Video: Sports Illustrated Features Dr. Douglas

November 8, 2020

Bermudian Dr. Ty-Ron Douglas was recently featured on the Sports Illustrated’s Daily Cover show, with Dr. Douglas discussing racism and protests during a segment on how “the Missouri football protest changed college sports forever.”

A Sports Illustrated story said, “Almost everyone who witnessed, supported or participated in the protests of ’15 has graduated, been nudged off campus or found other reasons to leave the university. Some administrators who came to Mizzou to fix the crises that followed, or to address the racism that sparked them, have also left, their work unfinished.

“That’s not a coincidence, says Ty Douglas, an associate professor in Mizzou’s department of educational leadership and policy analysis since 2012.

“Universities seek to ensure that whatever is considered a breach or a disruption—that those things simply don’t happen again,” Dr Douglas says.

“I’m not sure the institution is as committed to changing what caused the disruption. Are you blaming people for raising the concern rather than addressing the concern? That’s like blaming a doctor who diagnoses you with cancer for the cancer—rather than dealing with the disease itself.”

“I’ll be honest: I have disappointments about what I have seen since 2015,” says Dr Douglas, the education professor. “I know that there have been individuals who have come [to Missouri] and have sought to do good work within the system. But I have not seen the system change.”

You can watch the video above and read the full story here on the Sports Illustrated website.

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