Premier Dunkley: Seven-Day Deadline Request

July 27, 2014

[Updated] Premier Michael Dunkley addressed the People’s Campaign’s seven-day deadline given for Government to formally respond to a letter presented to the Premier on Friday.

A government spokesperson said, “Following Friday’s march, the People’s Campaign had indicated that if a Government response was not received seven days from the issuing of the letter, there would be a risk of further demonstrations.

“However this evening Premier Dunkley particularly wanted to clarify that contrary to public comments by the members of the People’s Campaign, the letter presented to the Government did not stipulate a deadline for response.”

Update: BIU President Chris Furbert tells the crowd they expect a response in seven-days:

The Premier said, “While I won’t get into the specifics of the document presented, I think it’s unreasonable for the People’s Campaign leadership to make such a public declaration regarding a deadline without formally including it in the documentation provided on Friday.

“On Friday, I acknowledged that I appreciated the views shared by the People’s Campaign and their supporters, and what I committed to do was to confer with my colleagues with a view of providing a response once we have discussed the matter.”

Premier Dunkley continued, “I think it’s important to point out that if the campaign organisers are genuine in their pursuit, they cannot realistically expect a seven-day solution.

“The reality is that there is agreement on the fundamental issue – both campaigners and the Government agree that there should be a path to status for PRCs that meet certain criteria. The primary issue is around the process that should be applied.

“Perhaps this serves as an opportunity for us to engage in an appropriate discussion regarding this matter. To this end, a reasoned approach and realistic time frame is required.

“Finally, I recognise that recent events have resulted in high tensions and discourse. As I’ve recently said, as leaders we have a responsibility to encourage reasoned dialogue, and I want to encourage all involved to continue to temper the discourse and let us continue to work together for the common good of Bermuda in a conciliatory manner.”‎

Reverend Nicholas Tweed  mentions the 7-day deadline in the video below:

The march came after Minister Michael Fahy said that the Ministry is withdrawing the appeal in the PRC status matter and “the avenue to Bermuda status for certain PRC holders that was created by the previous government in 2001 will stand.”

The Bermuda Trade Union Congress, Progressive Labour Party and the People’s Campaign have objected to this matter, stating they that said they aren’t objecting to the concept of PRCs getting status, but are calling for comprehensive immigration reform.

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  1. Sparky says:

    Next general election OBA 30 seats. PLP 6 seats.

    • js says:

      if the OBA loses Bermuda is finished

      if the OBA wins Bermuda is finished

      go figure

    • Varied is good says:

      Even the most optimistic OBA cheerleader would be crazy to think that kind of election result is a possibility. This island remains deeply polarized politically.

    • High road says:

      How do you figure?

      • Luis Suarez says:

        All I can figure is the arrogance of all this.

        If every unhappy group demanded 7 day timeframes from the Government, where would we be?

        Can we please let the Government get on with things, and the PLP can respond through the normal channels, namely Parliament.

        • Simple solution says:

          7-day timeframe?

          How about the PC and the rest of the sheeple HOLD their breath for 7 days…ahhh then where would we be? lol

    • Check again says:

      This island is divied by race when it comes down to voting plp and oba aka ubp.Thus the reason for the oba surrogate front. Unless the oba finds another 10,000 new white faces oba 30 and plp 6 seats will never see the light.

    • frank says:

      it is nothing wrong with dreaming
      a house built on sand will fall down
      2 down 2 to go
      stay tuned

      • hmmm says:

        the OBA was born from an inclusive Bermuda, by Bermudians. If you are calling Bermudians sand then shame on you.

    • X man says:

      It could be an OBA win if the OBA can recover the ecconomy ,get the standard of living up, and get people back to
      work with decent pay.— but if the voter see’s otherwise they could swing towards the PLP.
      The next election will be the most vicious,hostile and dangerous event ever happened in Bermuda.
      I don’t think it’s going to be a one party voters steal because were still got several years of crazy political madness
      3 yrs to go.—- it seem that every week either the OBA or the PLP does Something off the mark.
      OBA 30 seats is beyound wishful thinking – more like 20 if they focus on the issues that got them voted in in the forst place.

    • X man says:

      It could be an OBA win if the OBA can recover the ecconomy ,get the standard of living up, and get people back to
      work with decent pay.— but if the voter see’s otherwise they could swing towards the PLP.
      The next election will be the most vicious,hostile and dangerous event ever happened in Bermuda.
      I don’t think it’s going to be a one party voters steal because were still got several years of crazy political madness
      3 yrs to go.—- it seem that every week either the OBA or the PLP does Something off the mark.
      OBA 30 seats is beyound wishful thinking – more like 20 if they focus on the issues that got them voted in in the first place.

    • Jules says:

      7 Days sounds more like a threat rather than collaboration. But then does either the Government or the union/ PLP backed Peoples’ Campaign know the meaning of the word collaboration.

      We indeed live in uncertain political and socio-economic times this little island of ours does.

  2. Kangoocar says:

    The people’s campaign/biu/plp only intent is to disrupt the forward movement of this Island that has been created by the OBA!!! This is the time for the OBA to grow a pair and remind them that they were elected to lead and lead they will!!! Once again, ( this time a much smaller crowd ) shows up making the usual noise??? But it did not go unnoticed by me that they were made up of the same old over the hill individuals that are still living in the 1960′s the only difference was they tried to boos their numbers by having school children join them to boos their ever dwindling numbers, how pathetic is that ??? Premier Dunkley, do what you were elected to do and lead, which means ignore the nonsense of the combined opposition, and if necessary break them now!!!! They starve to death long before all right thinking other Bermudians will, just do it and for once and for all end the nonsense!!! We all know the day has come when you see the likes of that moron Holdipp wearing a sign telling all non Bermudians to leave and the icing on the cake woman carrying a sign stating nothing but racial nonsense??? For all of our well beings, we need to stop the idiotic behavior NOW!!!!!

    • concerned ambassador says:

      @Premier Dunkley, as much as I feel this issue needs a more in depth study so that we the people can be educated on this controversial matter. I would encourage you NOT TO NEGOTIATE!

      • Tough Love says:

        Not to negotiate with the citizens of the country? Yes, we’ve seen how well that’s worked in Egypt, Ukraine, etc.

        The people of Bermuda are not terrorists. Ignoring their cry shows why the OBA doesn’t care for the little man in Bermuda.

        • Jamwasea says:

          And you consider that 500 strong march to be Bermuda do you?

          Here`s a news flash for you,,,, Their not!!!

      • Ian says:

        You should be more “concerned” about the fallout if they do not “negotiate”, as its more than obvious to everyone at this point OBA consistently puts interests of non-Bermudians first and foremost. And theyve clearly run out of ways to spin their way out of every predictable move they make…

    • non political says:

      Who are the racist? Tony Brannon writes worst but the community is silent.

      Cancel my support his so called peace concert and so should you

    • YOU ARE DREAMING says:

      You cant break the PEOPLE!!!HAHA THE PEOPLE elected the Government and PLEASE DONT FORGET THAT PRC HOLDERS CANT VOTE AS OF YET SO DONT UNDERESTIMATE THE PEOPLE !!! OH BTW The 500 that were marching out numbers the 400 that were polled!! Chew on that!

      • hmmm says:

        The PRC holders are PEOPLE. PEOPLE who have contributed to Bermuda since before 1989. PEOPLE who have not deserted us in our time of need despite this latest attempt by the PLP to use them.

        • Ian says:

          Do you ever think about what this island has “contributed” to their (PRC holders) quality of live. On relative basis I would expect MUCH more than what they have contributed to Bermuda when you consider the quality of life where many of them originate from. This does not dismiss the value of PRC-holders but rather acknowleges the FACT it has not been a one sided relationship where its only PRC-holders bringing value to Bermuda(ians) who you folks perceive to be the only beneficiaries in the situation. In the absence of the money and lifestyle, those same PRC-holders (many of which genuinely love Bermuda now) would have never stuck around.

    • Simple solution says:

      When the Xenophobes and Racists march, the People of Bermuda who believe in : PEACE, JUSTICE, EQUALITY and SAFETY for everybody who sets foot on this Island should show up in Larger numbers. Who’s ready? Then and only then will there be a visual understanding that not everybody thinks like the Xenophobes and Racists.

  3. Huh says:

    I would humbly suggest that all who live in Bermuda adopt an attitude of gratitude. When you look around the world and see all the religious conflicts, wars, hunger, droughts, wild fires, plane crashes, unemployment, oppression etc. that we are so lucky to live together harmoniously in this Island paradise where we have freedom to express ourselves without fear of recrimination

    • Rumforbreakfast says:

      Now THAT’S the real issue! You are completely right : )

    • Ian says:

      So… so long as bad things are happening outside of Bermuda people should ignore the issues and injustices that happen here?

      • hmmm says:

        Not at all. If there are injustices and issues here, we should not ignore them.

        Ian, like that ladies sign. Do you think that sign was acceptible or not acceptible ?

        • Ian says:

          While it was extremely distasteful, that woman is free to write whatever she wishes. The same way I think Tony Brannon was free to comment that Black Bermudians single handedly ruined local tourism (back in 2007). People are free to express what they wish.

      • Huh says:

        Thank God we live in a place where all people can freely demonstrate against injustices and issues without fear of reprisals. It would always be nicer to see bigger crowds demostrating about important issues of the day.

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        And who do see as committing the injustices here on this issue, the government who is giving rights to people who are entitled to it, or the group protesting to prevent them from getting equal rights?

        • Ian says:

          Seriously… stop with the human rights stuff. That is old spin that noone is buying at this point…

          • Build a Better Bermuda says:

            I never said human rights, I said rights, in a clarifying point, legal rights, as defined by the law. The law that has been up held in the courts, as it as written in 2001, to clearly state that any PRC holder who has been here since before July 1989 are eligible to apply for status. Let’s be extra clear about this point, they have the right to ‘apply’, the law cannot grant them status. There is no longer any ambiguity about this. There is no murkiness about how they would be granted status, they would have to apply like any other eligible applicant, through the same process. It is our immigration law as it relates to their children and the other PRC holders that is not so fair and requires reform, however there is no valid reasoning as to prevent those who are currently eligible to apply under the law, to follow through with their right to do so.
            So I ask again the question you ignored; who do see as committing the injustices here on this issue, the government who is giving rights to people who are entitled to it, or the group protesting to prevent them from getting equal rights?

            • Ian says:

              While my reference to issues and injustices was in the broader context, an injustice regarding this issue stems from the fact that the intent of PRC legislation is clear to everyone, including PRC holders who signed off on the decision to be here without any expectation of being granted status. That legislation was established by reprsentatives of the majority on this island. It reflects their will. You can speak to the technicalities of what has been commonly referred to as the “loophole” until the cows come home. But it wont change the fact that there is NOTHING honorable about the OBA’s decision to exploit this situation for political gain despite calls from the PEOPLE to “pump the brakes”. To dedicate your intelligence toward conjuring up any alternative account of what is happening here is a sad waste of talent.

        • NONO says:

          Do you understand that status/citizenship is a privilege not a right? There you go again! That ENTITLED word again!!!

  4. James says:

    As usual, the interests of the vocal minority continue to hold Bermuda hostage. 500 angry people don’t represent me, or Bermuda — and I don’t care what Chris Furbert says! Screw the so-called seven day deadline: I’m going to enjoy Cup Match with the 64,500 people who truly love this Island and its beautiful people, PRC or otherwise!

    “People’s Campaign?” Whose people?

    • NONO says:

      …and a poll of 400 doesn’t represent me!!!!

    • long bay tradin says:

      James @ 7.21p.m. well said. The so called People’s campaign do NOT represent me or speak for me. Right on……whose people? Not mine.

  5. Coffee says:

    When Larry Marshall got a response from Premier Dunkley …. It made him MAD …. Despite what Dunkeley promised he has since turned his back on Mr .Marshall … To BADD MARSHALL you expected to much … Likewise he will handle The Peoples Campaign with equal disdain !

    • Hmmm says:

      An end date to conscription has been given. PLP were dead set against ending conscription when in power, So don’t talk smack.

  6. Rumforbreakfast says:

    Bottom line is that the People’s Campaign and supporters are calling for Justice… well, justice is surely upholding the letter of the law. So, they must do that and allow applications to be processed. I don’t like it any more than the next born Bermudian, but I do realise that it is the only fair and legally appropriate solution. Government must fix the legislation though – it’s crazy that we even find ourselves in this situation.

  7. Soooooo says:

    Mr Premier… Please don’t give in to threats… We know you are doing the right thing!!!

    • Evie says:

      The right thing to do would be to have a comprehensive immigration reform not let’s do this for now and do this later this is not just about PRCs it’s about all of us all of US Premier Dunkey ALL of US

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        A comprehensive reform would involve giving them the ability to apply for status at this point anyway, so what does it matter if they apply now or later, they still have to go through the exact same process as anyone else seeking status. Reform is required to adequately address other PRC’s and the children who can’t apply at this time.

      • Hmmm says:

        No it wouldn’t. That eould just push things down the road and take away resources from the recovery of Bermuda. A very typical PLP trait.

        • Tough Love says:

          What resources would leave Bermuda if we do this properly? Name them!

          • hmmm says:

            Time in the house, legislators, debate time, re draft, votes, rewording. all the time with the PLP running to the media trying to kick up a storm in order to get votes. Peoples time reading about it, not being productive and perhaps many of the PRCs who contribute to the fabric of Bermuda.

            Doing it properly ??????
            The law is the law and PRC’s in question have the right to apply for status. That is currently properly.

            These people are being messed about and used as pawns by the PLP and their offshoot groups. Totally unacceptible. These are people of Bermuda, QUIT playing with their lives.

        • Ian says:

          Thats an ignorant,contradictory position though isnt it? Youre the same people that talk about the PRC holders are “Here”… “Amongst us”… “Not going anywhere”… “Home owners”.

          So how the heck does a well-paced, comprehensive approach to immigration reform create the threat of taking away resources from Bermuda’s recovery. IT DOESNT! And this is just another fact that speaks to what is nothing more than an OBA agenda to bolster its support base.

          You folks make it sooo obvious you cant process things beyond your own blatant biazses. Thats why your arguments make to sense to the people you think should be stupid enough to buy your (and your party’s) spin.

          • hmmm says:

            The PRC holders are going to vote for who the heck they want. Why do the PLP assume they will vote OBA ?

            that is pure misinformation.

            This isn’t about that, it is about their rights, quit using them as pawns PLP.

            • Ian says:

              Uhh “hmmm” do you really think people are stupid enough to buy that?? Really?!?

              You couldnt even sensibly address my points above. And beyond that a 5 year old can seen the connection between the facts 85% of PRCs are white and historically 95% of whites have NOT voted for the PLP. You call that “misinformation”???

              Do you really think in this day and (information) age people are too dumb to recognize that the OBA is VERY well aware of what this means for them. STOP INSULTING PEOPLES INTELLIGENCE with your denial!!

              • serengeti says:

                Maybe the PLP should start thinking about how to appeal to a broader base of potential voters.

                • Ian says:

                  Maybe the OBA should start thinking about the potential backlash against the folks they (to some) seem to be making a concerted effort to accomodate before average Bermudians.

              • Hmmm says:

                So Ian for you it is about votes and not about people.

                SO SAD.

                Shame on you

                • Ian says:

                  Playing dumb as usual I see…
                  For starters this is about votes for the PLP and OBA. For the latter however its about giving the vote away to foreigners (albeit settled here) in a shameless, dishonorable way under the guise of human rights. I have NO TIME for anyone that is gullible/foolish/naive enough to believe the OBA is doing this for any other reason outside of bolstering their support base.

                  Whats “SAD” is your insistence on chugging the Kool Aid you drink to sleep better at night.

              • Come Correct says:

                Where do you get the number 85% are white?

                • Tolerate says:

                  Out his a**. Really??? What does West Indians origins classify under???
                  Guess it appeals to more sheep to show PRC’s in that light.

                  • Tolerate says:

                    I guess the break down consist of;
                    European= white
                    American= white
                    Canadian= white
                    Portuguese= white
                    Asian= white
                    South Asian= black
                    West Indies= black

                    Guess Ian has a point??????

                • Tough Love says:

                  Can you prove him wrong?

                  • Tolerate says:

                    Has he proved his break-down is factual yet??? After all, he made the statement; but you ask to prove him wrong???? Great logic; I got one, the sky is really read…. now prove me wrong!!!!!

                • Ian says:

                  Simply based on the split of the circa 1400, as described by the OBA. A sample size that is more representative than the alleged 400 that favored granting status through the shadiness of a loophole…

                  Funny how you dont contest that historically 95% of whites (at least) choose not to vote for the PLP. Many being the same folks that go around calling blacks racists LOL

                  • Kangoocar says:

                    Ian, you really are that stupid aren’t you??? When a political party comes right out and says ” we don’t care what you think ” why on earth would the white population vote for them????? When the plp actually changes and becomes an inclusive party for all Bermudians that would change!!! By the way, what do you think the chances of Zane being your leader is??? I will answer for you because you are are dim witted, ZERO’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                    • Ian says:

                      Oh look… more delusional accounts of local history, ranting and name calling from Kangoocar… Time for your pills old man…

              • mdb says:

                why would white people vote for people that don’t like white people? sounds pretty stupid

            • NONO says:

              …When history tells us that 99% whites vote OBA/BDA/UBP(you choose) and 85% PRC Holders are white, then it doesn’t take a genius to work out the stats!!

              • NONO says:

                Remember also Stephen Decosta said he and the OBA targeted the black community. That wasn’t to provide jobs for unemployed blacks but to buy their vote!!! No different from the OBA now trying to pit PRC HOLDERS against the PLP for what other reason other than their future vote!!

  8. Robert says:

    The two mikes could care less what you marchers think.

    • Hmmm says:

      Yes they care about what people think. What a stupid thing to say Robert.

      • Tough Love says:

        Where’s the proof of that statement? Everything that they’ve done has proven that they don’t care what the marchers think. Didn’t the premier cuss about the people doing the petition for gaming?

    • jt says:

      Caring and bowing to a vocal minority are not the same.

  9. Build a Better Bermuda says:

    With them now saying that they aren’t opposed to PRC’s getting status, I must say, it seems to me that the PLP/PC/BIU are already for summer… they have their flip flops on.

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      To be more serious about this, I find it quite deceiving of them to say that they aren’t opposed to PRC’s being able to apply for status, just the way they get it. The reason for this is that they claim that the current path doesn’t provide a clear process for them to get status. This is in fact a lie, the current legislation provide a provision stating they can apply, the process is already clear and there, it is the exact same path for any other status applicants they have to apply with the same paperwork and accompanying documentation that any other status applicant would, there is no ambiguity for their process, it has been employed for decades, and in all likeliness, wouldn’t change with any reform. Application form, letters of reference from Bermudians, police background check.
      The next sticky point is what about any PRC’s post 1989, and any children that aren’t able to apply at this time. This is where immigration reform is needed, but just because it is needed here, doesn’t mean that those who are eligible to apply now should be made to wait, after all, any reform will make them candidates anyway as they have been here the longest.
      Perhaps the PLP/PC/BIU need to just come out and be honest, they actually don’t want PRC’s to get status, they want to stall the reform long enough for another election to come along, hope that they win, then they can bury the issue and keep PRC’s as second class citizens. Maybe even drive a few out, to make it look like they are for ‘real’ Bermudians. These PRC’s have been work and contributing to the well being of this country for decades now, that makes them as Bermudian as any other, even if they don’t have a piece of paper to say it.
      Finally, to the document of demands the PLP/PC/BIU issued to the government, it seems once again, they are unable to properly draft a document, they left off the ultimatum that they say was it’s intent. No wonder drunk drivers are still allowed to drive on our roads… Mr. Moniz you need to get that fixed ASAP.

  10. Triangle Drifter says:

    Not only the law as it stands the law, it is the right thing to do. The PLP did not mean to do the right thing passing this law but they did. Probably the best thing they did during their 14 years of ineptness.

    Stand firm OBA. Stand firm. A few hundred followers are not a majority no matter how much noise they make.

  11. Wake Up everybody says:

    Promised this and promised that. Promises broken. Why? OBA supporters are Not happy to hear the OBA say one thing before the election and do another afterwards.

  12. Enough is enough says:

    You people are foolish, who do you think you are giving the premiere an ultimatum.You should be worrying about keeping your job.These marches aren’t accomplishing anything.You wanna shut down the whole island,I hope you all still have a job when you get back to work.

    • Hmmm says:

      To shut down the island because the PRC holders in question should still get status, but not by this method would be insane. Are YOU insane.

  13. Infidelguy says:

    So it looks like the OBA are going to ignore the requests of the People’s Campaign over a minor formality? They always seem to want to weasel their way out of a controversial situation with some lame a** excuse.

    I heard Michael Fahy on the Larry Scott show this evening. There was one call from a PRC that asked him about her child who was born in Bermuda but who cannot benefit from the immigration “loophole” because he/she was born after the July 31 1989 cutoff date. I’m still waiting to hear the answer.

    • Tops Down says:

      I Did you see the woman holding the disgusting sign at the rally….of course you did! However, not a peep from Tweed, Furbert, Bean, CURB, or anyone from the PLP and so called People Campaign.

      We have been waiting longer for one of them say the right thing. They all missed the opportunity to DO the right thing on Friday but they could at least say the right thing. Why was she not fired from her job like Ms McPhee was.

      • Tops Down says:

        So far the only person to condemn the sign was someone that was not even there. Thank you Ms. Susan Jackson. That is what makes a leader. Thank you Ms. Jackson.

      • Infidelguy says:

        @Tops Down

        Not sure what the H you are talking about in regards to a woman holding a sign at the rally.

        I assume that when you say that you have been waiting for them to “….say the right thing” and “…do the right thing” what you really mean is that you are waiting for them to agree with you.

        Oh, and that “…woman holding the disgusting sign…” has every right to express herself regardless of what Bigots like yourself think!

        • Come Correct says:

          So why wasn’t it ok for McPhee? “It’s ok when we do it”?

        • hmmm says:

          sure she can express herself. From now on anyone who marches with those groups will be labelled with agreeing with that message, just as those who did not ask her to take it down are. It is racial hatred and has no place in the 21st century.

        • Anbu says:

          But if she was white it would have been racist right? No but because shes black she was just voicing her opinion. Ok i get it now. Smh.

    • jt says:

      So unless every ‘request’ of the ‘people’s’ campaign is enacted they are being ignored? I suggest they commit to being a third political party before the next election….winning should be no problem since they represent most of the people…and then they can govern as they see fit.

  14. LFC says:

    SO a non-bermudian is telling REAL bermudians how we should be doing OUR immigration reforms! Cry me a F*&^ river!

  15. Derek A. G. Jones says:

    I have no idea what the expected response would be but it sounds like the People’s Campaign have got at least a good part of their wish. The Premier has responded and stated he’d like to use this as an opportunity to discuss the events and determine what is the best way forward to allow PRC’s a fair and proper path to attaining status, exactly what the People’s Campaign has called for.

    Everyone must realize 7 days is far too short a time for a government to figure out the legal ramifications and costs in deciding to simply try to change a law to close a loop-hole that isn’t real that big of a deal in the first place. Ultimately our PRC’s should all be given the opportunity to apply for status anyway. As long as they meet the formal criteria already in place they should have no problem getting status.

    Hopefully reasonable minds will prevail and these disruptive marches are not going to become weekly events.

  16. nuffin but the truth says:

    who cares what a few hundred misguided people think!…they do not represent the vast majority of people of Bermuda.

  17. Onion says:

    So the OBA and the People’s Campaign are in favour of a path to status while the PLP strongly opposes it.

    Has anyone told the PLP that both the Bermuda people and the People are against them on this issue?

    Very interesting…

  18. Vote for Me says:

    Premier Dunkley,
    You are probably correct to note that perceived threats are counterproductive.

    In this instance, however, the required response is quite simple if you are prepared to be genuine.

    The request is to take time to consider what the people are asking for. It can easily be demonstrated that the intent of the legislation was not to grant status in a piecemeal fashion. All legislators know that legislation has an explanatory memorandum as preamble. A review of the preamble will show that granting status in this manner was not the intent.

    Under the circumstances, you may find that your leadership is strengthened if you agree as Government Leader to place a moratorium on the grant of status. You can then reconvene parliament before the November 7 timeframe and approve the amendment initially proposed by MP. Brown. You will be aware that you have the votes to pass a slightly changed version that attains the same objective but has an element of OBA input, if you want to ‘save face’.

    Bermuda needs genuine leaders at this time that are prepared to work for the entire country. We do not need brinkmanship or ‘playground bully politics’ at this time.

    • I awaken this morning to read your letter, which by the way makes a tremendous amount sense….Maybe you should address it directly to the Premiers Office / or The Office of the One Bermuda Alliance so as they get to “chew on the fat” prior to making anymore public announcements?

    • Derek A. G. Jones says:

      The OBA does have the votes to get that done, however what needs to be determined first is what impact would putting a suspension of the law in order to reconvene and change the law have? And what are the potential costs should people look to sue the government? We must remember that people have spent time and money on their lawyers following the rules already set in place. They will want to be compensated and rightly deserve to be.

      • jt says:

        It’s a shame Bermudians w non-Bermudian spouses didn’t organize over the housing licences.

        • Sandgrownan says:

          Btw..can i have my money back?

          • hmmm says:

            That was a serious injustice. Where were all these PLP marchers then !!!!!!??????

        • Derek A. G. Jones says:

          That’s exactly right. Bermudians were made second class citizens in their own country simply because they married a foreigner. Ironically it affected all Bermudians as it helped ruin the housing market and pushed prices down even further. Im surprised no-one marched against that law.

    • cybercop says:

      Finally some one with a workable solution for all. Lets do it Mr.Dunkley

  19. PRC says:

    25+yrs paying taxes!social insurance!pensions!creating employment!renting houses!buying houses!bus and ferry passes,buying groceries!cars,bikes!boats and more. This is only about disenfranchising people’s ability to vote.Stop the madness now and give those that have been here so long,STATUS. THEY DESERVE IT AS THIS IS NOW THEIR HOME.WE BERMUDIANS CAN HAVE MANY PASSPORTS AND EVEN WORK IN OTHER COUNTRIES BECAUSE OF IT,EVEN GO TO BRITAIN RUNNING FROM THE LAW AND COLLECT DOLE MONEY AND LIVE IN SUBSIDISED HOUSING.THOSE OBJECTING ARE HAVING THEIR CAKE AND EATING IT TOO,YET WANT NOONE ELSE TO DO SIMILIAR.TALK ABOUT GREED AND SELFISHNESS .PEOPLE IN THE MARCH AGAINST PRCS GETTING STATUS,HAVE IT THEMSELVES.

    • wantwant cantget says:

      can we vote?

      • Richard says:

        We already did, the OBA won. Not these 500 – nor the BIU, PLP or People’s Campaign.

    • Shell says:

      My 70 year old mother is a PRC holder and widow of a Bermudian. She moved to Bermuda when she was 12 and her father worked at Kindley Air Force Base. She went to school on the base and later attended Whitney Institute. She met my father in Bermuda and was married at 20. She worked on the US Bases up until she retired at 60. My mother was 55 when my father died. She lives with me and my family and lives off of her pension. She volunteers when she can. She drives, buys groceries, pays bills etc. She is not taking anything away from anyone else. She is happy with her life the way it is. The only things she would get from Bermuda Status would be the security of knowing she is not going to get kicked off Bermuda and the ability to vote. Which one do you think is more important to her?

      When people talk about PRC’s getting status and then their children can get status are wrong. There are so many qualifications that have to be met. My brother was born overseas and came to Bermuda as an infant. He left Bermuda when he was 17yrs old. He is not now nor will he ever be eligible for Status. Very sad that his family lives here but he never could.

      I am writing this so that you can see that the 1500 PRC holders are not laying in wait to take jobs from Bermudians and I imagine a good number of them are not interested in voting. While not releasing identifying information, it might be a good idea to release the demographics of the PRC holders as I believe those who are so against PRC holders would be very surprised at the makeup.

  20. Thin End says:

    The Government is obviously elected by the majority of voters and is representative of the majority.

    The People’s Campaign is a small unelected cell that is attempting to ignore democracy and force its will on Government by threats and media noise.

    Let the Government do what it was elected to do.

    • frank says:

      thats it they are doing all the things they said they were not going to do

    • Tops Down says:

      The People Campaign is the PLP and BIU! Zero difference in membership.

  21. Just wondering says:

    Mr Dunkley! I voted for the OBA, please do not give in to this nonsense! You represent the majority on a tuff issue now show your leadership qualities not your political qualities!

  22. Unbelievable says:

    If the People’s Campaign and the PLP and the BIU and BTUC have no problem with PRCs getting status….then why are they demanding all sorts of stuff and marching?

    • Infidelguy says:

      What planet do you live on?

      The People’s Campaign is asking that a the government put a temporary suspension on the granting of Status to PRC’s pending a comprehensive review of our Immigration Laws.

      A reasonable request don’t you think?

      • hmmm says:

        No, not at all. It would take years of debabting, be pushed down the road and the PRC holders in scope would be USED by the PLP as political pawns to incite hatred and divisiveness in order to gain votes, JUST as they have been these past weeks.

        These are people, these are people of Bermuda. These are people who haven’t run out and deserted us in our tough times. We should be proud of them and have their status granted, THEN do a comprehensive review.

        I think this is a much more reasonable request.

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        Except that any reform to our immigration laws would have to grant those that are eligible now, the ability to apply anyway. I do agree that reform is needed to answer the question about those children and PRC’s who aren’t currently eligible, but it would only be a disingenuous stalling tactic to not allow those who are currently eligible to not apply now. Remember, none of our immigration laws grant anyone status, they grant them the ability to apply for status. The application process is the same for all, so there is no ambiguity about the process for those PRC’s who can apply, and the ‘controversial’ provision quite clearly says who is eligible to apply. The murkiness is coming from those who wish to try and cloud the issue with misinformation for selfish political purposes.

      • Sandgrownan says:


      • Unbelievable says:

        SO they’re marching for immigration reform?

      • serengeti says:

        So you think it’s reasonable to “suspend” certain laws.

        What other constitutional and legal rights and freedoms would the PLP “suspend” if it were in power? Just so we know?

  23. tugboatannie says:

    I second that,Mr Premier…………Hold your ground.

  24. Local Yokle says:

    Always interesting when people who have serious deep rooted ties to other countries such as Rev Tweed show up and are at the centre of issues that are so decisive. All well and good for him to stir the pot, play on people’s raw emotions and if/when it goes berserko, he can fly back to Alabama….

  25. For Christ sake, let them demonstrate! This crap of dropping tools and ranting and raving about a Law that the former Govt. introduced and may I say, “passed” has gone as far as it need to go…
    The Govt are the One Bermuda Alliance and they need to lead Bermuda onto better days / years and stop allowing these Unions and “wanna-bes” from intimidating them.

  26. Somerset says:

    Rev. Tweed is prob not a Bermudian, so why does he open his mouth so wide over this issue. PHC should be giving 7 days for Chris Furbert to come to the wicket, so that they may proceed with their plans. Also, if further action is taken such as a Furbert ordered strike or sit down, the BIU should be ordered to pay the bond that they were let off of paying to Govt, that was set with conditions for no wildcat strikes, but that’s all Chris knows, be radical, not rational.

    • Tops Down says:

      @Somerset. I believe someone had indicated in an earlier Bernews post that the Rev Tweed was born in the UK to a Bermudian father and spent most of his life in the USA, returning here not that long ago. I would bet that 85% of PRC holders have spent more of their life here in Bermuda and done more POSITIVE for the community that this so called Reverend. Who is he to speak on “the peoples behalf”? He is a Johnny Come Lately, PLP leader wanna be! Sadly, he probably will be the next PLP leader. DB the sequel?! This story sound familiar to anyone!

      Most PRCs I know have a true love for Bermuda and want nothing more than to live somewhere in peace and love for thy neighbor. You know lie Rev Tweed preaches on Sunday. But is he another do as I say and not as I do preacher?

      The PLP has some bright and talented people and they need to step up and lead the party by example. The mere fact that not Mr. Tweed, nor anyone from Curb, the PLP or BIU that was at the recent march asked that woman to put away her racist poster is disgusting and shows their true colors. Not one of you so called leaders did a thing!

  27. somuchless says:

    Betty speak up. You always have something to say.

  28. Need Peace says:

    Dear Premier, here you go again, talking from both sides of your face! Seven days???? You have had enough time since this revelation by the Chief Justice. Why is it that this issue has been on everyone’s mind but yours? You’re such a fake! You have shown that you have no consideration for the sane thing to do. The PLP opened the floodgates to Immigration which overpopulated this little island. There was a housing shortage, job shortage, too much traffic, too much garbage and a water shortage. They have learn from their mistake. Do the sensible thing by closing the loophole, suspend the application then do an indepth study of the amount of residents that could live comfortably here. Failure to do so would only end in the destruction of the beauty of our Island. Those that do not agree with this logic only have their selfish agendas. Status was not promised to any of you so it wouldnt be a big deal if you waited a little longer. You won’t have anything to lose. At this point, the only important aspect here is to preserve Bermuda’s charm and her beauty.

    • Rumforbreakfast says:

      As someone who knows Michael Dunkley from a business relationship, I have to say that rarely have I met someone who is so genuine in his love for Bermuda and wants so much to do the right thing for our beautiful country. Regardless of what anyone says, and keeping politics out of this, he is a good guy.

      • wantwant cantget says:

        i can say the same for Marc Bean.
        But since they are both on public platforms fighting for a better Bermuda in their minds, there is always going to be negative criticism.

    • Ms. Poli Tician says:

      Bermuda is physically beautiful but the “charm” is just not there any more. It reminds me of a beautiful woman who then opens her mouth to talk – oops – not so alluring anymore.

      That said, I would not want to live anywhere else! This is my home, and I intend to make it a better place for my family, despite divisive politics and futile social activism.

  29. New Perspective says:

    Well said!!

  30. aceboy says:

    The People’s Campaign does not represent me Premier Dunkley. I am a Bermudian, born and raised.

    YOU represent me.

  31. Cleancut says:

    What is the difference between granting status now or at a later date. It’s going to happen anyway. The only People able to attain status are the ones that have resided in Bermuda prior 1989. This is not about any “loophole” these people marching have been dragged out by the PLP/ PC/ BIU/ Rev. Tweed and Chris Furbert, and their main goal is to stop the grant of status period. Who are they fooling? Certainly not the Premier/ government.

    • Fact Finder says:

      What the PLP tried to do with the PRC law was to make it so that PRC holders would NOT have ability to be granted status. Like everything they touched it was a failure! They NEVER wanted these residents to become Bermudian and have a voice by having the right to vote.
      For the PLP/BIU/PC/CURB to say they are not against it and just want the loophole closed is pure BS.

      The application process is still the same and not guaranteed. So what really is the problem? Talk to me after one of you makes that racist sign holding associate of yours apologize to the people of this country.

  32. MAKE MY DAY says:

    Mike Dunkley….Simply ignore these idiots!!! You and the OBA have more important functions to attend to – like attempting to jump-start the BDA economy and STOP the downward spiral!!!

  33. HOWZ DAT MAN says:

    The public now needs to know if people have already been granted status since Faheys decision. This would be in contradiction to his interview on the Government channel.He said that it would take atleast 6-8 months so if this is deemed true, then this is disturbing!!!

  34. Harry Buttle says:

    Just give the PRCs who apply status and let’s talk about immigration reform later. It isn’t like it hasn’t already been established that PRCs are eligible, that is without doubt. Please stop flip flopping on the issue. Either you’re going to grant status under the current law or you’re going to change the law. Don’t play games with those who’ve applied and have a reasonable expectation to have their applications go through.

  35. Unhappy says says:

    What a shame and what a bad advert for bda.We are trying to get out ofa big hole which the p l p created of course with no help from p l p and company. The way I see it is we will never get out with no help from them and if they get in again we will be in a bigger hole. SO SAD.

    • NONO says:

      Do you know that the OBAs spending is almost that of the PLPs in 18 months and that’s a fact!!!!

  36. Starting point says:

    1. the PLP has never been and is not for status for PRCs. FACT

    2. this is not a loop hole, it has turned out to be a simple and clean way for PRCs who have been serving this country for 25 plus years to finally be given a place alongside other Bermudians. the current legislation, allows for this and prevents other categories from receiving status – inadvertently the PLP have actually crafted a sound piece of legislation. THERE IS NO LOOP HOLE.

    to change the legislation is to change the law and thus prevent status rights for PRCs, any party who changes this legislation is opposed to status for this category of PRC. end of story.

  37. Concerned Citizen says:

    I do not trust this Tweed fellow. He seems to be using the unions to serve his own agenda. Really, they are using each other and USING the PLP base via subtle confusion. Wolf in sheeps clothing if you ask me.

    • Navin Johnson says:

      Kind of ironic that “the people’s campaign ” is being lead by a non Bermudian work permit holder who has been in Bermuda for less than 2 years……Reverend Tweed leads the march against people who have been here contributing for over 25 years while he just arrives and his family left almost 50′years ago….or is it just me

    • Joonya says:

      Farrakan/Sharpton/Jackson wannabe

    • GOD1ST says:

      You are correct concerned citizen. Time for him to go.His agenda is Eurocentric religious capitalization.

  38. swing voter says:

    3 observations:

    (1) Chris and Rev. were interviewed on 102fm…crowd estimates 2500-3000

    (2) Both agreed that a 7 day reply was demanded (in writing or verbal?)

    (3) The crowd did hackle government members, but not to the level of disrespect shown to the former Premier

    makes me wonder why the inconsistent behavior. wish my union will disassociate with that lot

  39. James H says:

    This whole issue has made Bermudians looking like selfish, spoiled brats.

    Get over yourselves. Special the woman with the sign. What a loser.

    • NONO says:

      Im sure you have fallen in that category since being afforded the quality of life here in Bermuda!!!Don’t forget where you come from!!! Be Grateful!!

  40. PRC says:

    Premier Dunkley,the People’s Campaign and Unions will march no matter what.Their agenda is to cripple the OBA so that the PLP will gain the govt.They say they do not mind PRC holders getting status.That is so far from the truth,that is what they fear.They,the PLP cannot convince sensible issue oriented people to vote for them,as their record speaks for itself.Unemployment,rise in crime,house foreclosure etc etc………! We better all hope and pray the OBA can save Bermuda.Giving status to people who have been here 25+ yrs is just the first step.

  41. Just a matter of time says:

    So tired of hearing ‘…let the Govt get on with things..’ These are ‘things’ the Govt has to deal with and is all a part of getting on!! It’s pure arrogance to minimize and dismiss these ongoing issues that run deep within the community as unimportant. If people do not trust and are unhappy with the way things are governed there is a knock on effect. The reverse is true as well.

  42. clearasmud says:

    The Premier must take responsibility for his party’s silence over this issue which has in my view been an important contributor to the hype. Now he says he is ok with Mr Fahy’s approach? If indeed it is simply the right thing to do then why did the government challenge the appeal? Why has the governmnet not provided its own legislation to allow for status to be granted? Why blame the PLP for causing the “loophole” if you think it is a good thing? If 57% of 404 people mean that its the right thing to do then what does a 100% of over 500 people mean?

  43. watchfuleyes says:

    Post the letter presented to Mr.Dunley please, we need to know if this is a stalling tactic by the OBA or an oversight by the People’s Campaign. @Enough is Enough, get back to what jobs???? @Concerned Ambassador- it never pays NOT to negotiate- I would think the past is evidence of that. @Onion all groups are one and the same, they pull from the same pool, did you not know that?

  44. Terry says:

    One thing that is quite obvious is the fact that the “PLP” Flag/Banner flies high over these marches and protests.
    The “BIU” plays a major role.

    Keep doing right OBA and let not 400+ bring the island to it’s knees.
    Were just getting out of the crouch position thanks to the ‘standard bearers’.


  45. Sparky says:

    Revoke Rev Tweed’s work permit before he becomes the next DrEB.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Since when does any reverend of any denomoination, Bermudian or not, have any business whatsoever sticking his nose in local politics?

      Tweed is nothing but a smalltime Sharpton or Jackson. He needs to stay in his own pulpit.

      • Terry says:

        Paid for with funds from the DrDreb campaign fund.
        Sparky is correct.

        Ramadan is over.
        Now funds to eat.

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      Actually, he is a Bermudian, he is just a Bermudian who has never lived in Bermuda until about a year and half ago.

      • Creamy says:

        If he is somehow a paper Bermudian despite having no ties here, it must be due to a loophole. And as he would say, it is wrong for a person to get status because of a loophole.

  46. NONO says:

    I thought that its no such thing as a Bermudian as many expats often say SO WHY DO YOU ALL WANT BERMUDIAN STATUS??? NONE OF YOU WERE BORN HERE SO THAT MEANS YOU HAVE A HOME TO GO TOO!!! You just cant be thankful for the fact that as an expat you have been afforded a better life living and working in Bermuda, most live better than Born Bermudians and at the end of the day you can leave and go back home and live comfortable while us Born Bermudians continue to struggle but have no where to go!

  47. PRC says:

    If Premier Dunkley caves in to a foreigner and his following,I will not support the govt!

  48. Rumforbreakfast says:

    1. Please leave the PLP alone. Move on.
    2. Please leave the OBA alone. Move on.
    3. Please can the politicians be allowed to work for Bermuda and try to fix our economy
    4. Please everyone try to remember that you are Bermudian and better than all this blame and infighting
    5. Please don’t discriminate against anyone of any race or nationality. We are better than that too.

    If for no other reason than I can’t stand seeing this happening to my country and my people : )

  49. Common Sense Please says:

    The PLP has a dilemma. If they don’t derail the OBA’s attempts to get the Island back on it’s feet, and the OBA is successful; then the OBA will remain in power.
    On the other hand, if the PLP sabotages these potential good things, then the OBA will fail, and so will Bermuda. This will please PLP diehard supporters, but will upset the “undecided ” voters who have the insight as to what the PLP will have done and why. It is these “undecided” who decide elections.
    My suggestion to the PLP would be to help to get the Island back on it’s feet and not hinder this, and come up with some workable plans to further this, and show that they are a viable government in waiting. They should not try to destroy that which they cannot control.

    • What you’ve written makes, “commonsense” and I’m sure, not only to me but many others as well…Yes,it’s quite a dilemma isn’t it? :-(

  50. Come On Man says:

    I ask the question Mr. Dunkley “how much time would you have given”? This isn’t Burger King.You can’t have your way all the time, what you are used to.