offers educators and leaders new language for postcolonial possibilities and emancipatory epistemologies related to Black male identities and success in a global context.

“Intriguing findings and fresh frameworks grounded in understandings of race, class, ability, transnationalism, culture, colonialism, and the construction/performance of gendered identity emerge in this book.”

Dr Douglas earned a Ph.D. in Educational Studies/Curriculum and Teaching with a concentration in Cultural Studies and a Post-Master’s Certificate in School Administration.

He has taught in K-12 and post-secondary settings in the U.S. and Bermuda, founded and directed a GED Community School, and served on the executive committee of the American Educational Studies Association.

He has also been the recipient of many awards and scholarships, including the 2008 Dudley E. Spurling Postgraduate Award and the Fessenden-Trott Award [Bermuda], the 2013-2014 UNCG School of Education’s Early Career Award, a 2013 Distinguished Dissertation Award by the American Educational Research Association [AERA], and the 2016 Mizzou College of Education Outstanding College Teaching Award.

Dr. Douglas’ most recent publications have appeared in outlets such as Educational Studies, The Urban Review, Teachers College Record, Race, Ethnicity, and Education and The Handbook of Research on Educational Leadership for Diversity and Equity.

He is the co-editor and a contributing author of 12 Shades of Man: Testimonies & Transitions to Manhood, and co-author with his wife of So Amazing… Her Story: Secrets to Finding and Keeping a Great Man. He has also written numerous book chapters and journal articles related to his research interests.

One of his most recent speaking events include a keynote address at the 2016 Sport Exchange Summit in Kansas City, MO, drawing on his 2015 NCAA grant funded study on Black male student-athletes at the University of Missouri.

Dr. Douglas will be a keynote speaker for the International Colloquium on Black Males in Education in Bermuda this October, and his book will be released on Tuesday, October, 4th at Brown and Co and it can also be pre-ordered via his website.

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  1. Widget says:

    Looks like this book could be a good read.

    • Onion Juice says:

      Very interesting, will have to add it to my collection. The disturbing thing is Black males have been emasculated and denigrated generally in the Post Slavery Era.
      Before then we were Mighty Warriors,Hunters, Builders, Timbuktu for intance was de center of learning for Astrology, Medicine,Science and Mathamatics before Europeans heard of Africa and WE built de Pyramids and they still cant figure out how de stones were transported and how they were built.
      Good work young man, you come from a long line of excellence.

      • Toodle-oo says:

        *and WE built de Pyramids and they still cant figure out how de stones were transported and how they were built.*

        And exactly what happened to all that knowledge ? Why haven’t any of you sat down with archaeologists and historians in the last 500 years and told them how it was done ?

        Oh, right . It’s because you haven’t got a clue either !

        Keep up with the continued re-writing of history though .

        • Onion Juice says:

          Simple, they used de Nile to transport stones on barges and they uesd giant ramps and MEN and BRAIN power to build it. But knowing how a CERTAIN group of people will deny de knowlege of Africans, they will give a theory that aliens built them LMFAO.
          Africans also built de Aztec and South American Temples if you check de timelines. And if you want more proof,Google Olmec Heads.
          Ok, class is over.

          • wahoo says:

            I thought they used slaves….How big are those “stones”?

            • Onion Juice says:

              The slaves concept is a farce, de pyramids were built LONG before there was any mention of Abraham, Moses or Jews. I know its very hard to believe that Africans can acomplish such great monuments in a unified civil structure.

            • Just the Tip says:

              Big, like quite a few tons. If i recall it was slaves and other people. farmers and the like because when the nile use to flood they couldn’t work so they would go work on projects like that to keep the getting paid. we the waters would go back the would go back to farming.

          • Jus' Wonderin' says:

            Africans did NOT build South American temples if you actually knew your history. Incans built there own, Mayans, etc I could go on for days. But keep spewing nonsense lol. The Olmecs came before them but they weren’t Africans so to speak.

        • LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL says:

          Racist much^^^^????

          If you look at all the information given on the pyramids you will discover several significant people who are of a certain color who found out how the pyramids were built, but on what ever grounds or principles they had at the time (not too hard to piece it together) chose to scrape, chip and destroy the writings and picture illustrations that were inscribed on those ancient walls. Its all there for anyone to read and see.

          So, making weird or strange accusations like the post above shows a lack of knowledge, understanding or just plain ignorance to the fact.

        • Mercy says:

          Bang on about the re-writing of history part Toodle-oo. At least that’s what he or she is doing in there own small world.

      • Widget says:

        @Onion Juice

        Your a piece of work.

  2. Glenn Blakeney Jr says:

    Congratulations Ty-Ron, I always vision you as being successful in whatever goals you set for yourself and it doesn’t seem to end here. Keep up the good work.You have impacted so many lives. He was also a very talented cricketer.

  3. serengeti says:

    I believe the word is ‘brothers’.

    • Onion Juice says:

      Obviously you dont understand ebonics.
      Google it you might learn something.

      • serengeti says:

        Wouldn’t it be more constructive to spell things correctly?

    • Thoughtful says:

      Here we go again!! zevon,zendrive,serengeti,serengti..whomever you are today…is that all you got from the article?? Then you liken your own comment! LOL I believe the word is “losers”

      • serengeti says:

        Take your meds man.

        • Thoughtful says:

          LOL HUH? you know exactly what I’m talking about.Wanna talk about taking meds..all those names you post under then liken you own comments under those names. That’s a recipe for multiple personalities…heed your own advice Serengeti,serengti zevon or zendrive, and take your meds. How is it that on many other articles you post something on Bernews and say the same exact thing on that other useless website? lol

          • serengeti says:

            I spelled Serengeti wrong once or twice. A typo. Obvious to most people, but you see it as a conspiracy.

            Other than that, you’re delusional.

            Is this your way of avoiding discussing the point?

        • Onion Juice says:

          Sometimes we use Bro.

  4. St Geo says:

    LOLOL this is something great by a Bermudian man be encouraged and I look forward to attending and buying book.