Airport Sustains “Extensive Damage” To Roof

October 12, 2014

[Updated] The Department of Airport Operations confirmed that there was “extensive damage to the roof” over the Arrivals Area from Tropical Storm Fay, and the “damaged roof exposed part of the main sprinkler system causing major damage to one of the sprinkler heads that ultimately led to thousands of gallons of water gushing out into upper administrative offices and into the passenger arrival area on the ground floor.”

The full statement is below:

The Department of Airport Operations is advising that there was extensive damage to the roof over the Arrivals Area of the L.F. Wade International Airport Terminal Building caused by Tropical Storm Fay.

The damaged roof exposed part of the main sprinkler system causing major damage to one of the sprinkler heads that ultimately led to thousands of gallons of water gushing out into upper administrative offices and into the passenger arrival area on the ground floor.

The Immigration and Customs Halls experienced extensive flooding that quickly knocked out critical passenger processing computer systems.

Once the sprinkler systems were isolated and shut down, Airport cleaning crews were on hand to commence the major clean-up effort which is expected to continue through this afternoon. Airport officials are aiming to have the Terminal building re-opened by 6.00 p.m.

Meanwhile, the storm has caused some damage to the Airport radar which is currently being assessed; however, the airfield itself was relatively unscathed and once winds diminished to an acceptable level and a full assessment of airfield assets was completed, the L.F. Wade International Airport resumed operations at 12 noon for non-commercial flights only.

Upon completion of the Terminal building clean-up effort, Airport General Manager, Aaron Adderley advised that the Airport will look to resume operations for any commercial flights scheduled to arrive after 6.00 p.m.

At press time, all afternoon flights from the US and Canada have been cancelled and the airlines are expected to put on added capacity for Monday. Meanwhile, the British Airways flight from London Gatwick is expecting a delay of at least 5 hours. The delay is not due to weather or Airport conditions in Bermuda.

Airport officials are awaiting confirmation on the status of the American flight from Miami and the Delta and American flights from JFK this evening. Passengers are urged to contact their respective airlines for an updated status on all flights.

Update 4.18pm: We attempted to try and get in to get footage of the damage to airport roof, however we failed, as the gate remains locked as of 4pm


Update 6:54pm: The latest EMO update, sent at 6.50pm this evening, said “The L. F. Wade International Airport is now open to service the evening flight arrivals. Residents are encouraged to call their respective airlines to get latest updates on scheduling.”

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  1. Xaxa says:

    Thanks Bernews. Don’t know what we’d do without your prompt reporting.

  2. It is long overdue for a new airport anyway and it needs to be built over on the old base lands but I guess that will have to be put on hold for eons,because that is a capital project that is far to costly, well it will only get more costly as time goes on so get on with it, along with a overhead bridge for the cause way.

    • swing voter says:

      surprise surprise, and I bet the warrantee on dat roof has expired?

    • Raymond Ray says:

      Duane, that has been / is one of several projects recommended by S.A.G.E. to be considered. I will enlighten you to a portion of their suggestions.Following was extracted from the Sage recommendations: “We recommend that Government remain an equity investor in all privatization ventures to both maintain some influence over future service delivery and pricing and encourage the hiring and training of Bermudian staff. In alphabetical order, we recommend that the following services be considered for privatization by the Authority, and we have included a brief summary analysis for each:
      • Airport Operations, Ministry of Tourism Development & Transport
      • Civil Aviation, Ministry of Economic Development
      • Highways, Ministry of Works & Engineering
      • Maritime Administration, Ministry of Economic Development
      • Public Lands & Buildings, Ministry of Works & Engineering
      • Waste Management, Ministry of Works & Engineering
      • Water & Sewage, Ministry of Works & Engineering”

      All info. is available at the site below

      • Truth Teller says:

        I wonder how much the OBA is paying Ray to keep us all informed.
        He must have signed a new contract after the election.

        Go figure. Everyday, all day spewing the party line!And this from a guy who barely got out of high school.

    • Bermy says:

      I swear to god, you just talk because you have horizontal slit under your nose. We can barely afford to take care of our seniors let alone spend a billion dollars on an aiport that serves less than 10 flight operations a day. And that is in our so called busy season.

      • Lois Frederick says:

        The new airport is going to be built. We won’t own it though…

    • BDAScott says:

      simply put.. how would a new airport stop tropical storms? Doesnt matter how well you build them, storms will hit and planes can’t fly… whining about it has no use

    • Um Um Like says:

      Duane, what is long overdue is more than one period in each paragraph you write!

    • lies & more lies says:

      The OBA said we don’t have any money, bet you they working on a new airport plan!

  3. Keep swearing to God and He might just zap that slit under your nose and shut you up permanently.

    • Self says:

      Stop making threats in the Lord’s name.

      God doesn’t go around striking people dead for swearing on his name. If that was the case, half the planet would be gone!

  4. Coffee says:

    Certainly a lot of money was spent on that roof by the OBA/UBP , but never put into that roof !

    • SMH says:

      Coffee/Christopher….your level of maturity never disappoints

  5. Noelette says:


    Congratulations, you have got to be the best when it
    comes to reporting and all the photos you post.

  6. The Dark Knight Returns says:

    BDAscott, news flash, that was no Tropical storm. Duh hello

  7. HalG says:

    There are ways to fund the re-building of the airport; new Causeway Bridge; revitalization of Hamilton Harbor, an effective island-wide waste to energy program, etc. without it causing the Government, or people a penny. The projects would be owned by the Government but could be privately operated, if necessary.

    • Creamy says:

      Oh right, like the hospital wing that we will be paying for, for the next 30 years. Thanks Zane.