100 Regiment Soldiers Called Into Action

October 12, 2014

[Updated] Around 100 Bermuda Regiment soldiers were today [Oct 12] called up for action to help clear up after Tropical Storm Fay hit the Island.

And five specially-trained and equipped Immediate Response Teams [IRT] were ready to pitch in and help clear roads and assist other agencies as required.


Regiment Commanding Officer Lt Col Michael Foster-Brown said: “We’re standing by to support in any we can. We have a group of extremely well-trained people who are very useful in a crisis.”

The Regiment IRT teams – one of which is already deployed to the east end of the Island in case the Causeway is closed – include skilled chainsaw operators, members of Guns and Assault Pioneers, the Regiment’s engineers, medics and signallers.

They were asked to help after the storm – which packed winds of up to 155mph on high ground – damaged buildings, blew over trees and blocked roads.


Col Foster-Brown said that assistance in the wake of hurricanes and other natural disasters was a major part of the Regiment’s training, which also includes public order support to the police, on land and at sea.

The Regiment swung into action after a meeting of Government’s Emergency Measures Organisation [EMO] earlier today.

Col Foster-Brown said: “Some still question the value of the Regiment – but it’s at times like this we prove we’re actually invaluable.”

For ongoing updates on the post-storm aftermath, please see our live blog here.

Update 9.20pm: The Bermuda Regiment issued the following embodiment advisory for all personnel from the following companies. Regiment personnel will be embodied with effect from 7.15 am Monday Oct. 13th:‎

  • 1. All Full Time Staff [Government House and Cabinet Staff report to work as normal]
  • 2. A Company
  • 3. Sp Company
  • 4. QM Company
  • 5. JNCO Cadre

All personnel are to report to Company Offices at Warwick Camp by 7.15 am tomorrow morning. Personnel should also contact their chain of command for further details.‎

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  1. Who they going to call when there is no more regiment, I can give a few suggestions but I think it is good to see our young man giving back to the Island even if it is against their wish, they are a part of this society and have to remember it takes all of us to make this country successful, even in keeping it safe and beautiful.

    • Whistling Frog says:

      And what about our young ladies, What are their responsibilities in giving back to the country? Besides looking cute, trying to getting bars getting drunk and fighting over boys with bottles and machetes…

  2. Commodore JB of BBIRYC says:

    They can call all the people that are busy commenting on every article on bernews. (Points finger above).

    • Never been a lazy person and do’t intend on being one, I give back in more ways then you can judge, jack benny! I have three sons in the Regiment that have served their time and stay on because they love giving back to their country so put a sock in that hole in the top and bottom, cause your air is just as foul as you sound.

  3. Josef says:

    I don’t wanna complain because I am glad for the help, but logistically, we don’t have to pay 6 months out of the year to train for a service utilized once every six years at best.

    There are plenty of places with voluntary firefighters, we can have voluntary emergency services instead of INVOLUNTARY regiment workers.


      Thats why the regiment should be ablolished and any money they receive from government should be allocated to W&E for days like yesterday. Public roads with trees and debris should be cleaned and taken care of by the public department designated for that area, namely W&E.

  4. LCpl Bee says:

    Surely all Members of Bermudians Against the Draft were out there today helping us, so why did we need to call in the regiment too

  5. Ride says:

    Well done, soldiers of the Regiment. Keep up the good work. Thank you.


  6. Ronaldo 10 says:

    The thing that blows my mind is that you ppl believe that the army is the only way to give back and serve you country …