Historical Video: 1957 Bermuda Beach Fashion

September 6, 2014

This 1957 video that showcases beachwear popular in Bermuda at that time offers a particular focus on bathing suit styles, highlighting the island’s draw for those looking to escape harsh northern winters in favour of sun and beaches.

The video’s voice over says, “Bermuda, which has given us shorts and the onion, here offers some stylish beaches.

“The fashion accent of this fortunate Atlantic isle is on beach wear. For when most of the northern hemisphere tries to escape the weather, gals here bask in it – correctly dressed, of course.”

Fashions with a “Bermuda Touch”:

“For instance, the sarong bathing suit. The suit comes with a matching patio-length wraparound sarong skirt.

“Let’s see what Santa delivered under this umbrella. This one comes with a bow – the suit that is. Cotton fringe shorts and matching camisole top with cotton crape wraparound blouse.

“Fashions with a Bermuda touch. And for the final scene, our cameraman is ever the clever chap.”

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  1. Hey says:

    That was fantastic, thanks for sharing.

  2. mj says:

    Yes Merci beaucoup!!!I love the sarong especially, and the others thanks Bernews , I love me some fashion.. thems are some good suits..hmmmm

  3. Yeah merci beaucooppi…

  4. fifty's nifty says:

    All of the beachwear shown from the 1950s was certainly fashionable! As a young lady, I would wear that today, as everything old is new again :)